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    Biography on Benny "The Jet" Urquidez to be published

    Greetings! Gilderoy Publications is proud to announce its forthcoming publication of THE JET (The Benny Urquidez story). Please take a minute to visit the book's website. If you are interested in having a limited collector's edition of the hard copy (beautifully bound in Sierra cloth with gold...
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    Journey Book International Honorees

    I proudly present and congratulate the 12 Honorees who will be featured in the International Journey book: Sergio Correa (Chile), Jose Garay (Chile), Francisco Espinosa (Chile), Christian Springer (Germany), Edward Downey (Ireland), Tommy Jordan (Ireland), Maurice Mahon (Ireland), Gary Ellis...
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    List of United States Journey Book Honorees

    It is with great pleasure that I proudly announce the 16 United States Honorees who will be featured in the International Journey book: Bob White, John Sepulveda, Chuck Sullivan, Paul Dye, Bryan Hawkins, Brian Duffy, Frank Trejo, Steve LaBounty, Gilbert Velez, Richard Planas, Lee Wedlake, Doreen...
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    International Journey Book Honorees

    For those who are awaiting the announcement of the list of Honorees to be featured in the International Journey book, I am proud to announce the three new Honorees from the United States to be Brian Duffy, Paul Dye, and Tom Kelly. More names will be released next week. Deep bow, Tom Bleecker
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    The Bruce Lee training secret

    To be perfectly frank, I'm not convinced that Bruce would have spent hours in meditation. First, he was well known to be hyperactive (nicknamed "Can't Sit Still") and, second, didn't give much credence to meditation. When asked if he believed in God, Bruce replied, "I believe in sleeping." This...
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    The Bruce Lee training secret

    Just for fun, the next sentence in the book reads, "The following week I stayed home. After spending many hours in meditation and practice, I gave up and went sailing alone in a junk." P. 38-39 "The Bruce Lee Story"
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    Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali who would win?

    I posted this earlier, but it didn't post. Anyway, I think many who have answered this question overlook the very real difference in the size of these men. At the time of his death, Bruce weighed about 125 pounds with a height of 5' 7". Compare this to Ali's massive size -- not to mention his...
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    Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali who would win?

    I think the major problem here is that many of those responding never met Bruce Lee and are overlooking his incredibly small stature compared to Muhammad Ali. When Bruce died, he weighed about 125 pounds at a height of 5' 7". Most of our girlfriends are bigger. Does anyone really think that he...
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    Bruce Lee Story Question

    Chances are your bringing up the subject of Bruce's steroid use (anabolic and corticosteroids) will fuel a heated long thread. Since the publishing of my book 15 years ago, this single subject has been the brunt of more controversy than the cause of Lee's death. Anyway, I do address this during...
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    I almost have my black belt in JKD!

    Brilliant! I want to train with you guys! You're the real deal of JKD! Now that you have your black belt in JKD, you'll be promoted to Grandmaster in no time!
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    What made Kenpo Grow ??

    All martial arts styles grew during that period, not just Kenpo. That said, Kenpo flourished because of: (1) the Long Beach Internationals, (2) Bruce Lee's movies, (3) the huge success of the syndicated TV show "Kung Fu," (4) Ed Parker's charisma, (5) a tough team of Kenpo fighters who were...