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  1. yipman_sifu

    Anti-Grappling Demos

    This is some of Sifu Victor Gutierrez demonstrations about anti-grappling methods. REMEMBER that this is only in a case of a REAL encounter. I mean don't tell me why hasn't it been tested in the UFC or Pride. The difference between these vids and Frank Shamrock one is that these are more made...
  2. yipman_sifu

    Wall bag punching

    How many of you guys here uses the wall bag for training?. I personally trains alot using it. It modifies your controlling ability to deliver the full power to the bag. Normally most punches are stiff and power is dissipated from the punch as it is moving towards the opponent. Wing Chun as we...
  3. yipman_sifu

    Royce or Rickson?

    I train in Wing Chun and wanted to know something about the Gracies. Who is better. Is it Rickson or Royce?!. Many people I asked told me Royce, but I beleive Rickson was more accurate and lost no matches in a UFC record review I saw. So what's your opinions BJJ trainers?!.
  4. yipman_sifu

    Sifu Emin Boztepe

    Does anyone here know about why he left the EWTO?. I heard that Boztepe is considered to be one of the best street fighters in the world. I don't know why some Wing Chun Sifus and trainers have negative attitude whenever his name is mentioned. It is because he fought William Cheung, or because...
  5. yipman_sifu

    The match I loved the most.

    Here is how Royce showed the meaning of defeating huge opponents using his BJJ.
  6. yipman_sifu

    Legends "Name Them".

    Upon reading a comment someone posted long ago. I stored it to display it in here. He gave titles to legends of the marital arts. what do you think of them. 1) The legendary warrior: Genaral Lu Bu of the three kingdoms 2) The man who braught glory to China: Master Hou Yuan Jia 3) The...
  7. yipman_sifu

    Sifu Yip chun Chi Sao

    Check how increadible the Sifu's control and balance maitained regarding his age and size to the other guy. Now that really shows what is Wing Chun in overcoming any type of opponents.
  8. yipman_sifu

    Sifu Gary Lam impressive Wing Chun

    Here is some astonishing moves of Sifu Gary Lam of Wing Chun.
  9. yipman_sifu

    Civilian defence of a plane

    Here is my Sifu Thomas Mannes demonstrates how to defend to plane hijacks and this stuff. (I recomend you Save Target As this clip to open faster then delete it if you wish).
  10. yipman_sifu

    Provenzano'a arrest

    The long wait has ended. The Italian Mafia Boss Bernardo Provenzano was finallly arrested after more than 40 years of run. It is really amazing how this boss managed to control over the mafia while he was on the run!.
  11. yipman_sifu

    Rough Beimo Scene

    Such footage shows how master Wong guided Bruce Lee in Beimo fights, although it is demonstrated by other guys, it resembles the same method of the old Beimo fighting. This rough punching is what people expect in real fighs and counters. Kicks and grabs are very difficult to be performed if...
  12. yipman_sifu

    Feel youself dead in that place?!

    Here is instructor Paolo Brighi showing something really horrible. Just you will wish you were not the punching bag because in that case: Feel youself dead in that place?.
  13. yipman_sifu

    Wing Chun History : An Alternative Viewpoint

    This article is written by sifu David Peterson, student of Grandmaster Wong Shun-Leung.
  14. yipman_sifu

    The Cresent Blade

    I just wanted to know which style uses The cresent blade as a weaponry, I once heard it refers to the general Kwan stlye of fighting. Is there such a style of the magnificient warrior?.
  15. yipman_sifu

    Push hands and Chi Sao

    Upon reading some articles on Tai Chi, I passed across the pushing hands training. I recognized the similarities it contained with respect to the Wing Chun Chi Sao training. The Chi Sao term is meant by the sticking arms, it is used for precise counter attacks and feel force techniques. I mean...
  16. yipman_sifu

    The main aspect

    During our last seminar that was on Wed the 5th of April 2006. Our Sifu Mannes spent our all time in just doing one thing called by "Attack is the best defence". He believed that what most people forget when they learn Wing Chun in later stages is such an aspect of the one attack. When we...
  17. yipman_sifu

    Yipman's Lineage

    Find your lineage among Those: e.g. My lineage is the following: Sifu Thomas Mannes, Master Kernspecht, GM Leung Ting, Yipman. These are the name of the Yipman's students who were known and popular. (sorted Alphebatically) Bruce Lee, Chow Tse Chun, Choy Siu Kwong, Chris Chan...
  18. yipman_sifu

    Tackling the Tackle 2

    This article was dicussed in a previous section, upon sending your opinions to the author Sifu David, he replied the following. The article that has come under discussion was in fact NOT written as an article, but was originally a post on a forum some years ago in response to a thread about how...
  19. yipman_sifu

    Inch Punch video of sifu Wong

    Check this:
  20. yipman_sifu

    The EWTO and the Escrima

    They said that Wing Chun and Escrima has many similar concepts, especially that of the footwork positioning. That's why the EWTO(European Wing Tsun Organization) included Escrima as an art practised with Wing Tsun. The Escrima in there is by the supervision of Grandmaster Bill Newman, who is...
  21. yipman_sifu

    Tackling the Tackle

    Here is a discussion of Sifu David Peterson about grapplers techniques and how to respond to it.
  22. yipman_sifu

    Master leung Bik

    I have recently read many articles regarding Wing Chun history. I found many differences in the history of the Yipman lineage. we all know master Leung Bik, which was the son of the king of Wing Chun (Dr. Leung Jan). This master was yipman's second teacher when he moved to HK for studying...
  23. yipman_sifu

    Yipman Video clips

    Here is the grandmaster Yipman performing SLT, CK, MYC. Hope you enjoy it.
  24. yipman_sifu

    Tae-Kwon-Do video clip

    Here are some outstanding scenes of trainers performing in this clip.
  25. yipman_sifu

    Is this real?

    What do you think of this master?.
  26. yipman_sifu

    Karate stuff breaking clip

    Here is some of the tough Karate people breaking stuff.
  27. yipman_sifu

    The Legend Behind the Legend

    Have anyone read this before.
  28. yipman_sifu

    WSL (Baat Jam Do) clip

    Although it is very bad in quality, I think that it is nice to have an idea about such a clip.
  29. yipman_sifu

    Hi There

    Hi new posters, hope you will find it great posting and learning in such martial arts. If anyone needs any help regarding Wing Chun, you are most welcome to ask me in the posts or send me a PM. Regards Yipman Sifu
  30. yipman_sifu

    Rare footage of WSL

    While viewing other forums, I found this rare footage of master Wong sparring in a training scene, the background is from Enter The Dragon.(the clip is in the bottom of the page) for reading replies by master David peterson about this footage...