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    %^%& Plantars Fasciitis

    So now my right foot has been officially diagnosed as having Plantars Fasciitis. My doctor prescribed a series of stretching exercises but was useless beyond that. He said if it gets worse I should make an appointment to come in and get X rays. People I've talked to have said their PF has...
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    The Silent Treatment as a punishment for kids?

    One of the young students wrote an essay on responsibility as a part of her junior black belt test. I judge her to be about 12 years old. In the essay, she mentioned an incident when she had forgottent to bring her belt to training. She reports that her dad lectured her "all day" about it, and...
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    Have you ever really NOT wanted to learn something?

    My mind and my visceral reaction to stick fighting are at odds with one another right now. We've been learning some basic stick fighting forms (probably swiped from Arnis) for a few months. I recognize the practical benefit of knowing some basic stick fighting techniques, but I just HATE doing...
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    Martial Artists and chiropractors

    Inspired by my own recent visit, getting "adjusted" for the first time ever. It was very fast and not painful as I'd been lead to believe. I still feel good 3 days later. Now I think I will become addicted to this. My lower back had been sore on and off for a few years now, but I only recently...
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    Your Oscar predictions

    Okay, I've managed to see all the nominees for Best Picture except for 127 Hours and Blue Valentine. I think it will come down to True Grit vs. Black Swan. King's Speech is the dark horse that might take it though. Inception would have been up there, but that was 8 months ago, and the...
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    Donating blood--does it bother you?

    I'm not so much afraid of the needle, but I hate that blood pressure cuff they put on my upper arm prior to sticking the needle in. Once in a while they take it off, other times it's left on the entire time--I still don't understand why:idunno: Apparently, the winter weather has caused a vast...
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    Testing public, or private at your school?

    Strictly speaking about the adult students, our testing tends to be a private affair. Anybody can look in through the glass walls to see the test going on of course, but nobody is permitted to come inside just to sit or stand around and watch. Yesterday there was a green belt test I would've...
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    Valentines Day gifts that don't suck.

    I'm interested in hearing what Valentine's day gifts you have received that didn't suck. Hopefully I will get a good idea of what to get for my man this year.
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    Happy New Year of the Wabbit!

    Now all those fluffy bunny ninjas can be cool ;).
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    Confession booth

    About 2 months back I posted about a pretest in which I performed poorly (or so I thought) and cried toward the end. My ego took quite a blow. Many people on this board responded with advice and comfort, for which I am grateful. Imagine my surprise later when I found out that I had actually...
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    I can feel S.A.D. creeping up...

    Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is depression that hits when there is less sunlight, such as in winter time. We just had a week of nonstop rain, a real recordbreaker for my region. After about day 4 the depression became noticeable. It was a heavy feeling in the chest and a tendency to get...
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    Stay safe on Black Friday weekend

    Now it's here. Remember, there are crowds everywhere and emotions are running high. Think of all the people who are stressed out over holiday activity, visits with relatives, and the pressure to get that elusive "perfect" gift. It's a recipe for chaos. What are you doing to stay safe?
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    A low point in my training--worst in class.

    This year hasn't been the best year for my training schedule, and I've had to miss quite a few valuable classes and a few seminars. I'm behind in where I should be with regard to my skills and "flow" of techniques, even worse at sparring--never something I enjoy, and especially not now that I've...
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    Do you ever get handouts at MA seminars?

    I enjoy attending special seminars at my school, they are always fun and informative, however my mind doesn't usually hold onto the info past 1 week, or even one night! Maybe it's an age thing, but when I don't get a lot of repetition, I tend to forget easily. By their nature, seminars are one...
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    The technique you never mastered

    From the earliest levels of Krav we are taught the most basic gun disarm tech, Gun From the Front ( BG facing squarely, gun pointed at your midsection or sometimes head). Later on we learn disarms for side angles and from behind. But still, 2 and 1/2 years later, Gun From the Front is the one...
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    Getting over squeamishness

    It surprised me quite a bit when I began having trouble getting into the spirit of training last night. Normally I think nothing of training techniques that simulate punching, kicking, elbowing, etc. for SD scenarios--even when the result could well be maiming or death of the BG. But this time...
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    Salt vs fighting in the real world

    If you glance on Salt's IMDB message board you'll find a thread denouncing Angelina for being anorexic, as well as a claim that arms and legs as "bony" as hers couldn't hold up in a fight (claiming they'd break when she tried to strike or block against the big guys she is fending off and...
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    Any way to filter Facebook "spam"?

