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  1. CDKJudoka

    talking about judo

    I know this may be a bit of a thread necro, but Judo is a perfect compliment to TKD. I started TKD when I was twelve and after the first time I fought someone, who happened to be a wrestler, I saw a glaring whole in my abilities, and that was any find of infighting or grappling. Fortunately...
  2. CDKJudoka

    comon injures in judo

    I have broken most of the toes on my right foot, mostly from overzealous guard passes in ne waza. I have hyper-extended my elbow, again during ne waza. One thing that I noticed most of the older yudnasha is they almost all have hip problems and shoulder problems in one way, shape or form. Just...
  3. CDKJudoka

    What's up errbody?!?!?

    Hey guys, Long time no post!! Been busy with a work and training so I haven't had much time to post here and figured I would stop in to say a Happy and Healthy to all out there in the MA world!
  4. CDKJudoka

    Another Trim Dobak thread...

    The 17oz uniforms are heavier than the 14oz and it is readily apparent. The 17oz is a really stiff and heavy canvas material that takes a beating, but it is too stiff really for any kind of throwing or grappling. I had a chance to see them both and the dynamics had a better quality in my...
  5. CDKJudoka

    TSD Uniforms

    I mentioned that to him. I live local to them and that is the only place that my SBN uses. They have fair prices too.
  6. CDKJudoka

    Photo of GMs Uhm, Woon Kyu & Park, Hae Man?

    I'll be seeing my KJN tomorrow, so I will ask him.
  7. CDKJudoka

    Korean for Okinawan word: Wanduan

    That looks like taebaek Hyung.
  8. CDKJudoka

    Who do you use to Embroider Belts?

    We have a local guy that we use and I think we pay 18 per belt. Yudnaja's name in English and the Dojang name in Hangul.
  9. CDKJudoka

    Mixing arts - is this wrong?

    Okay, a better way to put it. When I look at HKD and DRAJ, though, the only thing that is different is the lack of kicks in teh DRAJ. Makes sense as there really aren't too many flashy kicks in Shotokan.
  10. CDKJudoka

    Another Trim Dobak thread...

    Dynamics have a really nice set of heavyweight gis that are just as good as Tokaidos and about 1/3 the cost. They make a 17oz as well. This is the straight 14oz white gi. I have this one with black trim added to the collar...
  11. CDKJudoka

    TSD Uniforms

    Post pics. Does your dojang use black belts or the midnight blue for the yudanja? Or next time get a single weave judogi kimono. Nice, heavyweight and very soft. I refuse to wear anything else unless I have to (testing and ceremonies, etc.)
  12. CDKJudoka

    interesting, very interesting

    One of the point sparring techs we learn a lot in our school is a front kick followed by a "blitz" or "superman" punch. Basically you stick you arm out straight and ram the opponent with it. It is a tech that is used about 85% of the time for a win.
  13. CDKJudoka

    Any Interest in a Combat Hapkido DVD Review

    I believe he is referring to your "diplomatic" skills when it comes to traditional HKDin talking about the "abomination" that is CHKD. I would totally like a review of the DVD btw.
  14. CDKJudoka

    Mixing arts - is this wrong?

    I'm gonna say it. There is nothing wrong with taking jujutsu techniques and putting them into HKD, as HKD is a Korean form of JJ. It has all the throws, locks, chokes, etc of JJ with the lovely and powerful kicks of TKD. Everything that you have mentioned has been in use by Hapkidoin since...
  15. CDKJudoka

    Vee neck doboks

    I always found the v-necks to be too light and flimsy for any techniques that involve use of the dobak for a throw or choke. We use either heavyweight crossover dobaks or single weave judogis, as the HKD dobak we have come across are just middleweight to heavyweight karate gis with the diamond...
  16. CDKJudoka

    What's your instructor's rank?

    Okay, update on the info for my KJN. His 9th Dan cert was signed by Lee, Won Kuk in 1982. My Judo instructor is a 6th Dan USJA
  17. CDKJudoka

    all ma are sport

    I know it can be used on the streets, as it can be used in sport. I train in TKD for BOTH reasons and have been doing so for over 20 years. You are just sounding like these crazy instructors who refuse to spar in their style because it is "t3h d3@dly". If you can't pressure test it, how do you...
  18. CDKJudoka

    all ma are sport

    Twin Fist has shown us all that TKD is t3h d3@dly and can only be used in the str33ts. The art itself doesn't make it a sport, how you use it does. I do judo, jujutsu, and TKD. Can I use them as sport, most certainly. Can I use them as SD, absolutely. I will use a gi oriented osoto-gari in a...
  19. CDKJudoka

    Fight Science

    We do that quite a bit in both TKD and in Judo. And I think the only reason why the karateka used the push kick is because everyone else was doing a roundhouse. What's even funnier is the "karateka" was Simon Rhee, a TKD master (7th dan if I am not mistaken).
  20. CDKJudoka

    Fight Science

    I just saw one yesterday about stealth. It started with a Capoiera maestro showing the deceptive angles and whatnot that he kicks could come from. He generated a lot of power, 1800 PSI. Too bad the TKD guy blew him away with a 136 mph kick that generated 2300 PSI.
  21. CDKJudoka

    Getting in shape

    Wii Fit!! Or pick up the P90X dvds. One of our BBs did this for 90 days and has a renewed vigor and intensity about him. He dropped 15 lbs and i have a hard time taking him, and I am 20 years younger than he is, and a lot stronger.
  22. CDKJudoka

    How to motivate long time instructors to keep training

    I have been offering some of the senior yudanja judo classes to supplement their TKD, as they are starting to feel stagnant in their training. Think about cross training in another style. Get another instructor from another school and style to come in for an instructor seminar. I find that...
  23. CDKJudoka

    Boon Hae

    No problem, sir. If I am going against an 8' tall mutant, I am going with judo. Get under his centre of gravity and smash him with the planet.
  24. CDKJudoka

    Boon Hae

    I started breaking down our hyung recently after picking up a book called Taekwondo Grappling Techniques, which shows what grappling *could* be in the bunkai of our Hyung. As for where we kick, in forms we go as high as chest level, as there is no reason to go higher. And we are an old style...
  25. CDKJudoka

    Back after an absence.

    The main reasoning behind it, as it is, isn't really for competition, as we already have enough judo competitors, including myself, but sensei wants to start teaching the r3@l Judo. Basically, he is sick of seeing what judo competitions have turned into, and would like to start teaching judo as...
  26. CDKJudoka

    Why does your do bok look like that???

    Like most dojangs, mudanja wear white v-necks with poomse colours on the collar. The yudandja either wear a white v-neck with black collars or white crossovers with black running the length of the collar and lapel, similar to the TSD yundanja doboks. SBN would rather us all wear white v-necks...
  27. CDKJudoka

    open or clenched hands

    I am a judoka as well as a taekwondoin, so I always fight/spar with open hands, because it allows me to grapple if need be. My original TKD instructor taught us that our hands should be loose, and only tightened to a fist on striking, allowing faster motion from loose muscles than tightened muscles.
  28. CDKJudoka

    "We are not a McDojo", PM me the site. I am curious to see it.
  29. CDKJudoka

    I am taking TKD to a new level

    Manny, nothing makes a martial artist better in their chosen style, than cross training in OTHER STYLES!! I learned that early on in my TKD training, and my sabumnim encouraged it. My current kwangjanim is looking forward to seeing me test for my judo and jujutsu (not brazilian) chodans. He...
  30. CDKJudoka

    Back after an absence.

    Very cool!! I train a little bit of kenpo (kajukenbo) as well. What lineage of kenpo do you train in. And thanks for the welcome back hermano!