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    Brian Workman, portland OR

    I have studied hakko ryu jujutsu in Michigan for the last 3 or 4 years and i just moved to portland Oregon. I have heard that there is a shihan here named Brian Workman. I have searched the phone books and the internet and i have not been able to find any contact information whatsoever.I have...
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    youngest age for wing chun

    What do you guys feel is the youngest age a child should be allowed to learn wing chun at? Wing chun is a fairly aggresive art where the moves are designed to hurt or maim, so with that taken into consideration would it be safe to teach to younger students or are they better off to start with a...
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    japanese language and desu

    hi, i just started taking japanese at my college and i have a question that i havent been able to ask my teacher yet. Does japanese conjugate verbs? Is there different forms of desu (to be)?
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    Anyone in the MAs ever get paraniod that someone is trying to break in or something along that line? Last night i had a little episode, I heard a loud crash from my bedroom that sounded like it was somewhere around my house. I grabbed my knife and proceeded to search my whole house up and down...
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    tatami mats

    Hi. I was thinking about redoing my bedroom with a traditional tatami style flooring. Ive seen pictures of tatami floors but i dont know too much about which ones would be best, most durable, or most comfortable. I also dont know to many people that might be experienced with such a thing but i...
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    how long to first dan in your jujutsu?

    How long does it take to reach first dan (black belt) in your jujutsu? I take daito ryu where it takes approx 1 year give or take to learn ikkajo (first dan equivelent) and hakko ryu where shodan can be learned in even less time. Our classes dont advertise this 1 year black belt to draw...
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    IKF peter ragnar magnetic chi

    Did anyone else read the peter ragnar article in inside kung fu? He is a hermit that lives on top of a mountain in tennesse and he talks about using his chi to stop cars coming at him, live forever, and do super human feats. He there is also a picture of him pinch gripping 165 lbs of weight...
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    sparring vs chi sau

    what do you do more spar or play chi sau? I do little sparring but lots of chi sau . Not that i think sparring is bad, i just wanna learn all 3 forms so i know all of the hand movements before i start doing alot of sparring. I feel as if i started doing alot of sparring right now i would use...
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    martial arts master goes to a bar

    A MA master walks into a bar and sits down next to a guy. he turns to the guy and does a sidekick over the guys head, then he says " high kick, Japan" the guy looks suprised so the master grabs a beer bottle and squeezes it until it breaks and says, "chi, shaolin temple, china" the guy...
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    shinto shrines and christians

    Alot of dojos have shrines with system founders/masters and sometimes shinto shrines.Bowing to a shrine such as this could cause a christian to feel that they were paying homage to a false idol. It made me wonder if this is enough to keep christians out of certain martial arts classes? At our...
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    how many in the filipino arts do wing chun

    we touch on escrima in my wing chun class but it mainly wing chun. The escrima techniques are very similiar to alot of wing chun techniques and they seem to work very well in a chi sau situation. Ive also seen alot of other schools that cross the 2 arts, is there anyone else on the board that...
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    Martial arts and body art.

    Any one on the board have any piercings? I no longer do because I was afraid that in class they may get ripped out. I had 0 guage holes in my ears and had some cartiledge piercings. Now that i have been going to class for a while im starting to think that i might be a little safer than i...
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    Origins of hapkido?

    Im a student of daito ryu jujutsu and i recently saw an article that said hapkido came from daitoryu (which i was told is wrong) and it got me to thinking that i really dont know to much about hapkido. So if anyone that has a good grasp on it could explain the roots/philosophy of hapkido i would...
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    what is your favorite wing chun drill

    what is your favorite wing chun drill? is it chi sao? pak sao? pak da? Im not even talking which one you feel is the most street effective, im just asking which one you may enjoy doing the most in class.
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    wing chun belts

    Does your wing chun school use belts, sashes or some other form of ranking system? Do you believe that such a ranking system is helpful or pointless in wing chun? The school that i attend has some different colored sashes in the corner of kwoon but i believe that sifu decided not to use them...
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    what lineage are you from?

    I know that wing chun has some very heated lineage battles, and i know that alot of masters say they learned the only true wing chun, ving tsun, wing tsun, whatever. So what lineage are you and what do you like about yours that you think may be different or better than others. I personally am...
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    Is it required at your kwoon to wear a uniform? It seems that alot of schools (including the one i am at) dont discourage it but they dont advocate the uniform either. What do you guys think?
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    Wake Up!

    I know im new to this forum but couldnt it get a little more lively? I love discussing martial arts but it helps if people post.
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    Ip man portrait of a kung fu master

    Last night i got a package from with my copy of Ip Ching and Ron Heimberger's book Ip Man Portrait of a Kung Fu Master . I spent a couple hours reading it this afternoon (pretty quick read, 115 pgs) and I was very impressed. This book tells the story of the late grandmaster and...
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    Hi I am a new member to the site and i just wanted to say hello in the two areas of the forum that i think i will spend the most time in (this and Wing Chun). I am a student of Hakko Ryu and Daito Ryu under Shihan Garner Train (also a excellent wing chun teacher/master) and i also take self...
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    Just wanted to say hi

    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum today after reading about it in the new issue of IKF. Ive been browsing the boards all morning and it looks like there is some really good information around here. I am a student of Wing Chun through Master Garner Train in Montrose (near Flint) in MI...