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    We Interupt The Usual Sturm Und Drang: EINSTEIN WRONG!?!?

    wow...that is stunning news! The implications for this are huge if these observations are confirmed. Peace, Erik
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    43 and new to martial arts

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    Hello from Hialeah, FL

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    Greetings from PA

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    Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade, anyone else pick up this book?

    I have and use the program frequently. I often jump back into the progressions when I need a break from kettlebell or barbell work. It's really good. I've made some good strength gains on it (even though I don't use it exclusively).
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    Significant overtraining leads to flu-like symptoms. Rest or walk it off?

    Whether it's a cold/flu or overtraining....the best course of action in rest. I know its hard to do, but you will get better faster and lose less "activity" time.
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    Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle

    It's not at all surprising. The days of the interent being anonymous are long over. Once again (or as has always been) we should think before we hit that "post" button.
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    How To Cook Stroganoff While Fighting A Ninja

    Totally unrealistic! What were they thinking?! Everyone one knows that you never face just ONE ninja. If you see one assured there are four other hidden the walls ready to pounce on you when your back is turned. It's like roaches...or stink bugs... Y'know what's REALLY funny to...
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    I'm in PA....but I train at the Kappo Dojo out of West Chester. Not near State college. Ed Martin's got a place in Macungie btu that's more Lehigh Valley region. If you go to and click on the links button, it gives a list of a number of Bujinkan dojos' in PA. Maybe one of...
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    TKD unity, divided and just plain do not know

    Well, becasue to compete at a high level in this (and other) countries in Olympic TKD generally requires that 1st dan ranking. I think this is part of what drives the youth BB movement noted in TKD. So, there is a certain amount of pressure or perhaps reward given to schools/teams who promote...
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    TKD unity, divided and just plain do not know

    Part of the issue is that TKD is a martial art AND TKD is a sport. From a sport perspective...a child being the best in hsi or her age group deosn't strike me as an odd thing. However, I think people look at tkd the sport through the lens of TKD the martial art and then things like 6 year old...
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    You Might Be a fluffy bunny ninja

    A real ninja wouldn't put his eye out.
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    Hello from State College, PA

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    The Book I Cannot Buy...

    Perhaps, the secrect to Kunsaku Kata is...that once you get the book, you've mastered the kata?? Or maybe not...I dunno. That is certianly one of the weiorder stories I've heard. Good luck on your quest. :) Peace, Erik
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    Texas State the good the bad and the ugly

    It had to be a damn site better than PA states. We had a horrible experience this year...typically PATKD runs a good (not perfect...but good) tournament. This year, it seemed like everything was problematic. The tourbey started atn 5:00pm there were still competitiors who hadbn't...
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    State qualifier coaching question

    I've never had that happen to me in all the times I've coached at an event. Once I registered through Hangstar, that was the end of it. i just had to prove who I( was to picjk up credentials at the door. I'd be very suspicious of anyone asking for more money after I already paid to coach...
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    Downtrend for new students?

    We went down a couple of years ago. There has been a small rebound, but we just aren't back to where we were. I think it has less to do with MMA gyms popping up (there aren't all that many MMA gyms in our area...a few schools that have added MMA programs, but no exclusive gyms)'s...
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    Tournaments drying up?!

    The tournaments we went to this year were all much smaller than in past years. I blame the current economic conditions. I'm wondering if this will also spill over to nationals this year.
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    Bujinkan a fraud?

    I'm going to chime in with some advice for the OP abotu choosing between Aikido and Bujinkan. I trained in Aikido for a number of years, uyp to the rank of 1st kyu. I'm currently training in Bujinkan Budo taijutsu...ranked 1st kyu. Both arts are legitimate. Both arts can be devastatingly...
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    My wife ruptured

    I pray for a speedy and complication free recovery for your wife. Both of you, hang in there and take care of yourselves. Peace, Erik
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    USA Coach punches Canadian in face after fight at US Open

    man, there's a lot of this going around. I was at a tournament in Januray. A local tournament..not even a qualifying event or anything. In one particualr match, this guy was getting owned. However, in desperation he kept grabbing the leg of the other fighter to slow things down. He was...
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    Donating blood--does it bother you?

    I donate several tiems a year (as often as I can really). No problems...not afraid of needles or the like. Only time I came close to a progblem was the last time I did a double red cell donation (I'm O type) and I was more run down than usual after that. It cut into my training for a little...
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    Changing Dojo or Teacher

    My instructor has cahnged instructors a number of times. He went from a Steve Hayes affiliation to Bujinakn in Texas, then chantged instructors when he moved out east. He then changed again for reasons similar to yours (wanting a different direction in his training). In addition, he takes...
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    Changing Dojo or Teacher

    I would say a lot depends. If you are staying within the same organization then you should be able to keep your rank. If you are changing organizations (going from Bujinkan to Genbukan for example) you'll porbably not be able to keep your rank. A lot depends on the teacher you are going to...
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    Mall Ninja!

    Reads like an excerpt from the screenplay of "Obsevre and report!" Sheesh.
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    Judah Friedlander - Karate World Champion

    So, the overweight, baseball cap, arcastic t-shirt wearing comedian from "30 Rock" is going to be the death of karate? I'm not sure what's funnier...the book or this post. :D
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    New member from Cali..

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    my name