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  1. Samurai

    Concealed Weapons choices

    I have trained with some great Krav Maga instructors. Their weapons system is pretty basic (that is a good thing). The weapons are divided into: 1.) Weapons like a club 2.) Weapons like a shield 3.) Weapons like a rock 4.) Weapons like sling (all projectiles and distance weapons, firearms are...
  2. Samurai

    Concealed Weapons choices

    Really people.... I am not here to 'prove' my skills, maturity, or anythings else like that. If you look at my icon, you will see that I am member number 7...yep, been here a long time, and left because this forum was reduced to a 'chest thumping' group. I thought I would ask an honest...
  3. Samurai

    Concealed Weapons choices

    The following is from out state codes. I was told by a LEO friend that a baton (expandable baton) would fall under the "billy" or "bludgeon" in this code. I guess having a wooden Escrima stick nearby the door might be ok. I could use it for some 'other use' like opening a door or something...
  4. Samurai

    Concealed Weapons choices

    Thanks for the grounded. I am a trained martial artist with over 30 years in various arts....(TKD, Shotokan, Kali. JKD, Systema, and Western Martial Arts ). I am not 'reacting' to someone trying to come into the school at 930pm. That is really not the main point. I had the skills and present...
  5. Samurai

    Concealed Weapons choices

    Hello, I am a teacher and I teach adult students in the evening. We have had a few times when "unauthorized" people have tried to gain entry into the building (not a big deal now as they were not violent, but I DO NOT allow people in the building at night). I am looking for a weapons choice...
  6. Samurai

    Ip Man 3

    Ip Man 3 is coming to Redbox in the United States in April. It was a good movie, but should not be taken as a DOCUMENTARY on Ip Man's life. The fight scenes has some very real Wing Chun flavor to them.
  7. Samurai


    Always the ARCHER not the bow
  8. Samurai

    Homemade PVC bows!!

    I've made over 100 of these bows, They are all good shooters. You can see some pics at and click on Gallery,
  9. Samurai

    Anyone Read Mark Wiley's New Book yet?

    I know Mark Wiley has a new book out called Mastering Escrikma Disarms. It is basically a collect of over 20 styles and people and how they approach the idea of disarming a combatant. The format and layout is a lot like his book Fillipino Fighting Arts...
  10. Samurai

    Books on the FMA?

    Mark Wiley has a new book out now. Mastering Eskrima Disarms. Very nice read Thanks Jeremy Bays
  11. Samurai

    Horsebow and Thumbdraw anyone ??

    A great alternative to spending $1000 on a horse bow is to make one yourself out of.......(wait for it)................PVC pipe. A friend of mine wrote a book on using common PVC pipe to make awesome bows....REAL BOWS....not toys. Check it out at...
  12. Samurai

    New handle for my Tomahawk

    I know this thread is over a year old, but I just found it. I love working with the tomahawk. Such a practical weapon with many traditional and modern applications. They are fun to 'smith out of railroad spikes, hammers, and other metals. I would also put in a plug here. I make a plastic...
  13. Samurai


    The recurve bow has more "handshock" than a well made longbow. That can throw a hunter off if they are not used to it. The longbow was used in mass. That is MANY archers would fire into the air down on the "bad guys" and it would rain arrows. Truely an effective technique to thin the ranks...
  14. Samurai

    Start up costs in Kyudo

    That link for is my website. The Yumi bow on the site is not made for "REAL" Kyudo shooting. It is a Kyudo-style longbow. The idea is to introduce the traditional longbow shooter to another way of shooting. We HAD (past) real Yumi bows but they are very expensive and...
  15. Samurai

    Suggest tips for a beginner

    I would very much recommend a longbow or recurve. Stay away from the compound bow (at least in the beginning). Do not worry about "form" and "style". Shoot in a way that feels right and focus on that. There are techniques and ways to shoot, but that is not the ONLY way to shoot. Draw- Most...
  16. Samurai

