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  1. Tanaka

    Jujutsu Study Group

    I know my Sensei openly refers anyone with deep questions about the history to Toshiaki Takikawa. I haven't really asked to talk to Toshiaki Takikawa but the information I know about him is that he works for a tractor company in Georgia(He moved to US from Japan). And his wife informed my Sensei...
  2. Tanaka

    Question about Escrima/Kali

    This isn't one of the video I was referring to but this guy does what I have seen in the previous videos. 18xz7LZnxPg
  3. Tanaka

    Question about Escrima/Kali

    My background in martial arts is entirely Japanese martial arts. But recently I have watched some Escrima/Kali videos on youtube. In Japanese martial arts that i am aware of spinning the sword has no combative purpose. In the Escrima/Kali videos I have seen them spin their weapons a lot. What is...
  4. Tanaka

    Jujutsu Study Group

    Hey always good to hear from you. The school is Akayama Ryu.
  5. Tanaka

    Jujutsu Study Group

    Hey everyone. With the grace of my Sensei I am thinking about starting a study group in my area(My dojo is pretty distant from my location). I could just ask my Sensei, but I figured I would come here instead to keep the threads active :). Is it unheard of to charge for a study group? I was...
  6. Tanaka

    Ju-Jitsu practitioners (preferably black belt+) I need your help!

    I think there is someone in my school who had trained in Goshin Ryu or some type of "Goshin" school. Maybe I can ask him some questions about it.
  7. Tanaka

    Excellent Video

    My guess is that he is very young.
  8. Tanaka

    I feel uncomfortable training?

    You are a white belt. You are at the stage were you get to beat on everyone and they all have to take it easy on you. :) Consider it a sign of respect that your being corrected. That means your teacher doesn't believe he is wasting time on you, and will gladly take time to correct you. Feeling...
  9. Tanaka

    Instructing in the Koryu arts, from a different thread ...

    Oh I didn't know. I looked at your profile to check and it said Hapkido and Taekwondo. What Koryu did you train in?
  10. Tanaka

    master and au shu i really talk to

    For the record Paullug is a Youtuber user channel. I'm sure his name is Paul. He has Bujinkan experience(I don't know his actual rank since I do not pay much attention to him). The reason why I have seen him is that he floats in the circle with the rest of the Youtube Sensei and shady people...
  11. Tanaka

    Instructing in the Koryu arts, from a different thread ...

    From what I gather here is that you don't have Japanese Martial Arts background, but a Korean Martial Art background. I noticed where you said that you had students like Chris. The issue here is you don't understand how a Koryu is ran or Japanese martial arts. It takes a completely different...
  12. Tanaka

    boshuriken high impack killers or low

    That is something you should ask your teacher. Because to my knowledge Boshuriken were used to cause a distraction.
  13. Tanaka

    Danzan Ryu - Japanese Jujutsu or Hawaiian Jujutsu?

    Well this is a real touchy subject. As some feel that the system/school has to be headquartered in Japan or come from a Japanese native/Japanese. Some feel that somewhere down the line you just need a Japanese connection. For instance if Kito Ryu is taken by a Westerner to Western lands. It's...
  14. Tanaka

    night time stealth should be study or not

    Never know when your wife might catch you coming home late from the strip clubs. Have to be prepared. Anyways these threads have literally brought me to tears of laughter. If anything we can thank Billy for bringing Joy and Laughter.
  15. Tanaka

    what size is good for combat

    A sword in combat wasn't a bad idea. Nowadays it is because I can't really think of a scenario in modern times where a sword would be the best weapon to use unless zombies start attacking(Unless you just like cutting people). Even in feudal Japan the sword was an auxiliary weapon. The primary...
  16. Tanaka


    Actually what Chris Parker just showed did kind of clear things up. As far as the choking discussion though, in the couple of scenarios outside the dojo the choke was much easier to get. This was because in a scramble a lot of people give up their back or allow access to their back easier...
  17. Tanaka


    I agree with Mr. Parker on most subjects, but I think sparring is a great preparation tool for self defense. Coming from a school that incorporates all of the above(kata, sparring, drills, etc) There are somethings I've learned through sparring that I would not see myself learning if I had not...
  18. Tanaka

    Sparring...what is it and is it worth doing?

    I've read a little of this thread. I think live sparring is a very good addition to training, and this is based on my own experience. When we are practicing a technique our partner is being compliant(slightly resisting) and giving us what we need to do it. When I am sparring I learn that people...
  19. Tanaka

    Karate ryus

    Just trying to help you out here with Japanese. No need to put an S after Ryu.
  20. Tanaka

    The Physical Experience of Kiai

    I think it goes back to what I said earlier. That your body releases energy better whenever you don't put the brakes on your breathing. For instance when you come in contact with an opponent. You grab onto him and hes grabs onto you and you both hold your breathe and go "arrgghhh, pfffft...
  21. Tanaka

    The Physical Experience of Kiai

    Kiai is a good way to startle someone, but it also helps you release your energy. There's an "spiritual energy explanation for it," but I've concluded it's just easier to release energy when you don't have the brakes on your breathing.
  22. Tanaka

    Expert on Sword Martial Arts

    Well now this guy is telling me that he did some "Japanese sword Kata" in this video. MGgYCLNeumw Can anyone point it out to me? Because quite frankly I can't see it.
  23. Tanaka

    ninjutsu kicking other than sokugyaku geri front push kick

    You do realize that not everything taught in Kan is "Ninjutsu" Also I'd save questions like these for class.
  24. Tanaka

    My Coach's BJJ coach fighting in Bellator 53

    I like watching fights like that way more than a lot of UFC fights that come on. I saw that Juji gatame coming, lol.
  25. Tanaka

    Parental Warning about "Nintaijutsu"

    Sometimes even the parents don't realize what their children are seeing.(There are still parents from an age of not being familiar with using computers) But their children end up being very computer savvy, and get away with a lot of things. You have this man who knows he has a huge audience and...
  26. Tanaka

    Parental Warning about "Nintaijutsu"

    Kids are prone to make bad decisions. Especially when being influenced to. ChosonNinja has uploaded a lot of bamboo weapon videos as of late. Teaching children how to make bamboo weapons and influencing them to do so; isn't the best idea.
  27. Tanaka

    Parental Warning about "Nintaijutsu"

    ChosonNinja has been discussed many times before as another simple Ninja fraud. His youtube audience for "Free Nintaijutsu" is made up of mostly young children and teens, which has caused concern amongst legitimate Martial Artist that worry about the safety of these kids. As "Greg Park"...
  28. Tanaka

    Tabi question...

    If you are training outside, then I would say those are good.
  29. Tanaka

    Tabi question...

    I don't see how they are good or not good as far as martial arts training. I guess it depends on where you are training. Outside or on Mats?
  30. Tanaka

    Tabi question...

    Those look pretty good for work boots.