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  1. kitkatninja

    Valentines day... Who is going training?

    It's Valentines day today, who is going to brave the day and go training instead of spending time with their partner? Haha ;) Luckily I had already discussed today with my better half yesterday.... We agreed to go out for a meal on Sunday when it's quieter and this morning we exchanged cards...
  2. kitkatninja

    Instructor certification?

    I was wondering, how many of you instructors have separate instructor qualifications? Is it integrated into your actual rank/belt? Or is it not required for your association or art? This isn't a question on whether or not you need instructor certifications or not - as that can be a whole...
  3. kitkatninja

    What are you Martial Art resolutions and or aims for 2019

    So now that we have entered 2019... What are your martial art (related) resolutions and or aims for 2019? Mine are: 1. Continue my training towards my 4th Dan (I started last week)... 2. Lose fat, build more muscle, and increase flexibility... 3. From a club point of view, increase adult...
  4. kitkatninja

    How many of you have trained in the same country that a MA was created?

    How many of you have trained in the same country that a Martial Art was created? This isn't one of those threads where you've gone searching for the origin of your martial art for deeper meaning, self-realisation or wanting to be trained by a native (I mean those may be good reasons, but this...
  5. kitkatninja

    Just wondering... Your yearly insurance cost

    Hi All, Just wondering, how much do you pay for your instructor insurance (including public liability)? This years insurance cost just under 瞿90, which to some isn't that expensive (but we're a non-profit club), but if you consider that it's gone up by 瞿20 and we haven't made a claim...
  6. kitkatninja

    New Sam (3rd) Dan here

    Just wanted to share my share my good news (thought I posted it, but I guess I was wrong)... Tested for, and was awarded, my 3rd Dan in Tang Soo Do. I was also awarded my Kyo Sa (instructor) status - this was a surprise to the 3 of us that received it. While it's exciting that I'm now...
  7. kitkatninja

    Invited for my 3rd Dan grading at end of 2018

    Well, I've been invited to test for my 3rd Dan grading at the end of 2018 - got a little less than 11 months to go... Excited but nervous at the prospect of doing this... If I pass, what a way to end the year... If I don't... What a way to commiserate it...
  8. kitkatninja

    Have to suspend training in Jujutsu

    Well after 5 months of training in Jujutsu, I'm having to suspend it temporarily... Hurt my wrist (not sure if in class or not) back in Nov, however since then it just got worse to the point where I can't even lift/carry my backpack with my left arm... Got a doctors appointment in Feb (was...
  9. kitkatninja

    Reflection of 1st class of Aiki-Jujutsu

    Well, (carrying on from a previous thread) a friend and I went for our first class of Aiki-Jujutsu. It was interesting, the class itself wasn't big - there was 5 regulars (this included the instructor), 3 weren't able to attend - so a good size. After introductions, a brief history (most...
  10. kitkatninja

    Hopefully 1st class on Saturday

    Well after quite a few years of various styles of karate (Japanese, Korean, British - yes there are a couple of English styles of karate derived from Kyokushin and Shotokan, eg Ishin Ryu, Ni-Sen, etc), kickboxing, as well as a few other arts that I didn't get on with, I've decided to try out...
  11. kitkatninja

    Hi from the UK :)

    Hi All, I'm Ken and I'm in the UK. Having done various MA's since the late 90's (main one's being Shotokan & Freestyle karate), however I'm now currently studying TSD. Glad to be onboard here. -Ken