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  1. tradrockrat

    Muay Thai in Northern VA

    If you want to check out a close cousin of MT, check out these guys. I have no association with this school, but I do know they turn out good fighters:
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    What's everyones thoughts on........

    When I was working with collapsible batons, the key was to continue the strike through the target and recover the strike after a full range of motion. If we stopped our strike or attempted to reverse motion immediately after a strike the baton tended to collapse back on itself. Especially on a...
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    strikes to the knee

    I'll go out on a limb here (pun intended) and say that I know how to take a leg kick, but even so, the years of wear on my knees are why I had to stop fighting. I am 35. At age 25 my doctor told me my knees were 80 due to all of the abuse I took to them. For someone not prepared for a knee...
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    I think I posted this somewhere before, but I was a bouncer and eventually the head bouncer at a strip club. When I hired someone, the most important thing I considered was the answer to the question, "What is your job as a doorman?" Because as far as I was concerned a security / bouncers...
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    The Single Greatest Disclaimer EVER

    Nelson is a fun place. it's close to Seneca Rocks WVA and was a good place to just get out of the car and climb for a while. Its a bit harder to use these days and Seneca is free access (not to mention the greatest climbing around) so... Disclaimer: I have not been there for over three years...
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    New Forum Idea

    My wife used to be a cop... does that count? lol
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    Taser Defense?

    My wife is a certified Taser instructor (yes, she was Tased - they all are). If you want to defend against a Taser, don't get hit by it. Trust me. But specifically - if you are hit, you are at the mercy of it until the current shuts off, so a smart bad guy is going to f#ck you up when you're...
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    who have you met?

    No one meets Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris meets you - As for brushes with "Martial Arts Greatness" - I really don't equate fame with greatness - more like luck, but off the top of my head I can only say that I have been fortunate enough to train with Dr. Gyi and Sifu Innosanto more...
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    Sparring Basics/Fundamentals

    basics and fundamentals: Conditioning Footwork Bob and Weave 6 punches (jab, cross, 2 hooks[head and body], uppercuts, and spinning backfist) 5 kicks (front check [teep], front thrust, side, roundhouse, shovel [leg]) After they can spare well with these fundamentals we introduce clinch, knees...
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    you have taken away the what?

    Depends on the attacker as stated above. If, as you said, he/she is still attacking then yes, I will employ that weapon because as far as I'm concerned this is a life or death situation as soon as weapons become involved. If I take the knife (as has happened once) and the attacker takes off...
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    What do you carry in your car? for protection?

    Don't have a car. On my motorcycle I carry a cell phone - it's enough
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    Useful Martial Art in everyday self defense.

    that's another video series - only 4 payments of $79.99
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    Hikuta ??

    Saw the you-tube stuff - Things I like: Using well established concepts of neurology and physiology to develop power and speed in strikes. I've seen this before in many other systems where power and torque is developed by the push / pull concept and the driving in with the step - nothing new...
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    Well I'm finally doing it

    Thank you all very much for the suggestions. Lots of good ideas here.
  15. tradrockrat

    Well I'm finally doing it

    thanks for the insights, I appreciate them.
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    Useful Martial Art in everyday self defense.

    Actually, I developed the most effective martial art in the history of the world last year. For three payments of $99.95 I will send you a three part video series on how to kill all would be attackers with just your pinky and a small tangerine in under 2.7 seconds! actually - the other...
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    Question on students acting up in class and parental repsonse

    I'm a teacher and instructor If you will promise to sit quietly and let me teach my class, I'll promise not to come over your house and tell you how to cook, and I promise not to come to your job and tell you how to file paperwork (or whatever your job entails) IMHO it is the instructors job...
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    I'm glad to see I'm in the majority opinion here. Boxing is an integral part of my MA - from day one. I feel that boxing is a skill set just like the kicks, throws, strikes, etc of other MA's. Sure most practitioners use it in a sport called "boxing" but in my experience, their comfort with...
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    If You Knew Then....

    I would have used bag gloves EVERY TIME and I would have protected my knees more when sparring.
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    How far would you go to protect a co-worker?

    Recently, a man in Texas called 911 to report a burglary taking place in his neighbors house. After over 7 minutes on the phone with the dispatcher, the theives were exiting the windows. He clipped the phone to his belt and walked across the street with his shotgun. The recording clearly...
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    I Am Legend

    I've long felt that I am Legend is one of the three best Vamp books of all time. Dracula, I Am Legend, and Vampire$ (John Steakly's masterpiece of modern day Vamp hunters) Both Dracula and Vampire$ were ill treated by Hollywood - I don't hold out too much hope for I Am Legend...
  22. tradrockrat

    Cane as a weapon...sorta

    One of my training brothers was seriously hurt in a climbing accident many years ago. My instructor promised to teach him the Bando cane once he got back on his feet - if he got back on his feet. He uses a cane for real as a mobility aid every day of his life - and the cane is an awesome...
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    Your MA world-view: how much did you inherit? How much did you work out for yourself?

    Interesting question. I believe that my world view is primarily constructed by my life experiences, but having said that, two very important filters have always colored my perceptions. My mother showed me how to think for myself and act on my own beliefs at a very young age. My MA instructor...
  24. tradrockrat

    Well I'm finally doing it

    I have only three students at present, so I consider myself starting from zero, but the timing will never be "perfect" and right now I am in a position to dedicate my time to it. It has been a goal for several years to open a school, and I would love to start in a rec center or studio, but...
  25. tradrockrat

    Well I'm finally doing it

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I appreciate it. Any more thoughts from any others?
  26. tradrockrat

    Well I'm finally doing it

    It took three years and a move from LA to Austin TX, but I'm opening my School The paperwork and name search is underway for a LLC and my business plan is all but completed. I have read all I can find about running and operating a MA school and I have plenty of experience teaching MA, Self...
  27. tradrockrat

    MA's for Kids with ADHD

    oh where to start... 1. - YES YES YES - the instructor will make all the difference - AMEN 2a. I am both special education teacher and an adult with ADD, so I have a little knowledge here. 2b. traditional striking martial arts have a physiological benefit for ADHD children / adults - if the...
  28. tradrockrat

    Fighting to earn Black belt? How it is different today???

    It was real simple for me. Yes - you MUST fight to increase rank, but you did NOT have to win, just hold your own. Fighting is a part of martial arts and you should be able to do it at a certain level of proficiency at each belt.
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    help looking 4 a lethwei gym

    Lethwei is no "tougher" than M.T. - just a different take on a similar philosophy of sport fighting. As I was coming up through Bando, we often went to M.T. gyms to get in the training time we needed to get good at Lethwei because there were no available Lethwei schools. We would train in...
  30. tradrockrat

    Agree of Disagree with My Statement?

    I'm afraid that in this case I do not agree. In any physical endeavor - all things being equal; equal time spent training, equal quality of instruction, equal effort - the gifted athlete has the advantage. This is true of any "sport". Luckily for those of us not blessed to be a natural Bruce...