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  1. hongkongfooey

    Is there any footage of Al Tracy doing Kenpo?

    Hi all, Where could I find footage of Al Tracy preforming his brand of Kenpo? Is there anything online? Would someone being willing to post some footage if they have it?
  2. hongkongfooey

    Don't Mess with Tigger.

    Looks like Tigger has been learning a little bit of a martial art in the Magic Kingdom. Lock the arm, and a paw to the mug, way to go Tigger!
  3. hongkongfooey

    Huk Planas seminar, Baltimore, MD 12/17/06

    Mr Planas will be in Baltimore this Sunday @ 1PM. Cost is $40. The seminar will be held at Jim Frederick's school in Towson, if anyone is interested. Fredericks Kenpo Karate School 8641 Loch Raven Blvd Towson, MD 21286-2310
  4. hongkongfooey

    Will Tracy has a new website.

    He's back! Same old articles, with a new twist. Lets discuss, but lets not get too rabid. over all of it.
  5. hongkongfooey

    Mike Cappi's Fall Fling

    Is anyone going? I believe that I am going to try and make it. It should be a fun time.
  6. hongkongfooey

    Any Modern Arnis schools in Maryland?

  7. hongkongfooey

    Joe Palanzo's Kenpo Self Protection.

    Here are some clips from Mr. Palanzo's Kenpo Self Protection course. What do you think the impact of this program will be on American Kenpo? Mace of Aggression Five Swords Falcons of Force...
  8. hongkongfooey

    Martial Arts Chimpanzee

    This is cool!
  9. hongkongfooey

    Final Fu

    After seeing this show I can now understand why people don't take the martial arts seriously. The McDojo trend has ruined the MA's in america, this show doesn't help.
  10. hongkongfooey

    Dennis Nackord article in Black Belt mag.

    In July's issue there is an article from Mr. Nackord about powering up your Karate strikes using motion science. Talking about Kenpo's power principles of Torque, Gravitational Marriage, and Back Up Mass. Intresting read. Though, the editors give Joe Lewis credit for Mr. Nackord's martial arts...
  11. hongkongfooey

    Had my yellow belt test tonight.

    Went to class tonight thinking we would be sparring. Kind of thought something was up when myself and another student were working outside with the one of the instructors, on the patio, and the rest of the class was lining up. We went through all of our material and then about an hour later...
  12. hongkongfooey

    Tales of American Karate.

    Does anyone remember this column that Ed Parker used to write for Blackbelt magazine? Does anyone know where these articles may be found present day, without having to search eBay for hundreds of back issues of Blackbelt?
  13. hongkongfooey

    New From the WKKA...Kenpo Self Protection

    Hi, I came across this at the WKKA site. Apparently it is a course that allows schools that don't teach Kenpo, to learn principles and self defense techniques of AK, and incorporate this information into their respective styles. What does everyone think of this? Good idea or potential for...
  14. hongkongfooey

    power principles

    What are the power principles of Kenpo. I would think torque and marriage of gravity are two, what are some of the others? HKF
  15. hongkongfooey

    Happy New Year!

    Hope everyone has a great 2006! HKF
  16. hongkongfooey

    Joe Rogan and the UFC

    When is the UFC gonna dump this clown? Can't they find someone a bit better for commentary? Watching the UFC Best of 2005 tonight is painful because of Rogan's commentary. He says things which are totally opposite of whats going on. He should stick to dumb meatheads on Fear Factor. HKF
  17. hongkongfooey

    Contact in training...yes or no?

    How many people incorporate contact in their training? Is it during one steps and self defense practice, sparring or both. I feel that contact is required in order to understand the proper execution of the techniques. Any thoughts? HKF
  18. hongkongfooey

    Chicken Kicks

    What is the difference betwen a front chicken kick and an opposite chicken kick? What is a slicing chicken kick? HKF
  19. hongkongfooey

    OH BROTHER! A self defense course in get this....Martial Magic!

    I found this surfing yahoo local for my town(Baltimore). I guess some people will believe anything. KAMEHAMEHA!!!! HKF
  20. hongkongfooey


    Anyone know where I may be able to find a set of patches consisting of the IKKA type crest and universal symbol? I have checked a few diffrent online MA supply stores but no luck. I have my original patch from a few years ago, but need another set for a backup uniform. Thanks. HKF
  21. hongkongfooey

    Learning all of the basics first, or basics with each belt level?

    What is the perfered method of teaching basics? HKF
  22. hongkongfooey

    Any magazines out there devoted to Kenpo?

    Tae Kwon Do has a few. Kung Fu has a couple, Grappling and Karate all have their own publications. Why not Kenpo? Or am I looking in the wrong places? I am not talking about an E-zine, but a good old fashioned paper magazine. HKF
  23. hongkongfooey

    Martial Frauds...yes or no?

    More sokes and grandmasters can be found here. Some of these guys may be the real deal, but I would bet that most are not. What do you think? I wonder where some of these guys come up with this stuff. And we wonder why people think the way they do about martial arts in America...
  24. hongkongfooey

    Chinese Kenpo and American Kenpo.. What are the differences?

    I recently watched a Kenpo/Jujitsu class the other night at a local community center and found it to be intresting. I studied American Kenpo for a while a few years ago and had a blast with it, but couldn't continue because of problems with the instructor, but that's another story. Back to my...
  25. hongkongfooey

    Goju in Maryland.

    Anyone know of any Goju Ryu schools in Maryland? HKF