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  1. miguksaram

    Before Hwarang was there Kyongdang?

    Many of us are familiar with the Hwarang of Silla, if only by the martial art of the same name. However, I have been reading through some Korean history books and I came across some information about a group that were very similar in functionality as the Hwarang, but were located in the...
  2. miguksaram

    Reasons for teaching part time

    I trying to gather some data on those who teach part time for either a health club, YMCA, garage, or even at a school that is not their own. While I am sure there are a multitude of reasons of why one teaches part time, I am looking for replies closest to the following four reasons: 1) For the...
  3. miguksaram

    Competition Teams

    Back in June, I started a competition team and with it a separate competition only class. To get on the team one must try out. During the try out I put them through a grueling 30 mintues of warm ups including a drill of suicide runs where they have to improve their time at least twice. If not...
  4. miguksaram

    Development of Koryo dynasty and shattering the Silla illusion of grandure

    This post is more for the Korean History buffs than anyone else, and since I am bored of the same ol' TKD sport vs TKD traditional threads, I thought I would throw some history at you. As many of you know the Silla dynasty plays a big roll in many of the Korean martial arts history. Around...
  5. miguksaram

    A plea for votes

    Hello all, I am requesting a favor. I am trying to become eligible for a $250K grant from Chase bank to help build my business of a martial arts school. To do this I need to establish 250 votes for my business. I was wondering if you could do the following: 1) Go to...
  6. miguksaram

    4th Annual US Open National Hanmadang

    The USTC is once again excited to present the US Open National Hanmadang on July 13 & 14, 2012 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Hanamdang is a Forms/Breaking tournament only. Participants can compete in individual traditional, creative and weapons forms. There...
  7. miguksaram


    I noticed we were slowly thread jacking the Corrupted Poomsae thread so I thought I would start this one. Korean Ministry of Sports & Tourism along with Jeolla-bukdo province and Muju will really have to market hard to get people to visit, simply because foreigners are not that familiar with...
  8. miguksaram

    Disabled students as black belts

    In a nutshell if you have a mentally/physically disabled person as a student, can they reach a black belt in your school if they are unable to perform to the standards like non disabled students can?
  9. miguksaram

    New view on an old technique

    I found this very interesting when I watched it. It is interpreting the use of the double knife hand block. What do you all think? Can't wait to try it out. :)
  10. miguksaram

    In search of Arturo Gabriel aka Arturo Gabriel Anderson

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows Sifu Arturo Gabriel who, the last I know of, lives out in the Baltimore City, MD area. I am an old student of his from Chicago trying to get in contact with him Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  11. miguksaram

    Difference between WTF and KKW standards in poomsae

    I'm sure this has been asked before, and possibly asked by me, but too many kicks to the head has rendered my memory useless. :) What, if any, differences is there in WTF standards vs KKW standards in the taeguks?
  12. miguksaram

    Great time at 3rd Annual US Open Hanmadang

    For those who missed it you missed a great weekend of good competition and great people. This year's Hanmadang doubled its numbers from last year yielding over 700 competitors. The demo team division was packed and with $1000.00 as the top prize, they were all on their game. Even the creative...
  13. miguksaram

    3rd Annual US Open Hanmadang Registration open

    The online registration is opened for the 3rd Annual US Hanmadang. Please visit There will be an introduction of a new event to this year's Hanmadang; Judose. This is a traditional Asian game that will be available for participation. Entry is $20.00. I...
  14. miguksaram

    Change of Heart

    I was just discussing the USAT instructor course situation with a friend of mine and he brought up a good point, why is the USAT hosting this type of event when they publicly denounced it having any merit when the USTC first started doing them? Now that they saw first hand, through USTC's...
  15. miguksaram

    Time to get to BB

    Since we are not veering away from the original posting in the Suing for KKW Cert thread I wanted to spin off a new thread. My question is what is an acceptable time to reach BB? Glenn has stated that in Korea it is about 1 year. In America it averages about 2-4 years. Some people may feel...
  16. miguksaram

