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  1. lifespantkd

    The Older Martial Artist

    I thought my fellow older martial artists might find today's article about Jackie Chan's newest film of interest: Cynthia
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    Curricla old and new, anyone practice both?

    P.S. I realize that the original question is in regard to old versus new curriculum in what many would consider the same art. However, if the differences are substantial, technically and/or philosophically, they could be considered different arts or different "sub-arts" (like "subcultures") and...
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    Curricla old and new, anyone practice both?

    This is a very interesting thread. I have chosen to bring my Taekwondo practice into greater adherence to Kukkiwon standards. I am finding this process challenging, fascinating, and rewarding, both physically and philosophically. Differences that seem subtle on the surface often have greater...
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    LGBT in Taekwondo

    The question for every dojang owner when addressing diversity of any kind is ultimately: "Do I wish to perpetuate oppression in my dojang?" Life is much harder for people who are members of a social minority for any reason because they cope with one or more inescapable institutionalized "isms"...
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    Thank you team Martial Talk

    I want to express my appreciation to all those who spend their time and energy helping make the Martial Talk forum be available for all of us to connect with and learn from each other. From the looks of things, the various jobs involved cannot be easy. So, to administrators, moderators, mentors...
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    Commitment to development through Kukkiwon Taekwondo: Kukkiwon practitioners only, please

    Like you, I appreciate anyone who encourages me to look into things at a deeper level and with a fresh perspective. Being open to learning yields great rewards. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Cynthia
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    Commitment to development through Kukkiwon Taekwondo: Kukkiwon practitioners only, please

    I see we are both of Jidokwan lineage. GM CHOI Tae Hong was my grandmaster, too. Thank you for sharing the link to your website! Cynthia
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    Signs you need a TKD intervention

    50) Your pre-schooler watches you practice Taekwondo so much that she spontaneously executes Taekwondo techniques in the grocery store, at the library, when getting ready for bed, and at other odd times and places. P.S. Great thread! Cynthia
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    The future of the TKD section

    Thank you. Cynthia
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    Commitment to development through Kukkiwon Taekwondo: Kukkiwon practitioners only, please

    Dear colleagues: I am interested in knowing which of you consider yourselves to be Taekwondo instructors/practitioners who are currently and sincerely pursuing physical, mental, and spiritual development through the practice of and rank advancement in Kukkiwon Taekwondo. If you consider...
  11. lifespantkd

    Training floor surface

    I currently teach in a church with our room assigned depending on availability. The flooring varies from wood to linoleum over concrete to carpet over concrete. Much if not most of my personal training, weather permitting, however is outdoors on uneven ground littered with sticks and pinecones...
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    Feedback on E-Zine so far?

    Well done. Thank you. Cynthia
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    Once more into the breach

    Welcome back to Taekwondo! Sang H. Kim's "Martial Arts After 40" might be a good resource for you: Steady and wise practice that intentionally avoids injury will yield better results than overzealous practice that doesn't take into...
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    Poomsae principles?

    In Keumgang, in terms of technique, a foot is lifted repeatedly, at times in a stationary pose (oreun hakdariseogi) and at times, as the start of a 90, 180, or 360 degree rotation. Regardless of the context, this lifting creates instability. This instability in the context of rotating on the...
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    Tips on increasing flexibility?

    The example you provide is representative of Kurz's performance-related fitness concept in the context of stretching. Gymnasts, for example, need a high degree of flexibility for static poses. Taekwondoin need a high degree of flexibility for dynamic motions. Kicking to the head is dynamic...
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    Poomsae principles?

    Yes. Repeatedly. Consider, for example and perhaps especially, Keumgang. Cynthia
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    I am an idiot!!!!

    So sorry to hear this, Manny! Keep in mind that older practitioners generally take longer to heal than younger practitioners. So, be patient and careful and check in with a health care provider if ice and rest aren't helping. Different injuries require different handling, so knowing what you're...
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    Your Kwan's Philosophical Credo, Pledge, Aims, etc.

    I'm of Jidokwan lineage, too. The more I practice Taekwondo, the more I value developing an understanding of its underlying philosophy, including that of the Kwan to which I can trace my heritage. Information about Jidokwan history and philosophy can be found on the website of the Taekwondo...
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    Research showing good reasons to practice Taekwondo

    Here's a popular press description of a recent study indirectly supporting the benefits of practicing Taekwondo for people 45 years of age and older: And, here's the abstract of this large Australian study straight from...
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    Current Data of Kukkiwon Poom Dan Holders in the U.S

    Does anyone have any information about the proportion of men/women in these numbers? Cynthia
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    Buddhist thought in practice and learning

    Unless a student has grown up with Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianistic philosophy as a part of his/her cultural heritage and/or unless that student was explicitly and implicitly taught these philosophies throughout many years by an instructor of Taekwondo, I think it would be very difficult for...
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    Are anti-bullying programs effect or not Cynthia
  23. lifespantkd

    Are anti-bullying programs effect or not

    A quick Internet search revealed one research study of one martial arts related antibullying program conducted in three schools: (But see the...
  24. lifespantkd

    Which martial art should I choose?

    Taekwondo is my art, so I'm naturally biased in its favor. But, my very positive experience with it doesn't mean that everyone finds it a good match for them. Personally exploring your options by visiting the martial art schools available in your area and taking advantage of any opportunities to...
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    Another ATA 5 year old black belt

    Well said and well done. And, I'm not really talking about the topic at hand. I'm talking about your choice to remain open and to reconsider an opinion because of changing, new, or different information that you had not encountered before. That is a wise approach regardless of the topic. Cynthia
  26. lifespantkd

    Original purposes of martial arts

    Gender plays a strong role in the actual experience of harm and, hence, in the perception of risk. I recall seeing a TV documentary or news expose' a few years ago on women and female teenagers routinely experiencing sexual assault on commuter trains in Japan. This often occurred when women were...
  27. lifespantkd

    Should getting a Black Belt be this stressful?

    That's certainly how I approach my training. I see testing as an opportunity to assess what I have learned and where I'd like to go from that point on. But, I also do this every time I practice Taekwondo. Cynthia
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    Need Some Advice on Sparring

    I would be interest in what you could find out! Thank you, Cynthia
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    Should getting a Black Belt be this stressful?

    I respect your thoughtful consideration of the issues involved in the decision that you are facing on behalf of your son. No, this is not how all schools conduct black belt tests, whether the tests are for adults or for children. So, this approach is not an inherent part of Taekwondo or of the...
  30. lifespantkd

    TKD Sites

    For example, "Korean Traditional Martial Art: Taekwondo Philosophy and Culture" by GM Kyong Myong Lee. Cynthia