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    Addressing people.

    Some have commented as to my posts wherein I refer to someone as "Sir" or if appropriate "Mam" . Please do not read anything negative in to this. As most know I am a Chang Hon TK-D student and instructor. The system has deep military roots with the 5 tenets being core principles of the "Do"...
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    Try this drill

    Like all drills it concentrates on a specific thing and should be viewed as something to build upon. Read description below the drill. I hope your students like it. Ok, so the description did not post - Here it is: Try this . When you are in a certain stance relative to the opponent you may...
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    Choong Jang Questions

    Choong Jang Tul questions. #12 Kneeling Turning Kick. Is opponent full facing toward C so that if Viewed from D you would see the ball of the foot, Or is the opponent Side Facing to C - Full face to A so that if viewed from D you would see the bottom of the foot. (I know what 1st Ed of...
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    Climate Change Discussion/ split from What is the purpose of a Taekwondo form?

    Admin Note: This thread was split from a discussion in the TKD forum. Please keep it polite and respectful, as you've done so far, and stay out of politics. Interesting example but not one I would use due to difference in ease of testing. Move X can be tested to accomplish Y purpose...
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    Competition level

    Physicaly proficient Black Belt trains in a new style. Wants to compete in that styles tournament. In your opinion he can spar at Black Belt level but only knows patterns up to your level color belt. At what level should he compete in the new style (for him) tournament?
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    Nice Event

    On Saturday Sr. GM CE Sereff, retired from teaching after 50+ years and taught his last class at his gym. Sr. GM Sereff was the first Non Korean to be promoted to 4th,-9th Dan in the ITF.. He will continue to act as President of the USTF. The Floor is about 40' x40' and there were about 130...
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    Reveres break

    Been kind of slow so I thought this might get a chuckle or two..
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    Twin Upset Punch - Chang Hon

    It has been my practice to teach and perform this technique with the fists slightly wider than the elbows and slightly higher than the elbows. Volume 3 photos shows fists slightly higher than elbows (Slight incline of forearm) but forearms are parallel - fists as wide as elbows - not wider...
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    Re Breakable Board

    Looking for a particular rebreakable Board.. Decades ago they were putty colored with a logo stamped in the corner the cross section looked like the Yin / Yang symbol and once broken they have to slide together. The were the same dimensions as "1x12' Pine so they fit the holder we use for...
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    Learning / Teaching

    Another thread addressed KKW promo changes and what seems to be an "Examiner's Course" . While this may or may not fix any deficiencies, it brings to light what i perceive to be a deficiency in Arts / orgs. As students we learn, and as instructors we teach. Having been to both ITF and...
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    Slo Mo Break

    Just got back from USTF Nationals / Invitational. Team Maestas had 2 injured members so they asked Jake W to Fill in for one for the 180 BPK Break. The grabbed a guy from Mo, to do the Punch. Jake says OK but then tells me he never breaks with this kick so I grab a target pad and have him do...
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    Suspended Break Pracice

    Use Binder Clips used for stacks of Paper and hang them from the ceiling. Perfect for 1x12 wood That way you don't need a partnr and can learn what is the best height and distance for you. See:
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    Twin Vertical Punch - Chang Hon

    Twin High vertical punch. Fists exactly vertical / side fist down or slight angle -15-45 degrees. Does it vary with level / target. Please don't belabor obvious like Vertical = Vertical. Many things in the system have loose descriptions. You can alos skip simply referring to Volume 3...
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    Yoo Sin #s 15-19

    If you are not a Chang Hon Stylist you can stop reading now. Yoo Sin 15 -19. Premise. If you are in a sitting stance and pivot on the balls of the feet you can pivot to a proper walking stance. The foot that would become the lead foot would pivot 45 degrees and the rear foot would pivot at...
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    Chang Hon Pattern - Breathing.

    If you are not a Chang Hon student you might as well stop reading now. One of the parameters of the Chang Hon system is to coordinate breathing with the motion. I recall General Choi saying vividly "All motions have their own breath and sine wave except connecting motion". (However, it was...
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    Purpose of stretching

    In the goals for 2015 thread the tpic of stretching came up and there were comments like: "There is no time to stretch before needing to use TKD in a fight, time needed for stretching etc. " I felt the need for more discussion. IMO strtetching can be used for a warm up but it is not a warm up...
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    3rd Dan Test Breaking

    Reflex kick - off the wall and flying triple front snap Kick Hit all thre on triple but one didn't break. Maybe another day. 6 Board Side piercing Kick standard 1x12 Pine Home depot boards...
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    Jhoon Rhee Alums from San Antonio circa April 1960

    Anyone know who any of these people might be and if they are still around? Of course it's now 53 years later and since few children trained in those days that would make any likely candidates 70+. I ask because there are various stories about Jhoon Rhee learning and adopting the Chang Hon...
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    Re Breakable Boards

    What are you using? 20+ years ago I got some putty color boards where both sides had a tongue and groove that slipped together. There was a recessed square with a logo. They are the same width as standard "1 x 12" No. 2 Pine. So they fit in the reguular board holders. This type was used at the...
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    Not a TKD or KMA story but it came up in another thread in relation to "Alternate" applications for pattern motions. However the over all context of this thread is whether you have ever been uninvited to an MA gathering and if so why? My story involves George Dilman and was well over 10 years...
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    TKD Knife defense

    I'd like to see a guy do it with those boots on.
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    WTF 7th Dan?

    12/12 BB Mag. Ibrahim Ahmed: "Nonth degree Black Belt in Korea Tae Kwon Do Han Moo Kwan and a 7th degree Black Belt In the World Taekwondo Federation..." So, as we know WTF does not award rank. Tjhought maybe it was an editing error. So I checked his website...
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    Kids Games

    Looking to do something different for Halloween. ' Already have: Sa Bum Says Belt Sparring Punch or kick a balloon races.
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    Anyone do something special for the kids on Halloween? Games? Treats?
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    M A Legend Joe Lewis passes away

    For those who attended any of his seminars or have his tapes, you know he was the real deal. He will be missed.
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    M.A. Good for kids
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    Self Def. BB Mag

    Current issue of BB Mag has an article with Rashad Evans. I think it makes good reading. One interesting point he raises is that when he percieved a possible confrontation he would tend to move to his right which would be the possible attackers left. This would make it more difficult for...
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    Real World Attacks

    The issue was raised in another thread about the most common real world attack (not sparring situations.). Now we need some parameters. I wish to limit this to Civilians and non weapons. Also to adults. I am sure there is plenty of pushing and shoving on the playground. I also want to limit it...
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    Pattern Paradigm

    From time to time the topic has been briefly addressed about a certain perspective on pattern motions. This months issue of Totally TKD a fre on line magazine has my article on thi topic. Right click on cover photo and then Click on "Save target as"...