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  1. Ironbear24

    Hotel California.

    It's not a lovely place, and there are no lovely faces. I was there because I had voluntarily checked myself in. I had grown tired of the stresses at home and decided I needed a break. That was a big mistake as that place was dangerous and downright disturbing. They didn't let me leave even...
  2. Ironbear24

    Shaking my head.

    In the end this is our fault, but a guy came in wanting to try us out. We got him on the mat and we're showing him some throws, dude labds on his back and is in pain. Gets up and says he had lower back surgery.... Why in the world would you think "let's try learning martial arts now before I am...
  3. Ironbear24

    I'm an assistant instructor now.

    I guess I have come a long way in technique and overall maturity. This is pretty cool.
  4. Ironbear24

    I am cancer free as of now!

    I have to get routine check ups to make sure it stays that way, I went back to the dojo and love it. Got a cool bruise too! I was worried I would get rusty but they said I was doing excellent. The doctor told me to live my life because it's uncertain, so that's what I'm going to do. Do the...
  5. Ironbear24

    Training when they tell me not to.

    work in progress.wmv I gotta do something right? I'm in a weird spot where it's taking me ages to see the specialist I need, about the kidney mass. Apparently it isn't urgent enough to be rushed in for an appointment, but it is potentially dangerous I'm not supposed to do much. So here is this...
  6. Ironbear24


    I've been out of the dojo for the past 2 months or something. They found a growth inside my left kidney and are very concerned that it can rupture if struck. It also sometimes produces a lot of lower back pain. I have been doing my own practicing but it's hard without a partner to provide any...
  7. Ironbear24

    I'm not a karateka, not a judoka, not a boxer. I'm a martial artist.

    Throughout my time spent here I have been around here and there, bouncing from place to place. Eventually I found a karate dojo (kenpo offshoot) that I really enjoy, here we are training both striking and grappling, joint locks and take downs ect. I had a brief experience with boxing and...
  8. Ironbear24

    A group of A-holes.

    So there's a problem here. I got this friend who was born premature, he is about 4'8. So since highschool is home to the greatest people on the face on the planet, they take it upon themselves to beat him up nearly every day. (According to his testimony) I've seen some of the bruises too. He...
  9. Ironbear24

    I'm tired of styles.

    I see martial arts as techniques, and individuals applying them. The fact is we all have two legs and two hands, we all have the same relative area of a center if gravity. Much of these styles overlap so much it seems ridiculous to even fret and worry about someone's "style." Or which style to...
  10. Ironbear24


    So me and some other students are having fun with randori and a new student with wrestling experience was loving it. She shows much promise, I was told to show her a de ashi barai (foot sweep.) So I demonstrated it to her and on the way down she had grabbed my lapel along with a chest hair. So...
  11. Ironbear24

    How does one keep the outside world out of their training?

    I been having a hard time lately because real world issues I been dealing with can't escape my thoughts. This makes training very difficult and it's hard for me to give all of my focus into it when I got things nagging at my mind constantly. I took a week off because of this and it's nice to...
  12. Ironbear24

    I'll punch you in Spanish.

    Someone said my kiai sounded "very mexican" so that made me laugh. I think this will be one of my phrases now. "I'll (insert strike) you in Spanish."
  13. Ironbear24

    Jump kick progress.

    So I can get much more height when I jump now. The kick in question is a front kick, which you then jump and do a round house kick. I kind of cheese it by throwing the front kick at stomach level then the jumping roundhouse at knee/thigh level. It isn't ideal according to what is wanted but...
  14. Ironbear24

    Tooth extraction into infection.

    That really sucked. So basically I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time, (bad idea) during this procedure they broke a tooth next to one of them... A risk I have to accept will happen, they however refused to cover the expenses of fixing said tooth which now needed a root canal. Keep...
  15. Ironbear24

    Judokas, Jiu Jitsu's, hybrid martial artists.