    3rd Annual US Open Hanmadang

    That's right folks it is that time...time to get you forms together, and keep your breaking hand strong. The 3rd Annual US Open Hanmadang is here! On August 5-7, 2011 United States Taekwondo Committee, along with promoter GM Kim, Ki-hong, are proud to host this year's event at Harper College...
  17. miguksaram

    Crying students in sparring

    Ok...this month's main focus at our school is sparring. So my question to all of you is what do you do when one of the kids start crying after getting hit regardless if it was hard or not?
  18. miguksaram

    Outside Dojang Behavior

    Disclaimer: This scenario can be applied to any martial art style, but since I mostly post here I am using TKD as the martial the person takes. This is in no way shape or form pinpointing TKD as the only source of this problem. Why do I feel I have to make this disclaimer? Because there will be...
  19. miguksaram

    AKA & USTC working together

    46th Annual AKA Grand Nationals will be January 28-29, 2011 in Chicago, IL. This year's venue will be the Hyatt Regency Chicago on 151 E. Wacker Drive. January 28th will host the all ranks in extreme divisions, musical divisions, team divisions of team sparring, Team synch and team demo as...
  20. miguksaram

    Master Dan's Research

    [/I] Just following up to see how your research is going? Have you found the era in which they fought each other to the death for political positions?
  21. miguksaram

    Master Dan's Research

    [/I] Just following up to see how your research is going? Have you found the era in which they fought each other to the death for political positions?
  22. miguksaram

    Good History Books on Korea

    I am looking for good history books that focus mainly on early Joseon period. Any suggestions?
  23. miguksaram

    Wrestling Gear

    My youngest son started wrestling in 7th grade last year and he is loving it. This year I wanted to upgrade some of his equipment. I saw this at century and was wondering if this would be a good product to invest in or if anyone has any suggestions...
  24. miguksaram

    Subyeok Chigi

    I was doing some research and came across this on the Korean Ministry of Culture and Sports site. It is an art called Subyeok Chigi. Their information reads as such: There is are a couple of videos on it on YouTube, but the only I found thus far in English is this one...
  25. miguksaram

    It's called google...if you can only handle monosyllabic

    This is a quick rant/piece of advice I would like throw out there. For people wanting to quote anything of historic value when discussing/debating about TKD, for the love whatever you hold holy, do some damn research before you post it. I have grown tired of the "my great grandmaster told me...
  26. miguksaram

    2nd Annual US Open Hanmadang

    The 2nd Annual US Open Hanmadang will be held July 23-25 in Chicago Illinois. July 23 will be registration, July 24 Opening ceremonies and competition, July 25 Competition and closing ceremonies. We are looking for a weekend of great competition. Attention all Team Demo competitors for US...
  27. miguksaram

    2010 US Open Hanmadang

    Hello all. I hope everyone has been doing well. The site for the 2010 US Open Hanmadang is up and running, For those who are thinking of attending I would like to ask a favor. Could you go to the site and start on your registration process ( you don't have to...
  28. miguksaram

    Does you TKD school teach weapons?

    Well does it? I know for the most part weapons are not an inheritant part of the TKD curriculum. So am just wondering if your school does teach a weapons curriculum and if so, where did they learn it? My last TKD instructor, GM Park taught the bo. He learned it from a friend of his who was...
  29. miguksaram

    Rant: Placing value in yourself based on others' accomplishments

    Please help me understand this concept as I have heard it so many times and just don't get it. It goes like this... I don't like kids with black belts because it devaules what I have achieved....OR....I don't like people who have only taken a 12 minute test to get their black belt because it...
  30. miguksaram

    What would you pay?

    Next year's US Open Hanmadang date and location has been set: July 23-25, 2010 at the Schaumburg Rennaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL. I am wondering what people would consider a fair price for an entry fee. Please feel free to contribute thoughts such as group rates, family...