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  1. Scott T

    Vladimir Putin vows 'total annihilation' of terrorists after Volgograd bombings

    You and granny are both delusional. All Putin can learn from either Bush, Cheney or Obama is how to be completely incompetent at their jobs.
  2. Scott T

    Would you do this? Parents beat daughters drug dealer up

    As someone who watched a former girlfriend fight - and lose to - her addiction to drugs, I have no issue with turning any dealer's skull into a canoe. Kill 'em all.
  3. Scott T

    WWE Fires Jim Ross

    TNA bound? He did originally jump ship from NWA to the then-WWF a couple of decades ago...
  4. Scott T

    should we step in yet? gas attack in syria

    To make it effective you have to remove the veto power of the original nuclear powers. I'm all for it.
  5. Scott T

    Marriage Communication: What does "If you must" mean to you?

    She just gave me plausible deniability. I'd be buying that sucker!
  6. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    One decent paying job rather than 3 crap-paying jobs to survive would help the poor a hell of a lot more. As Ballen said:
  7. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    So multimillion dollar pay packages and bonuses for upper management, regardless of quality of performance, have absolutely nothing to do with profit levels? it's all on the unions in your mind?
  8. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    I wondered how long it would take for someone to 'blame the unions',,,
  9. Scott T

    The Truth about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

    Race baiting = better ratings/more readers...
  10. Scott T

    Zimmerman to face Wrongful Death Civil Trial

    Yes, Trayvopn was denied his right to beat to a 'creepy *** cracker' who was much smaller than he was.
  11. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    *response to ballen* They usually do, which leads to another problem: Labour shortage. Don't know about where you live, but this province has a severe shortage in skilled and unskilled labour, forcing us to look at the Mexican, filipino, Irish and American labour pools (among others) to take up...
  12. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    It's something that the airline WestJet figured out, you treat your people properly, they'll reject union pushes themselves.
  13. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    Which part of the market, the lowballers like WalMart or the highballers like Costco?
  14. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    Who the **** are you to decide what someone's worth?
  15. Scott T

    Complex calculations behind the Wal-Mart vote

    Corporations write legislation all the time and conservatives smile. Why should unions be barred from doing so? Also, it's a good bet that unionized stores already pay over that threshold, which is likely why they are exempt from the ordinance. And I rarely by from the Agent of S.A.T.A.N...
  16. Scott T

    Abortion pills for everyone...including predators...unintended consequences...

    C'mon, guys. It's just Bill spouting partisan nonsense. After this long, who really takes him seriously anymore?
  17. Scott T

    In case someone tries to claim that no foreign nation offered to help after the OK tornado

    As was claimed after Katrina...
  18. Scott T

    The British want their guns back...

    Any non-Briton voting is going to skew results, but the breakdown between nations would have to be made public before being sure. BUT... judging by the responses on this thread alone (including BillC's rather retarded God-given right statement) an American conservative would give no second...
  19. Scott T

    Harvard: surgical complications = 330% more profit

    Unless they're more interested in personal enrichment than actual care, or under pressure by hospital administration to bring in the money.
  20. Scott T

    Iraq: A Decade of Hell

    A rather self-centered post. Nuclear weapons? only a warmongering fool would consider WMD's (or any machine built for the sole purpose of causing the deaths of others) as a point of pride. As for natural landmarks and immigration: Don, you really don't know much about Australia, do you? Yet...
  21. Scott T

    Weight loss help

    Now does that bit of wisdom include an excercise regimen or just diet. f you're talking strictly diet, I'd agree.
  22. Scott T

    Weight loss help

    I have the same problem. I'm not morbidly obese, I'm ****ing fat. For the last three weeks I've been doing a few miles on the treadmill every night and eating uncooked veggies at work, along with V8 to drink. Protien-laced dinner. So far I've been averaging 3-4 lbs per week I do this (two...
  23. Scott T

    I quit coffee

    And I quit self gratification. Oh, wait. No I didn't. On a little more serious note, the same happened with me and cigarettes a few years ago. Bought a new pack one afternoon and on my second out of the pack it's like a switch turned off. I butted out, tossed the rest of the pack to a friend...
  24. Scott T

    Noah's ark found

    Unless Noah's Ark utilizes TARDIS technology, it looks a little small to carry a male and female sample of each land animal. No wonder the unicorn didn't get to join the 'green alligators and long-neck geese, the humpy-back camels and the chimpanzees...'
  25. Scott T

    David Tennant Returns

    I can hear Susan 'SQUEEEE'-ing from here. Although I must admit that Tennant is still my favourite Doctor.
  26. Scott T

    Mark Hamill and others coming back in Star wars 7...NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    In their defence, Star Wars was originally planned as nine movies. Just keep the third trilogy focussed on a younger generation while keeping the old guard as mentors, much like OS characters on the new Dallas...
  27. Scott T

    Don't Send Him Back To Us!

    Why the **** would we want him? :P