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  1. tradrockrat

    Well I'm finally doing it

    It took three years and a move from LA to Austin TX, but I'm opening my School The paperwork and name search is underway for a LLC and my business plan is all but completed. I have read all I can find about running and operating a MA school and I have plenty of experience teaching MA, Self...
  2. tradrockrat

    spin off of "who's against this" thread --

    I don't want to hijack the other thread so here is my question for discussion. In the other thread it was mentioned that Prison no longer serves as a deterent to crime, but it is also clear through the gross numbers of repeat offenders that prison doesn't rehabilitate either, so my question is...
  3. tradrockrat

    Hello again

    Howdy all - long time no post. I've been rediculously busy with moving to a new state, buying a house, starting a new job, and the holidays. Good to be back. :)
  4. tradrockrat

    "Let those who Ride ~ Decide" Debate

    I'm a big fan of "let those who ride decide" as well. I'm really glad for you and I always wear a helmet myself, but about half the time it's a non legal skid lid as opposed to my 3/4 face sheild.
  5. tradrockrat

    need your imput about starting a special program

    Hello all. I've been gone from the site for a bit now, but I've been lurking and reading every once in a while. Thing is, I've been really busy getting ready to move halfway across the country and start my own MA School. The input I need from you guys is this- I've been teaching special...
  6. tradrockrat

    Cool Sub-Forum!

    I can't believe I haven't looked here before! This is great. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has posted a thread here. All of the videos are excellent. I don't think I have anything recent, but I'll check some of my old (12-15 years) stuff and see if I have anything...
  7. tradrockrat

    Hello all

    Interesting site you all have here. I was directed here by a mass mailing from a website interested in your thread on Dr. Gyi. I'm going to post there next for my take on it, but I wanted to introduce myself first. I've been training since the age of 8 (1980) in Bando, though I have been...