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    You seek to train in Mangetsu Dojo?

    You seek to train in Mangetsu Dojo?
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    Has Anyone Got This Movie?

    It is a movie by Coleman Kyoshi on our grandmaster, Shoto Tanemura sensei, headmaster of the Genbukan. I have no way of knowing whether the movie will be something for you or not, but I can tell you the arts practiced and demonstrated are indeed the real deal. If you are looking for an insight...
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    Bujinkan as religious org. and christian practitioners

    I sort of presumed you wouldn't. It was merely an example. You are of course right in what you say from a macrosociological point of view. However, that is not exactly what I was getting at. Let me be a bit more specific. Speaking for myself I know that the single most powerful boost in my...
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    Bujinkan as religious org. and christian practitioners

    True and not true. While your own instructor might not mind or take insult, if you were to find yourself in the rather unlikely position of running into soke or one of the shihan while shopping for a nice new wet stone you probably would do best to not adres them by their first name. If anything...
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    Nobody ever said learning Japanese was going to be easy. *pat pat*. You're doing great though.

    Nobody ever said learning Japanese was going to be easy. *pat pat*. You're doing great though.
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    Antony Cummins - Shoninki

    true Oaktree. Ironically, in translating the text, you risk loosing the message. Such is the predicament of translating from kanbun. Such joy. People claiming to have "the ultimate translation" of shoninki usually don't know what they're talking about. The only way of doing this is with lots and...
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    I am happy we resolved our earlier misunderstandings and no residual negative feelings linger on.

    I am happy we resolved our earlier misunderstandings and no residual negative feelings linger on.
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    Has anyone bought this ring?

    that too isn't neccesarily true, since cursive calligraphy tends to not or hardly lift the brush at all. Accents are laid by changes of speed and sometimes pressure (which would count as lifting or pushing, depending on the motion, obviously). Still, that would make it night impossible to index...
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    Has anyone bought this ring?

    whoah. It seems the message got across differently than i intended. I by no means meant to lecture you on forum etiquette, however upon rereading my post I must admit I didn't formulate it all too well. I'm not a native English speaker and while that usually doesn't impair me all too much, it...
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    Has anyone bought this ring?

    I know what it means, i know what it looks like and i know how it is written. In correct calligraphy it is only 4 (four) bushu. Not five. The middle horizonal stroke and the second vertical are ONE stroke. Obviously you *could* write it in five strokes, but that would not be correct calligraphy...
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    Has anyone bought this ring?

    Not trying to nitpick here, but 五 is a four stroke character, not five. The downwards angle is one stroke. Ironically, the character for four (四) is actually a five stroke character. I'm afraid the correlation between stroke count and numeric value only holds if you don't count...
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    Shinden Fudo Ryu circa 1898 Question.

    Well, apart from his own articles and writings which clearly indicate the influence of at least some jujutsu we also see he invited Japanese Jujutsu instructors to old Blighty. Yukio Tani gave demonstrations in the uk, first with his brother, later with Raku Uyenishi. Tani was not SFR however...
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    Shinden Fudo Ryu circa 1898 Question.

    You are refering to the Brit William Barton-Wright, founder of Bartitsu, the legendary martial art featured in the stories of Sherlock Holmes (where it is called Baritsu). He learned SFR and adapted it with some western canefighting and boxing to make his own art. Yup, even then. :)...
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    The Straight Bladed Ninja Sword is awesome...

    my point was mostly that if straigh single edged swords existed they would have been rather marginal phenomena as swords, and probably the result of quick improvisation rather than proper swordsmithing. Personally I feel the weapon cannot really have been a 'ninjasword' because of a few simple...
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    What can a 10th dan do that a 5th dan can't?

    Soke is not 10th dan. Being soke is being above the kyu dan system, it is effectively the lineage holder. Only one exists in each ryuha *cough* But you know this.
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    The Straight Bladed Ninja Sword is awesome...

    still...i it feels more like an improvised sword with construction and metalworking finesse closer to those of agricultural tools than to those of a sword. No doubt it existed left and right, making a crude straight sword is a lot easier and requires alot less skill than making a proper daito...
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    The Straight Bladed Ninja Sword is awesome...

    に先手なし 先手 means "first move", "initiative" or "first strike/attack" it is true one would expect a subject before the particle に, but i'm afraid classical Japanese is even more reluctant to use a subject than modern Japanese, and that's...
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    what is your favourite throw in ninjutsu?

    it all boils down to mushin. Train until you can react without the necessity for mental processesing and selection. The moves are trained and drilled until they are second nature, and pure technique is absorbed in the personal bodily reality of the practitioner. It is this that kata seeks to...
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    what is your favourite throw in ninjutsu?

    I guess my students find me a waza-affectionate person, since most techniques are my favourite at some point ;). Limiting yourself to a "favourite" limits your options severely, since specific situations call for specific responses. On top of that, your favourite might be severe overkill in the...
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    what is your favourite throw in ninjutsu?

    Actually it is called te makura because the person performing the technique has to keep the hand that envellops the opponent's elbow with the hand behind the ear, effectively locking the hold on his elbow behind the head. It looks like as if you will lay down to sleep, with a hand pillow. The...
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    what is your favourite throw in ninjutsu?

    I'd go with ganseki otoshi. The ganseki throws are alot more versatile than temakura. Temakura is nice, but less reliable, and if it goes wrong your exit strategies are less favourable than with ganseki. Ganseki otoshi i prefer over ganseki nage or or ganseki ori because it is fastest, and still...
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    The Lone Ninja

    He's probably koga-ryu Chris :). *Vanishes in puff of smoke with lavish use of metaphors* Seriously. If a cake looks like a car, i'm really not going to try to drive it home. Are there some similarities? Sure, if you don't take heed of the fact it would be very sloppy t(h)aijutsu. Also...
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    Arne learned a valuable lesson today.

    Arne learned a valuable lesson today.
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    Comment by 'Kajowaraku' in 'Not moving until you need to'

    The same applies to nage no waza. If you don't throw or sweep properly but merely apply a gentle nudge with alot of support in going down softly, your partner will never understand proper ukemi. Perform techniques as they are intended to be performed, but maintain restraint in their execution...
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    MMA & the Olympics

    It's not goint to happen anytime soon, imho. MMA is what it says, mixed martial arts. Just kicking, beating, tearing and choking each other until one relents. We already have wrestling and Judo as olympic sports on the ground, and boxing and TKD standing up. MMA just combines aspects of those...
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    Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo - September 2010 Keiko

    It does seem to be a classical case of old school bussinessplanning. Okane-ryu Ninjutsu as it were. [note: I am not saying it's fraudelent, just that it is based on a proper bussinessplan.] Real ninjutsu sells better than something I can't say out loud due to specific forum regulations...
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    Hyoujutsu by Glen Levy?

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    Hyoujutsu by Glen Levy?

    I could give a lengthy post, but I'm not going to. Read the stickies kid. Those of general ninjutsu and certainly those of the tradional ninjutsu board. If you still have questions than, I'm sure people will answer. Generally, vague and broad questions generate vague and broad replies. Try to...
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    There's one of these in every country I suppose. And it's only natural in our day and age. True martial arts are by nature reserved for those enduring enough to go through years of training. That means you hardly get to do the "spectacular" stuff from day one, and that also means you don't...
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    What do you really learn in Ninjutsu?

    Well Chris, most informative, as usual :). You do seem to have left out one of the most important things one can learn from the diligent practice of ninpo: patience. The patience to keep trying to get something right, despite the fact you get "hmm...almost, needs more practice" more than...