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  1. Brother John

    Has anyone used a "Bosu Ball"?????

    I had a friend suggest I purchase a "Bosu" ball to incorporate in my home-gym. LINK Just wondering if anyone here has used one and what it's done for you. Thanks Your Brother John
  2. Brother John

    a Very interesting article on the acquisition of "Skill"

    LINK Just thought someone here might find it interesting. Your Brother John
  3. Brother John

    San Tatsu Ryu Jui Jitsu

    Just wondering.... A new dojo in my area is saying that it teaches "San Tatsu Ryu Jui Jitsu". I will stop in and make the sensei's aquaintence, but I was wanting to pool a little info first. Has anyone heard of this system? thanks Your Brother John
  4. Brother John

    Motivating Parents to PITCH IN for new Mats!!! (?)

    I've told you all that my children's Judo Club is a competitive Judo Club and that there are LOTS of kids involved. There's plenty of teen and adult players as well, but Sensei really excels with children AND he teaches at a local "Community Rec Center" in order to make sure that Everyone can...
  5. Brother John

    CHILDREN and Judo

    I'm looking into getting my son (8 yrs old) and daughter (6 yrs old) into the local rec-commisions Judo classes. They list in their catalog that they begin at 4 years of age. I'd like to know from the knowledgeable judoka here their thoughts on: * Teaching YOUNG children judo * Children in Judo...
  6. Brother John

    Realistic Chi-Gong?

    I've always found the theory of Chi-Gong to be interesting! but in this documentary they are engaging in some 'exercises' that seem dangerous and very ill-advised. Any comments? Your Brother John
  7. Brother John

    Chuck Norris blames Virginia tech shootings on "our graphic slasher media"

    Here's the article he wrote. In it he partially blames society for the Virginia Tech slayings by blaming our "Graphic Slasher Media"... meanwhile....... go ahead and rent Chuck's movies: "Missing in Action" "The Hitman" and "Forced Vengeance" or any of the others. :uhyeah: The irony can be...
  8. Brother John

    Most complete Bruce Lee Biography??????

    Hey... thought this'd be the best place to ask. What, in your opinions, are the BEST biographies (most accurate, most complete, a good read....etc.) of Bruce Lee???? Thanks in advance. Your Brother John
  9. Brother John

    stop movin the boards bro

    This one's good. Your Brother John
  10. Brother John

    BEST musical form I've EVER seen!!!

    The DRUMS!!!!!! the drums.... for the LOVE of ALL that is HOLY.... stop with the DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE if you are VERY brave. Your Brother John ..........and what's with those friggin cats?
  11. Brother John

    An Owed to the Spelling Checker

  12. Brother John

    ACL tears

  13. Brother John

    Or this

  14. Brother John

    GONE is the Penguin, UP with Henri the Heel Clicker

    I've not done an avatar change in FOREVER!! People may not even recognize me at sight anymore. ..oh well. Let me know what you think...... Your Brother John
  15. Brother John

    Lots of interesting clips

    Found this interesting site, apparently out of the UK. LOTS of clips from different systems. Enjoy Your Brother John
  16. Brother John

    Kenjukabo Kenpo ?

    I found THIS on Amazon... Never heard of it! You guys? Your Brother John
  17. Brother John

    Kum-Do Vs. Ken-Do

    What is the relationship between Kendo and Kumdo? What is the difference?? Thank you Your Brother John
  18. Brother John

    My 2000'th Post

    Yipeeee.... :-partyon: Your Brother (2000x over) John
  19. Brother John

    Board Breaking......what is it good for?

    Just wondering: I've been to schools that required the breaking of boards and or bricks with kicks and/or punches. What does this accomplish or show?? I can train a person to be able to break boards, impressively, in an afternoon... what does it show? What cultivation does it show? Many require...
  20. Brother John

    screen image INVERTED, what do I do??

    My daughter was on the computer and while she was playing a game the entire screen inverted. I ran "Norton" and it did nothing. I've turned it off and on again, nothing. WHat do I do?? Thanks Your Brother John
  21. Brother John

    Comparison & Contrast: Modern Arnis - Kombatan

    SORRY: The Title to this thread should have a "B" to say "Kombatan". [Mod Note: Fixed] I am somewhat familiar with WHAT these two systems do and their relationship, but I'd really like to hear a comparison between the two systems. PLEASE: not a "Who's better than who" or anything like that...
  22. Brother John

    Please help: History of Jujutsu, articles anyone?

    I'm looking, high and low, for a good.... thorough..... article or paper on this history of Jujutsu. Suggetions........please? Thanks Your Brother John
  23. Brother John

    Never forget your "First Love" !!!

    Thoughts on the Road: Adversity!!! Things break, situations change, unexpected setbacks happen, plans get altered.. it's a normal part of life; probably the most normal. Only the dead and the Eternal never change. These are forks in the road, points at which we must have something to cling...
  24. Brother John

    I'm THANKFUL for....

    Just thought I'd start a positive post, one that anyone can add to with the things that they are thankful for... I'm very thankful for my beautiful wife and my two great kids! They are the hub that the rest of my life revolves around. Their support and encouragement, their love and acceptance...
  25. Brother John

    Happy Birth Day!!

    Happy Birthday goin out to my Brother, friend and partner Brian Hunter!! Knowing him and working with him has improved my martial arts life and my life in general. I'm a better person because I know him. :asian: Your Brother John
  26. Brother John

    Index or Glossary of general Ninjutsu terms???

    I really like reading in the Ninjutsu sections! It interests me a great deal. BUT: I sometimes have a hard time (being an outsider) understanding what's going on when certain terms are thrown about. Obviously a Bujinkan (or other "Kans") student knows these terms and can use them here and there...
  27. Brother John

    A NOVEL idea...!

    Hey everyone.... just a trivial bit of a question here: I'm really into reading novels/stories...etc. Do you know of any Good novels based on the martial arts, where the main character is a martial artist and the arts play a big role in the story???? THAT is what I'm looking for. (BTW: I...
  28. Brother John

    decent TKD site!

    I'm not a Tae Kwan Doist anymore, but I found this site I thought you folks here would appreciate. looked interesting to me. Good articles. Your Brother John
  29. Brother John

    decent TKD site!

    I'm not a Tae Kwan Doist anymore, but I found this site I thought you folks here would appreciate. looked interesting to me. Good articles. Your Brother John