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  1. angelariz

    Sniw melted in New England!

    As is my usual response to longer days with more sun....I get outside and start hitting things and practicing gong fu and fma in earnest. But after a few months of not having students come to train CJkD from intercept of intention to grappling, I find myself in need of some more intense cardio...
  2. angelariz

    Jkd instructor

    I've been teaching off and on since 93. My lineage goes from Sijo BL- Guro Inosanto- Sigung Vunak- Me I am a full instructor under 3 organizations. Fav. JkD move(s) Pac Dar, Lau Sing Choy or big jee- Jeet Tek
  3. angelariz

    Aikido.. The reality?

    From my very limited experience visiting an aikido school in NYC many years ago, I found it to be a great way to train relaxation, rolling, falling, and being mindful of relaxing while being thrown. However, in my experience, i found all of those things in aikiJu Jutsu and switched over to a...
  4. angelariz

    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    When I saw the long form i quit training there was no way I was going to remember all of that!
  5. angelariz

    Cold weather training from a jkd pov

    We never stopped training. I never wear a mask. I'm 48 years old, I avoid the city as much as possible. Not because of covid but because of the constant crime and colds that my city fam are sharing with everybody every time we visit. Vaccines and masks ...if you like the security blanket, go...
  6. angelariz

    Uselessness of kata in the real world!

    I have a different view of forms than I had as a younger guy. After a big accident all I could do was forms to rehab from my whiplash and back injuries. Also, as I understand it, forms are the encyclopedia of alot of traditional styles.
  7. angelariz

    Big schools, small standards

    I dont teach children so I do not have to deal with that kind of thing. When students talk about rank i ask them what belt rank is Mike Tyson, Zab Judah, or Sugar Ray Leonard? But as I said, I dont make money from teaching. Mostly I teach to have training partners. If after 3 or 4 years someone...
  8. angelariz

    JKD Study group to be started soon

    I suppose I should start looking at dates on the posts. Oh well.
  9. angelariz

    Self-Defense for the Visually Impaired

    I like to teach Chinese sau blind folded so I would definitely include sensitivity/energy drills if I had visually impaired students.
  10. angelariz

    Standards of earning a Black Belt?

    I dont give out black belts or any other belts. We train and spar and train and spar. Belts are irrelevant to us.
  11. angelariz

    Big schools, small standards

    I only run classes with 5 or less people. Obviously I do not make much money but people that come to train get trained to my standard. So I will never be a "successful " gym but the people leave with my best efforts to train them to defend themselves.
  12. angelariz

    JKD Study group to be started soon

    What is your lineage?
  13. angelariz

    What clothes do you train in

    Street clothes and boxing shoes or if in a dojo, Gi pants or muay thai shorts and boxing shoes. When I train outdoors I just wear normal street wear.
  14. angelariz

    DK Yoo Awesome Martial Artist? Fighter? hmmm You decide

    DK Yoo is a hype train. He learned how to sell hype. Just like a lot of teachers. I was not impressed before but I was impressed with seeing him get in a ring and jam. It takes iron balls to fight in a ring.
  15. angelariz

    Jkd instructor

    Who is your lineage through?
  16. angelariz

    Of all martial arts turned into sports, how come Muay Thai is the one that left elbows and knees esp in regards to kickboxing?

    Because Thai people and South East asians are tough and the culture has had Muay Thai Boran for a long long time.
  17. angelariz

    Advice with workout and weight loss

    Meal plan and meal prepping, burpees & jump rope are going to help you.
  18. angelariz

    Cold weather training from a jkd pov

    Kru Jeff is the man!!!
  19. angelariz

    Is it not a good idea to use boxing in a street fight situation do to the risk of breaking bones in

    Boxing and or Muay Thai is the best for self defense against untrained people on your feet. Anyone who isn't training westsrn boxing is missing out on what is the most realistic and visceral response to aggression.
  20. angelariz

    Cold weather training from a jkd pov

    There are people that are pretty good in perfect conditions. In a 68 degree gym, in their uniform or yoga pants they can look just like " insert whatever great fighter".What about training in the cold? You ever tried techniques that require dexterity in the cold? You ever try to execute wrist...
  21. angelariz

    Can you theoretical people stop talking about jabs in fight videos as if you actually have brains?

    And for the record, in my group and my teachers groups, there are 5 jabs. So you should go to class and some boxing lessons Before you spar and or armchair quarterback.
  22. angelariz

    Can you theoretical people stop talking about jabs in fight videos as if you actually have brains?

    Why are you calling people theoretical? Are you a professional fighter? An armed guard, or a soldier? A street thig? Then everything you are saying is theory. Some of us have held some or all of those jobs. You insult observations by people but, who are you? Forgive me if I'm wrong but it...
  23. angelariz

    Why doesn't boxing, wrestling, and most Western fighting sports suffer from the Mcdojo phenomenon?

    I've seen mcdojos of all types. When mma gained popularity Villar and tkd schools started advertising mma classes.
  24. angelariz

    Jun Fan Gung-Fu (techniques and drills)

    The truth is. If you want good JKD footwork, you have to study Muhammad Ali and other boxers in the late 60s. JKD was mostly moving towards western Boxing and Grappling.
  25. angelariz

    Who would you train under

    Cung Le, Francis Fong Rickson Gracie Tim Tackett Maul Mornie Vasiliev Too many to list.
  26. angelariz

    Why are almost all instructors

    Many people want to fluff their resume. That is the only reason for it.
  27. angelariz

    What do you call an art that integrates striking and grappling?

    Ju jutsu, Judo, Systema, and JKD all work on that idea