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    Anybody have any expereince with Precision Nutrition?

    Anybody have any experience with the Precision Nutrition system? I'm playing around with working that in along with my intermittent fasting protocols to further dial in the nutrition aspect of my training. I'm looking for feedback from people who've tried it...and perhaps some support in how...
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    Coaching tips

    In trying to think of topics that haven't been done to death here, I got to thinking that we don't often talk about the skills/abilities that make for a good coach. As this is an area that I really struggle in, I figured I'd throw it out there to you guys. What makes a good tkd coach? What...
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    Back from Orlando -- Results

    So, because I'm more stubborn than I am smart, I once again tried my hand at competeing. Last year i got a gold in forms for showing up and I got my behind handed to me in sparring (didn't get out of the first round). This year was MUCH better. I got silver in Ultra forms (beat out 2 other...
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    Combining TKD, Grappling, football, soccer and rugby into a very interesting game. check it out! Peace, Erik
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    Joyous consternation -- for all you coaches.

    Ok, I had an interesting expereince last night during sparring. Actully, I've had this experience before and tought it might make for n interesting discussion. Anyway, I'm old (at least in competition terms). I'm big (by any measure). fast for my size, an OK fighter (not bad, certainly not...
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    Lajust socks -- stupid question

    Stupid question time -- In preparation for impending regionals and then Nationals in June. I picked up the elctronic sensor socks for myself and my kids. Just got them in the mail yesterday. very nifty. However, do these cosk go over the instep pad or do they replace the instep pad? I've...
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Norris!

    So, today is Chuck's nirthday. As I sit here meditating on his greatness and tryign to cultivarte my own hidden beard fist, I posit these thoguhts. Chuck Norris does not blow out the canles on his cake, he merely stares them down, they extinguish themselves. IF Chuck Norris were to blow...
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    Are you a warrior?

    I'm trying this out ins October in Maryland. Looks like a blast. You can never have enough viking helmets :D I am in no way affiliated with this race. Peace, Erik
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    I think I may need to find a new place to train

    I'm stunned at the moment. There is a situation going on between my wife, my teacher and myself that may force me to leave the school. I teach 3 classes a week and assist with the competition team. On weekends, i help clean the dojang. My wife goes in twice a week to help dp filing and...
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    The tablesaw is dead, long live the tablesaw

    not sure how many woodworkers we have on this site, but I'm getting the bestest Chrsitams present...EVAR. While putting together a jewelry stand/display for my wife, my Ryobi BT3100 saw died. This made me very sad. I looked on Craigslst and came across a guy selling his woodshop due to a...
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    Any benefit of switching to AAU?

    Our competition team is at a bit of a crossroads. We're trying to decide wether we'll continue to do the USAT nationals (like we do every other year) or whether we'll go and do the AAU nationals. I'm looking from feedback from anyone with expereince with both orgs. here's our dilema, USAT...
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    E-hogu's to be used at local tourney...happenning sooner than I expected

    I know it's siomply a matter of time before the electronic hogus will be standard at most tournaments. and I fully expect to see them at any major tournamnet now. However, I just ogt jotice that the Queens College Champinoship Open will be using the Lajust system for the 14+ BB division. They...
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    Pumpkins fear us!

    Yesterday, instead of regular class....our training group held our 4th annual BUjinkan Pumpkin Massacree. Apparently, our instructor picked this up from a guy he trained with in Texas. We bring all our old pumpkins left over from Halloween and then practice cutting them into little bits with...
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    Good news: passed 2nd dan test. Bad news: not sure I deserve the rank

    So, for those who don't like to read long, self-disclosure's the Cliff notes version. I passed my second Dan test last night. I survived. it was grueling. It was also my worst performance on a test....ever. Right now, I'm not sure I deserve the rank. OK, for the rest of you who...
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    TUF not getting any better....ugh

    Ah man, the fights just aren't getting better. What the hell happened last night? That Zak guy just sat there and let a triangle choke sloooooooowly get sunk in and did nothing about it but throw some hammer fists. I'm no top tier grappler or MMA competitor...but really?? Just had to vent...
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    7 days and counting -- 2nd dan test.

