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  1. Gweilo

    Is this disrespectful to other linages

    I read this article, about Kron Gracies gym, banning black belts from other bjj linages, from wearing their black belt if visiting his gym, I just thought that was a bit disrespectful to other bjj schools, almost arrogant. Instructor Explains Reasoning on Why Visiting Black Belts Cant Wear...
  2. Gweilo

    Every second counts

    I remember this event in the Tokyo olympics, and felt for this young man, and the lesson he learnt about not taking anything for granted, use every second. An inspiring video
  3. Gweilo

    USA trip 2020

    Just confirmed, I have a 5 week trip stateside in September 2020, starts in Boston, then a few days in Toronto (Yes I know thats Canada), on to Seattle, down to LA, over to Dallas, then a stop off in wv for some fried chicken on waffles and Jalapeno corn bread (highlight of the trip), then on to...
  4. Gweilo

    Wilder v Fury 2

    Anybody willing to predict tonights fight? We always get the hype before a big bout, and sometimes the fight itself fizzles out to a cagey drawnout affair. I hope tonight, these 2 fighters go at it hammer and tong, of course being British, I will be routing for Fury, but I think his bravado...
  5. Gweilo

    Learning to take strikes

    Whilst I am all for learning to absorb strikes, by taking them, but the video in the link is not how its done, the 2 adults (especially the male), is a clear indication of not how to do it, with a child student. Opinions, and does anyone know these clowns. Log In or Sign Up to View
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    Jim Thomas
  7. Gweilo

    Situational awarness

    Situational awarness came up in another thread, some people think its a valuable tool, others not so valuable, and I was wondering the forums opinions on it. I myself beleive it is a very valuable tool, we even have drills in Systema to enhance such a skill. A little while back Bill mattocks...
  8. Gweilo

    Control of ones movement

    Control of oneself Peter Ingram
  9. Gweilo

    Virginia to ban all forms of self defense

    Just read this on FB, so dont know if its true, I thought the right to bear arms, and protect oneself and family was part of the American constitution?. Can one of our American collegues confirm if this is true, or just a load of FB trash. Virginia to Outlaw All forms of Self Defense - The Self...
  10. Gweilo

    Question on martial artists

    When in your opinion, can someone call themselves a martial artist? It was a question asked in last night's class, when we have a discussion at the end, I never really thought about it much, but the answers were diverse.
  11. Gweilo

    Are modern arts, no longer martial

    I found this, whilst browsing the net, interesting read, not sure I completely agree with this guy, but some of his points have merit, see what you think, are Modern arts no longer martial. To Kill a Martial Art
  12. Gweilo

    Just created a new sandwich

    I just created a new sandwich, and it was very nice, give it a go, Marmite and bird eye chilli's.
  13. Gweilo

    Martial arts sayings or proverbs

    I read a martial art saying from a top instructor ,of an art I train in, I wanted to share it with you, and ask if you have any, that may have inspired, encouraged, or been thought provoking. " every one you train with, is your instructor, those who wish to beat you up, are your best...
  14. Gweilo

    Big congrats buddy

    Just a quick congratulations to my friend Julio Cesar Splinter Moraes, on becoming bi champion
  15. Gweilo

    Today I bought one of my dream cars

    Today I was able to purchase one of my top 10 cars, the space on this post is not wide enough for a pic cycle of the smile on my face.
  16. Gweilo

    Martial arts as defense on the streets

    I have recently read that there are those who believe martial arts are ineffective in a street fight, myself, I do not believe this to be the case, yes it depends on the individual, but every little helps I say, anyhow, found this interesting video on line, and thought I would share it with...
  17. Gweilo

    Gracie bjj movie

    Found the following on me facebook timeline today, thought it maybe of interest to the bjj community, Netflix has commitioned a movie on the family. Log In or Sign Up to View
  18. Gweilo

    Systema a discussion

    Systema, is not well received in the MA world, that's fine with me, but I thought I would start a discussion about it, first of all I am a practioner, not an instructor, I have attained 3rd Dan in two other arts, and have no commercial gain by talking about Systema. So what is Systema, it is a...
  19. Gweilo

    Is there anybody there

    Just reading the dates on the posts, are there any Systema practioner still on the forum?
  20. Gweilo

    Traditional v modern

    My 1st real post on MT (please be gentle), having studied MA since the early 80s, There has been a lot of trends come and go. I have trained in 2 traditional styles, and am currently studying a modern system. I know MA are adapting new styles, new technologies, better nutrition, but recently I...
  21. Gweilo

    Introducing myself

    Good afternoon, newbie to MT, I live in the u.k, in my past I have trained in Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Traditional Hapkido (3rd Dan in both), now studying Systema. I look forward to many discussions.