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    R.I.P SGM S. George Pesare

    We lost another martial arts legend last night. SGM Pesare passed away. He will be truly missed by his Kempo Family and friends. Rest in Peace Hefe. Jesse Dwire
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    CT Martial Arts Festival - I have taken seminars with a few of these instructors in the past and they are top notch teachers. If you are in the area and are looking for some martial fun for the weekend you should really check this event out. A must see instructor at the event is Hanshi Anthony. In Peace Jesse
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    Saratoga Martial Arts Festival

    Myself and a few students went to this last year and it was awesome. The lineup this year has some people from last year and some new faces as well. Hanshi Anthony was a favorite of mine but I also look forward to some of the new Kung Fu people as well.
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    Thank You JdoKan

    Just a thank you to Sensei Jeff J. for teaching at my school on Monday night. I still owe you dinner. Seeing what you have done with some of the combinations really gets me ready to start overhauling that section next. My students had a great time and you gave me some refreshers on how to...
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    Master Chun, Jr.

    only a couple spots left for tonights chief instructor workout and a few more tommorow for the Saturday seminar open to all students from blue belt and above 16+ years old. this is going to be a great seminar basedon the concepts of Prof. Chow and Master Chun, Sr. and we are taking applications...
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    I just wanted to say thanks again for this website from Matt Barnes. I was talking to a Kenpo teacher today who was asking questions because he had been getting some SKK students into his school and wanted them to feel more at home. He used to do SKK back in the day but now teaches a different...
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    Master Bill Chun, Jr

    I have been able to work in group and private settings with Master Chun, Jr. I was wondering what others thought of him from different perspectives. He will be coming to my school in October teaching some things that he has not taught out here on the East Coast before. From past seminars I...
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    Kenpo's Heritage Seminar in Ma.

    Come see and experience the Mother System of Kajukenbo, American Kenpo, & Nick Cerio's Kenpo, among others. Master Bill Chun, Jr. will be teaching applications and concepts from the Go Shin Jitsu Kenpo/Chinese Kempo Kai system. Raise your level of insight and understanding of Kenpo/Kempo from...
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    New Edition

    Not martial arts now, but give her 20 years. Just wanted to tell everyone that my wife and I had a baby girl tues. June 3rd.. Little Addison Shea. For people who saw my wife at the Seminar she made it 24 more hours past the seminar.. shes a trooper. Jesse
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    Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts

    June 1st Seminar Location: Hombo Dojo Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts 9 acton Rd. Chelmsford Ma. (978) 250-1422 Times: 10am - 3pm Price: $40 in advance $50 at the door Prof. Joseph "KenpoJoe" Rebelo II DIFFERENT ANSWERS TO THE SAME QUESTIONS Professor Rebelo will detail out techniques from...
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    Reputations Received

    I did not know about the section of reputations received. I just ventured into it and saw i had some nice comments towards me. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. This may sound sappy, but I like to say thanks to people who made me feel good and thought I actually had something...
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    2 hours with Ed Parker Jr.

    I saw the question posed on another thread. I would like to ask a similiar question of his son. How many of the American Kenpo people would come and learn from Ed Parker Jr. for 2 hours? or at least a chance to work with him and his ideas on Kenpo? In Peace, Jesse
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    KenpoJoe and More

    Well im sure this could go in two sections, but in a less popular thread (less popular because i did not like it:) ) People wanted to see KenpoJoe in action. On June 1st at my dojo in Chelmsford Ma. Prof. Rebello, Sigung Duncan and Guru Dan Donzella will be doing an all day seminar. I know...
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    Prof. Tom Ingargiola

    Just a quick note. Prof. Ingargiola will be at my dojo on Tues. Oct 16th. He will be going over a wide range of material on Kempo and Jujitsu. Anyone is more than welcome to come. Send me a PM if you are interested. In Peace Jesse
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    New Dojo

    Hi everyone. At the Hawaiian Kempo Gathering i talked to some people about possibly getting a new location for my dojo. Well i just wanted to tell people that i have signed the lease and started gutting out my new building. It is about 1 1/2 miles from my old one and even though it is a short...
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    Kenpo/Kempo unity seminar

    GM Mitose Jr. Master Bill Chun Jr. Ed Parker Jr. This seems to be an interesting seminar coming to Mass.
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    SKK form applications

    SK101 was asking for a thread for the applications of the forms. So here you go. My only request is that we start with the kata's first. The pinans are modified shotokan forms and i have seen more variations in these forms over the years then i have in the kata's. Kata one - first kick and...
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    USSD Shaolin Books

    Has anyone purchased or read these books? I got on a spam list somehow so every week i get an email about these books.. I remember Danjo once saying he would rather spend $200. on ea. book then $200 a month for lessons from them. I would just like to know if anyone has read any of these or at...
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    Pinans and SKK

    since we were off track on another thread, I would like to start a new thread. The pinans were added to the curriculum through Prof. Cerio. They were then modified by him to fit his style of Kenpo. Then the masters after him who continued to teach modified them even more to suit their...
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    East Meets West International Masters Gathering

    East meets West International Masters Gatherings This is going to be great. I am sorry it took so long, but we just finished up our 4th annual Alliance tournament and I am getting married in 16 days, but we have our location for this international seminar. Where: Westford Regency - Westford...
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    1st time Japan - Any Pointers?

    Hi, I was just recently invited to Japan by my instructor. This was a week ago today. I am def. excited but I am really not sure what to expect. I am talking certain manners, things i def. shouldnt forget, things i need to be aware of? If anyone who has been there could help me out on this...
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    International Alliance Seminar in New England

    Hello everyone, Last year i was able to put on a seminar featuring 4 kempo/kenpo stylists and it was great. As of a few weeks ago I found out that we were going to be able to put on another great seminar this summer. Myself at Dragon-Phoenix Martial Arts and Master Chris Hatch of Cape Cod...
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    Kenpo/Kempo Seminar October in New England

    I know this is a primarily American Kenpo forum but i wanted to throw this out to anyone who just likes to have fun and learn something new. Everyone on here seems to be very open and you do not seem to blast other styles even if you do not agree with them so I feel confident about this...