    I knew a certain person in real life before I added him in as a Facebook friend. Little did I know he would turn out to be one of those people who feels it necessary to clutter up the wall every hour with quotes, comments and pictures he didn't even take. I wish now that I'd never befriended...
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    Training out of the comfort zone

    The opposite of one's usual pattern. So if you're normally practicing kicks with bare feet on the matt, have you also tried training those kicks with shoes on? Or like me, who trains with shoes normally, tried with barefeet? How did you do? If you're used to punching with gloves on, have you...
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    "Toughening up" arms and shins

    When I first started Krav Maga 2 and 1/2 years ago I was introduced to full contact blocks and parries in SD training (50%, maybe 75% power). My forearms and shins as a result were constantly sporting bruises, some of them quite horrific. We always don our shinguards for sparring, but there was...
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    Public Service Announcement: That's not Satan... .

    My PSA for the week: Not gagging your training partner will earn you favor in your dojo! (and certainly with your better half). Did you know? Coffee and soda can make your breath stink for hours afterward! All those points scored in sparring could be resulting from the distracting cloud...
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    And SNAP! goes the achilles tendon.

    Practicing kicks tonight, one of the students in my class felt his Achilles tendon pop and down he went in agony. He was taken to the emergency room, I don't know the official diagnosis yet nor the recommended treatment (no doubt we'll all hear about it tomorrow morning). Some of the others in...
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    Some teacher appreciation

    My hat is off to those of you who have chosen teaching as a profession. This past week there has been some drama at our school involving parents, misguided parental instincts, and egos. All of which was more due to a clash of personalities that had little to do with the kids themselves. The...
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    Do training matts encourage bad technique for street defense?

    Doing some groundwork techniques last night, I realized that on the finish of the move I had gotten into the habit of rolling over in such a way that I ended up landing on my bent elbow. On the matt of course it caused no pain, but on concrete it might break some bone or at least it would be a...
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    Dogs and crime

    Some people keep large, aggressive dogs at home as a way to protect their property from burglary, or maybe themselves from home invasion. I personally know some people on my street who have told me that's why they have rottweilers. OTOH I have heard other claims that a good home alarm system is...
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    Calling on all you Southerners for food wisdom

    In the next week, I'll be needing an authentic southern Peach Cobbler recipe to deal with my ripening peaches. Also any other southern recipes that go well with a barbecue, as it will be Memorial Day soon and there is no better way to celebrate than with authentic Southern food.
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    Tested under protest

    I was so angry with Master D. I had declined the last scheduled belt test in March because I believed that I was not ready yet; then took a month off due to shoulder stress. When I came back two weeks ago, his assistant instructor informed me that I would be demoted if I didn't show up to the...
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    To my astonishment..

    I walked into the dojo where I have been crosstraining for the last month to see that it has been remodeled over the weekend--New pads on the walls, new front desk, cage style fence on one side with padded poles...and a flat screen TV set mounted on the wall right above the training mat. It was...
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    the many One True Martial Arts

    What is it about people? Why does practicing a certain martial art cause some people to become certain that their MA is the One True MA, that all others are just pretenders, wannabes, or obsolete? Is this just a grown up version of "My dad can beat up your dad"? A friend of mine just spent...
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    How you show your appreciation on Teacher Appreciation Day/Week

    My kids usually give their teachers flowers. However I don't think my male MA instructor would appreciate flowers so much, so what would be a good idea to show my teacher appreciation this week?