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    Hello... Again

    Just thought I would say hello to everyone. After an extended hiatus of roughly 5-6 years I thought I would return and see whats new. -Josh
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    Makes you wonder what's next... Canadian winters arent too bad are they?
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    Firefox addons

    I've recently discovered a couple new add on features that are just awesome. The first is forcastfox ( ). Displays the weather down in the bottom corner of the browser window. The second is foxytunes ( ) As I'm...
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    Myspace finally serves a purpose....

    While abhor myspace, this does earn it some point in my eyes.
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    Santa Tracker

    An interesting story.
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    Death By Caffeine

    An interesting website I ran across today. Pick your drink, enter your weight and it tells you how many bottles of your favorite drink it will take to kill you.
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    Smurf's are Communist?!
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    Deputy Jeff Mitchell

    Sacramento County Sherrif's Deputy Jeff Mitchell was killed in the line of duty on a traffic stop. He is survived by his wife and 6 year old son. May he and his family find peace.
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    Senate approves border barrier; Congress sidesteps broader reforms

    Just wondering if anyone else saw this.... :disgust:
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    Bionic arm?

    I just ran across this story.... Interesting.
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    Waiting for the rain

    On this night of nights after this day of days I find myself sitting here waiting for the rain to come. Sitting here reflecting about the events and journeys that have transpired since the last time it rained. I don't quite know what it is about rain that has this effect on me. When it rains...
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    Fatal Robbery Video - *WARNING FOR VIOLENT CONTENT

    As per MA-Caver's request I downloaded the video and posted it localally so it could be viewed without associated questionable web content.
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    Good News!!! 17.. thats all? :burp::burp::drink2tha :drink2tha:cheers: :cheers: Hmmmm... yet another interesting find. After a night of drinking for your prostate health, drink coffee the next morning to help shake the...
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    Celeb Face Recognition

    I haven't seen anyone post this but I could have missed it... but this website can be pretty entertaining. You do have to 'sign up' but I just use bogus info including email :)
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    Trial By Fire

    Well last night was certainly an eye opening night for me. I worked security at a night club. Being that it was my first night, the gods, fate, and the evil little gremlins that live under my bed thought it would be a good night for there to be a melee when the club closed. Thankfully I came...
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    Dell to start using AMD Processors

    This is a strange turn of events... I wonder if it has more to do with AMD offering better products or Dell doesnt want anything do to with intel and its new(ish) relationship with Apple?,7204,19187210%5E15337%5E%5Enbv%5E15306-15316,00.html
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    The Invitation

    The Invitation Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Indian Elder it doesnt interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your hearts longing It doesnt interest me how old you are, I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for...
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    I don't know if anyone has noticed and I have been away for a while, but there appear to be a few strange things going on with some graphics on the site. For exaple the icon for contact via AIM is the Yahoo logo, for MSN its a Black belt. The quick reply icon has been replaced by the Assistant...
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    Question from a non TKD person

    Okay, I have had no experience with Tae Kwon Do what so ever. Part of that is because of the 'mcdojo' stigma that seems to be so frequent with TKD. I know that it's only a broad and unjust generalization. As TKD practitioners how do you deal with the mcdojo stigma? Do you thnk with TKD being...
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    Printing your personal information... Well now isn't this interesting....
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    I just love people!

    OK ignore the sarcasm of the title. I really hate people actually. I just discovered that my car had been broken into and my CD player stolen. I'm not so much upset about the CD player being stolen as the window being smashed out to get it. Honestly who breaks into a beat up looking 91 jetta...
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    Culture of Martial Arts

    I am taking a cultural anthropolgy class this semister and we have to do a project of observing another culture. I am going to try to do this on the culture of martial arts. I know MA is influenced by the culture where it originated (i.e. Japanese arts, Chinese arts, Western arts ect.) I...
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    Its offical now

    I was just cruising the headlines on Google and this came up. We are there to protect the oil... any thoughts? -Josh
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    Opening a school?

    At what rank of black belt would you think it is acceptable for some one to open a school? Once they have learned all the extensions and forms? (which varies as there are the 16 24 and 32 technique systems)
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    I get to sleep tonight!

    Ah thats right I get to sleep in my bed tonight.... I am soooo relieved. Its the end of the semister for me, and dead weak has nearly killed me. My two hardest finals, calc II and chemistry, were scheduled back to back on monday, which meant no sleep for me this weekend. I managed to talk...
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    Source for Stetching Info

    For those of you out there that are well versed in the physiology of stretching and all that stuff could you please give your opinion on this site I ran across about stretching. There seems to be a wealth of info there, and...
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    AVI to GIF?

    Anyone know of an AVI to GIF conversion tool or method? I've googled it a few times and end up with software I have to pay for to use only once or twice. Thanks -Josh
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    Seminar With Parker Jr and Trejo

    Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar that had both Mr. Parker Jr and Mr. Trejo. The group was split from white to blue and green to black. Each group had a turn with both Mr. Parker Jr, and Mr. Trejo. Experiencing one after the other was very interesting given their two very...
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    Old Versions of Software

    I ran across an interesting website today. It has previous versions of various programs ranging from AIM to Acrobat Reade , windows media player and various web browsers. Perhaps it will be of some use... I think their main title is so true: "Because newer is not always...
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    Mr. Liles and Ms. Tanaka In Action

    The following link takes you to a website that has many quicktime video clips of Mr. Liles and Ms. Tanaka in action. I think site is German or Dutch not too sure. I think everyone will enjoy this.