    Please cut your nails before randori. Thank you.
  16. Ironbear24

    Girlfriends friend punched me in the face.

    Word of advice. Don't jump out of the bed of a truck and scare women late at night. Now some of you may be wondering, Ironbear what does this have to do with martial arts? This has to do with martial arts because we always talk about self defense in live situations, and would we and others be...
  17. Ironbear24

    Jump kicks.

    I got to a point where they are now a part of belt testing. Aaaaand I get about a few inches off the floor and flail like a fish. I looked up some vertical jump practices and have been doing them, they are helping slowly but they are helping. Is there any other tips or advice you can give...
  18. Ironbear24

    Friend is thinking about martial arts.

    Aaaaand they said they don't to train with me, because my personality wouldn't let them learn. I am hurt by this but also very confused, I don't know exactly what they meant so I asked them if they could elaborate. He said I basically am too serious about it and would suck any fun out of the...
  19. Ironbear24

    Slow controlled kicks.

    I found this to be a lot of fun and incredible to get down all those steps needed for a great roundhouse kick. Basically what you do is perform the kick as if you are in slow motion or under water. This gives you the time to feel out how each step of the kick delivers power and transfer into the...
  20. Ironbear24

    111 degree weather.

    Is there a way I can train and not practically have a near death experience. Every time I try I get overheated and begin to vomit and uh, the other vomit with dizziness and fainting.
  21. Ironbear24

    The best block?

    Yesterday I learned some interesting blocks that basically "pull" my opponent off balance and drawing them closer to me. This more than likely can only be done with punches/arm strikes of course, I can't imagine it working with a kick. Anyway I guess my point is a block should always do more...
  22. Ironbear24

    Knee pain suggestions.

    I been working on my roundhouse kicks a lot lately, and other kicks as well. And my knees ache. I looked at the anatomy of the knee pinned thread for advice but the page it has linked there is no longer available. I mean I could go to the doctor but they are just going order and x-ray and that...
  23. Ironbear24

    Does anyone seriously use chops?

    I feel like I never will outside of training, I only train them because I am told too, I also don't like to use palm strikes either. Anyone else like that?
  24. Ironbear24

    Does a stance define a fighting style?

    I been expirementing with another nuetral fighting stance position and I honestly feel like I am enjoying it more. The issue is does that mean I am not really doing my martial art right? I know this is a question for my instructors but they aren't here right now, I mean I don't think they'd...
  25. Ironbear24

    How long should I be able to hold a horse stance?

    It would also matter how deep it is of course but assuming it is a "good" horse stance. How long should I be able to keep it without stopping?
  26. Ironbear24

    Damaged middle knuckle.

    So me and some of my friends were hanging out at some condemned house, I thought it would be fun to punch holes in the wall. So I I did and they joined in but unfortunately for me I hit a metal stud behind the wall and for the past 2 some weeks it's been hurting and has only felt a little better...
  27. Ironbear24

    What the best strike to cause liver shock?

    I'm curious what it would be. Me personally I think it's a roundhouse kick connecting with the shin but it's happened to me before with a reverse punch/cross. Any physics guys here and medical experts who can objectively determine what would be the best way?
  28. Ironbear24

    Heel up vs heel down.

    I am mostly talking about the karate reverse punch here. In American kenpo it was often heel up, since I been in this other system of karate it is all about heel down. In my opinion I don't really notice more or less power but I feel more stable with heel down. Sometimes when throwing this...
  29. Ironbear24


    It's weird that my legs actually got larger muscles from constantly doing kata 3 days a week for about 20 minutes, compared to sqauts at the gym and leg presses where the weight was set at 300 and over. It makes think if there are other methods of building muscle mass in martial arts through...
  30. Ironbear24

    LGBT in martial arts.

    A recent thread about transgendered in martial arts has come up. So it brought this to mind, I have seen some poor things in the martial arts community about gay and lesbian people. I personally do not agree with this attitude at all. If anything we should be thankful anytime we get a student...