    In the final week of preparations for my 2nd dan test. I'm pretty confident that I have my stuff otgether and am now at that stage where I just want to get the test over and done with. It's going to be a looooong week. Peace, Erik
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    Can't do consecutive techniques.

    So, I'm in class this evening and I've come to a disheartening realization. While I an making slow progress. While I'm lost only 75% of the time (as opposed to 100% a couple of months ago). I've found that if I am able to execute a technique well, then that garauntees that the next...
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    Interesting workouts from my personal trainer

    Ok, since I often see threads looking for new and interesting workouts,,,, and since I need a way to remember some of the stuff I'm doing... and since my personal trainer puts me through interesting versions of hell on a weekly basis :) I thought I'd start a thread where I try to log the...
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    Anybody going to the east coast Buyu camp this wekeend (9/25 - 9/27)?

    I'm planning on being there Saturday with a bunch of guys from my training group. Peace, Erik
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    Chalk up one for poomse applications!

    Had a really cool class experience the other day that I wanted to share. I'm in the middle of preparing for my 2nd dan test (October 23). One of the major requirements of this test is to create 7 self-defense techniques. These creations should come from different kinds of attacks, show a...
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    Possibly interesting youtube vid -- discuss

    It's been slow in here here's a video I ran across. Looks interesting to my relatively inexperienced eye. I figure the more expereinced folks can dissect it and maybe I'll learn a thing or two. :) Peace, Erik
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    Review: Me, Chi and Bruce Lee by Brian Preston

    I just finished reading Me, Chi and Bruce Lee by Brian Preston. I really enjoyed this book and cant' recommend it enough. In principle, it's pretty straight forward, it's one of those books where the author describes his jounrey into some endeavour (in this case martial arts)....part jounrnal...
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    developing speed and explosiveness

    Aside from weight loss (still working on that)...what are some good drills/excercises to develop ones speed and explosiveness? Peace, Erik
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    US Nationals in Austin, TX - Who all is going?

    So, any MT'ers goign to Autin for the Junior Olympic/US nationals next week? I'll be there all week with our schools comp team (plus I'm taking a stab at competing in the Ultra division this year). It'd be nice to ptu some faces to some names. :) Peace, Erik
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    I made a bokken

    Note: I'm not exactly sure what the proper forum for this post if the mods feel it should be moced, that's cool. anyway, I decided to put my woodworking skills to the test. After looking at some plans on bokken carving, I decided to try one on my own. I like the two wood's...
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    Kids say the darndest things

    True story. My 9 year old daughter was at the doctor's office yesterday for a check up. She always asks the doctor questions about medicine. Anyway, we've recently been talking alot about bone marrow donation because we've known some people who have either donated or been recipients. She...
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    More complete vision

    Warning: I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this post. Bear with me :) Ok, I got the wonderful opportunity to cross train in BBT with a local study group. It's headed by a 9th dan, with a good mix of advanced, intermediate and beginners. After trying out a class I was invited back...
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    Breaking ideas

    In preparation for my 2nd dan test, I need to do some breaking. I'm required to do a hammer fist through 2-2"concrete blocks, flyign front hook kick through 2 boards (speed), Jumnping reverse roundhosue thourgh 2 boards (speed) and 3 elective breaks. I know I'm goign to Attempt a 3" punch...
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    Looking for creation poomse ideas

    I'm starting prep for my 2nd dan test (scheduled 10/09 tentatively). On eof the main requirements is that I create a 20 move poomse. If I wanted to just string togethr some moves that would suffice...but I don't think I'd learn much from the excercise. I'd rather create something with some...
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    Ee dan bo, 6 months to Ee dan

    My daughter and I tested yesterday. My daughter passed her 1st gup test and I passed my last 1st dan test. In 6 months (October) we'll test for 1st and 2nd dan respectively. Peace, Erik