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    How can I ease my tension whilst practicing kata?

    There was a recent thread that had a lot of good advice on it with the same question. This would be a good place to start.
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    Thinking ahead versus going with the flow in sparring

    I see both as two sides of the same coin. I think it is important to have sparring goals other than "just win". If that is your only purpose, you are going to limit yourself technique/concept/strategy wise and plateau. As others have said, have a goal of what you want to accomplish. For...
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    RIP Legend Gene LeBell
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    What is your favorite "throw-away" scene from any movie?

    In the Director's Cut of Daredevil (Ben Affleck) there were a lot of scenes that got cut from the theatrical release that REALLY should have been in there. 1) Whole subplot about the police corruption when Murdock is defending an innocent man and tying the crime all back to Kingpin. 2) The...
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    What is this Stance Called?

    Otsuka also studied Japanese JJ styles and incorporated them. There is a story that I have seen passed on in Wado-Ryu circles, not sure if it is more apocryphal in nature or true. But, the story goes that during a class/demonstration, Choki Motobu had a Judoka get a grip on Funakoshi and was...
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    What's your most controversial, non-political opinion?

    pickle pizzas are really good. PS: Lucy Liu is definitely hotter than Michelle Yeoh.
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    Traditional vs Historical Martial Arts?

    I agree. Historic Martial Art=Old and frozen in time. :)
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    boyfriend lying about his purple belt..

    Just to keep a dying thread going..... That had crossed my mind as well. Many times, even if someone DID take some training from a long time ago they may still make mistakes because they just showed up and did it for fun etc. For example, many people say that they took, "karate" and when you...
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    boyfriend lying about his purple belt..

    Better yet, keep bringing him to the club and tell all YOUR bjj friends.
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    The deadly Handshake!!!

    There is, its a counter technique called "checking his oil".
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    Optimum Physique without need to meet weight class?

    I guess if I had to stereotype an "optimum physique" for martial arts it would be an Olympic gymnast. They are able to use their body and have the flexibility/agility/strength to perform any of the moves that would be required of them. A lot of what we see in the realm of "martial arts...
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    Intellectualising Martial Arts?

    The "problem" is that good martial arts are a kinesthetic learning. You have to "feel" what it is like to have your structure in alignment versus not in alignment for example. This was the original learning method. Body learns it first to understand it. Now too often, people get an...
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    "Common" Moves Not Found in Forms

    The back/rear kick is not found in IR's katas. It was practiced as one of the "basic kicks" though. Also, originally, IR had a "toe rip" kick that was replaced around the time the US Marines started to train with Shimabuku. The front heel thrust was taught instead since no one really went...
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    The deadly Handshake!!!

    A couple of things. Most people don't train grab attacks of any kind realistically. But, what you are usually seeing is the first step/level where both parties are cooperating and not resisting to learn the technique. A handshake is used sometimes as a set up for attacks. It does a couple of...
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    "Common" Moves Not Found in Forms

    Depends. The Okinawan view of their karate is that the best self-defense is living a long and healthy life. I think someone once said that the best revenge is to outlive your enemies. lol When I was younger I focused a lot more on the fighting aspect, as I get older I find I get much more...
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    Long Fist Kung Fu - Master Adam Hsu

    Is "Long Fist" a generic term or a specific style? Is this the same Long Fist that is taught by Jwing-Ming Yang? How does it differ from Bak Sil Lum?
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    Fiction MA Books you'd recommend

    It starts with the "Man who never missed", but there are a couple of prequel novels 1) The Musashi Flex 2) The 9th Step I read the Matador trilogy first, which I think I would recommend doing it that way as well. There are some other books after that which are also very good (Black Steel...
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    "Common" Moves Not Found in Forms

    Systems are all artificial and manmade. The system is going to contain what the original person found effective FOR THEM. Later on, some systems got combined and added new knowledge to it. They are also based on the environment (and even culture) for what they were created/used for. Sports...
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    Fiction MA Books you'd recommend

    I second the Steve Perry books, the Matador series is very good! Also, The Dragons of Wulin by Kevin Shearer (7 books in the series) are good easy fun reads The Ninja Daughter by Tori Eldridge isn't too bad
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    Conditioning skin (yes skin) for fighting and getting hit

    When I first read the thread title, I was thinking of the old school boxers that used to use "brining solutions" and rub them around the eye area to try and toughen the skin so it didn't cut as easily when getting hit there.
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    Recommended diet for a Taekwondo Student

    Lots of good advice. I guess I would ask a couple of questions... 1) Are you trying to lose weight or just eat healthy? 2) How much training are you doing? For example, recreational (couple of times a week) or competitive (2 hours everyday of some type of training)? 3) What other...
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    Lineage vs Testing

    Honest question because I am not familiar enough with the western based arts. Do you see the same constant arguments in these western systems of "who had the REAL system (lineage)" or "our blackbelts can beat up/are better than your blackbelts" (insert appropriate rank here). Because...
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    Lineage vs Testing

    Should have been more specific that I was talking about eastern based martial arts.
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    Getting old with Kenpo

    I see both sides of it. I train in martial art X and it works for ME, because of x, y and z. If I want to make a broader statement of "martial art x" works, then I need to have other supportive stuff. For example, other documented cases of it working from other people. One thing I have...
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    Lineage vs Testing

    As others have said, the belt system we currently use started with Judo as a way to rank people. Kano got the idea from the game of "go" as I understand it. In Karate, is used to be white/brown/black and then other colors were added. In SOME CMA's, they have gone to a "colored sash" system to...
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    When to switch from promoting for progress to promoting for merit?

    In my mind, what I think of when you asked this question about merit, is that some arts promote based on "contributions made to the art". It is usually after YEARS of going through the ranks and is given after the actual material is already learned (not learning new katas etc. for the next...
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    KT:Good Kenpo/Bad Kenpo

    You write "obviously", but your other comments suggest that its not so obvious. "Cops always take people to the ground. That's how they arrest people." "Well you are about the only police officer who tries to fight people standing."
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    KT:Good Kenpo/Bad Kenpo

    As an LEO, it depends on the situation. We don't ALWAYS take people to the ground. It's NOT how we arrest people. If I have a compliant person, I am not always going to prone them out on the ground first to handcuff them (I will give them verbal commands to myself at an advantage)...
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    I should have said, "just semantics". The phrase "just semantics" is used most often as a shorthand way to insinuate someone has argued something trivial or unimportant. In this, case you are arguing the definition of the word "fast" and its meaning and trying to define it in your own way...
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    As Dirty Dog pointed out, we literally call the first meal of the day "break fast" because you are breaking your fast. It's not semantics. There are various types of fasts and almost all major religions incorporate them. Just a couple types of the top of my head from various religions. 1)...