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    Keysi Fighting Method

    Just to see the general populations reaction on the Keysi Fighting Method. They are coming here in October to spread KFM to the USA since it is so popular. So anyway, thoughts?
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    Hello Ladies And Gents! V-force Sfc Here

    For those that dont know me, my name is Tommy DiLallo, I am the founder and creator of a Military Combatives system called V-Force Scientific Fighting Concepts... Anyone interested in the Reality Based Self Defense, Self Defense in General, Wing Tzun King Fu, or Combatives please feel to email...
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    V-Force Scientific Fighting Concepts

    Welcome to V-FSFC Self Defense Training System at: Combatives-USA Training Center V-Force Scientific Fighting Concepts is the fastest growing Reality Self- Defense/Combatives system out on the market today. V-FSFC has cutting edge training, constant research and development in complete self...
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    Jim Wagner Instructor Certification In Long Island

    SGT. JIM WAGNER TO HOST FULL WEEK OF TRAINING IN DECEMBER '08 Yes, the founding father of Reality Based Self Defense, JIM WAGNER will be hosting a full week of ALL his course outlines at Combatives-USA. Jim Wagner has trained every major organization, military and law enforcement agency, as...
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    Commando Krav Maga Seminar with Moni Aizik

    MONI AIZIK FROM COMMANDO KRAV-MAGA CERTIFICATION COURSE AS A PARTICIPANT OF THE INTENSIVE TRAINING CAMP, YOU WILL GET: * Modern and effective CKM techniques that will save your life or the life of your loved ones * Training methodology second to none * Secrets of developing mental and...
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    EMIN BOZTEPE MARTIAL ARTS WING TZUN SEMINAR WITH GEORGE BOKA Si Hing George Boka 2nd Technician in EBMAS Wing Tzun Kung Fu will be hosting a Workshop at Combatives-USA on Saturday March 15th from 11am-2pm. Cost is only $60. This will give you an introduction to Wing Tzun Kung Fu in which will...
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    Kapap Seminar In Long Island With Major Avi Nardia

    MAJOR AVI NARDIA OF KAPAP TO HOLD FULL DAY WORKSHOP We are honored to have Avi Nardia instructing a Intro to KAPAP - Krav Panim el Panim and Israeli Martial Arts at Combatives-USA. Krav Panim El Panim - KAPAP is the Hebrew acronym for Face To Face Combat. It is the original combat system of...