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    Wing Chun Schools in or near Ft Hood, Texas

    I have orders to move to Ft Hood in Killeen, TX and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good Wing Chun schools in or near the Army post. Thanks for your assistance ahead of time. Chaplain (CPT) Vince Hardy
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    Wing Chun Schools Near Ft Hood, TX?

    I am going to get stationed at Ft Hood, TX and I wanted to know if there are any Wing Chun schools in the area? I am looking at training in this system. Thanks for any assistance that you can give me.
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    Wing Chun Instructor in or near Ft Campbell, KY/TN

    I am a Chaplain in the Army stationed at Ft Campbell in Kentucky. I live on the Tennessee side of the Post, and I would like to know if anyone knows of a good Wing Chun instructor close to Ft Campbell. I am willing to travel to Nashville, which is about a 30-40 minute drive. I would...
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    Linear and Circular Techniques

    Question: What type of footwork is incorporated into Wing Chun--is it linear, circular, or both? Also, are their circular hand techniques somewhat like the techniques of BaGua? Lastly, are grappling/chin-na and throwing techniques incorporated in chi-sao training? I've seen chi-sao done...
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    Wing Chun Schools

    I need some help. I will be leaving for Ft Jackson in S.C. for some training, and while down there I would like to find a good Wing Chun school to train at. Does anyone on the Forum know of a Good place to train in the Columbia, S.C. area surrounding Ft Jackson. I would greatly appreciate...
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    Ranking System Within Wing Chun

    I'm curious...what is the ranking structure within Wing Chun? Is there a belt ranking system within Wing Chun that is equivalent (sp) to karate? If so, what are the ranks, and their karate belt equivalent (sp)? I'm asking because I see where people hold the title "6th Level Instructor"...what...
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    Martial Art Schools Near Edwards AFB, CA

    I have a friend that is relocating from Offutt AFB, Nebraska to Edwards AFB, California. They are wanting to know if there are any good martial art schools to attend in that area. She is a petite woman, and she needs a system that doesn't require the practitioner to utilize a lot of physical...