    Temple Style TaiChi

    Any thoughts on Temple Style Tai Chi as taught by the following? Is it a real art with martial applications....or a modern mix of tai chi "moves" Master Robert Xavier Master John Chung Li Master Lo Chi-wan Master Chan Yik-yan Master Wu Yiek Tai Master Chen Kong Ta Master Shut Master Yeung King...
  17. Samurai

    Tomahawk Blog and more

    Hi folks... I posted this over in the Western Martial arts section, but I think it fits here as well. I just want to drop you a line and ask you to visit my Tomahawk blog at I love talking and learning all things Tomahawk. I am the maker of the Training...
  18. Samurai

    Tomahawk Training

    Hi folks... This is just a note to ask you to visit my blog at if you want to talk and learn about the awesome weapon of the Tomahawk. I make the Training Tomahawks that are featured on the "BUY STUFF" link. Another thing...if you use the GoodSearch search...
  19. Samurai

    Temple Style Tai Chi

    Can you help an idiot out with a question :-) I went to a Temple Style Tai Chi class yesterday. Loved the class but I wanted some basic information about the system. The instructor was able to provide a boatload of material but I also wanted to talk to my friends here... The style is...
  20. Samurai

    Western Martial Arts Illustrated?

    I too loved getting the magazine and DO hope it will continue. Thanks Jeremy Bays
  21. Samurai

    Running a School FULL-TIME

    Thanks for all your insights. I was taught for 20+ years from garages, YMCAs, parks, and very small schools (20 or so). I am not too fond of the sports karate (nothing against people who are into that, it is just not me) so I was looking more into the SD branches. Thanks again, Jeremy Bays
  22. Samurai

    Season 1 Episode 2: Viking vs Samurai

    Just as an aside, The bow that the Viking used in the drama part of this program was made by me. Morning Star Productions in LA called and told me they needed a Viking bow in 2 days. All I had was a longbow, so they took that and using it in the drama bits, not the testing...
  23. Samurai

    Running a School FULL-TIME

    How many people here operate a school full-time? My city has many 'general' karate / Tae Kwon Do schools, but I was thinking of starting a school with more of a self-defense / personal protection flavor. I have taught many classes on a part-time basis, but not sure if this will fly...
  24. Samurai

    Training Tomahawk and NEW Training Knife

    Ok, I am like a schoolboy glowing with pride. I received this video of the Okichitaw Native Martial Arts system instructor master Lepine using my Training Tomahawks as throwing weapons. I did not really design them to be thrown but man it looks SWEET and he does a great job. The clip is on...
  25. Samurai

    Where to Find Pressure Point Study Resources?

    The absolute BEST book on point location and names is Essential Anatomy: For Healing and Martial Arts This lists the point with pictures, names (English/Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) and location...
  26. Samurai

    Important to Learn Names of the Points?

    Honestly the names are only usefull for looking up the points on a chart. Most of the ancient master did not teach, STOMACH 5 or was HIT HERE IN THIS WAY.... I would learn the names AS you are working on the points. Do not bother with flash card style learning as this has...
  27. Samurai

    Best Recurved Bows for the Price

    I have some nice handmade recurves on my website for about $100-$150 at I love the recurve design as the arrow cast is so much faster. Thanks Jeremy Bays
  28. Samurai

    Training Tomahawk and NEW Training Knife

    Thanks again to all... Who would like to see a Bowie version of this knife and "about" what size would you like to see the training blade? My favorite Bowie that I train with has a 12 inch blade. I love it because it is slightly shorter than my training partners blade (his is about 13-14...
  29. Samurai

    Training Knife (New Design)

    Thanks for the review Kirk. I have been asked about the Bowie and it is "next on the list". Thanks again, Jeremy Bays
  30. Samurai

    Training Tomahawk and NEW Training Knife

    My Training Tomahawk was featured in the Paladin Press book "Tomahawks: Traditional to Tactical" by David Grant. I also just designed a new Training Knife patterned after the 1805 Hudson River Red Handled Trade knife. I am exited about it. The Tomahawk is $20USD The Knife is $12 USD...