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    URGENT! Need help from all Chunners!!!

    Greetings all. since this is the forum where I post most (hey! that sort of rhymes!), I wanted to let you know about a difficult fight that I'm having here in Puerto Rico. I don't wanna go spamming teh whole forum, but I think it is important for all you guys to know! Here is the link to the...
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    URGENT! Need help to stop undue Govmt Regulation on Martial Arts!!

    Greetings to all. I request the help of the Martial Community in a somewhat urgent matter. Here, in Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory/Commonwealth, a government agency, the Department of Recreation and Sports, is trying to regulate the Functioning of Martial Arts Schools, and LICENSING Martial...
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    Gonna be in DC area... any Chunners there wanna play?

    Greetings. I'll be in the Washington, DC area this week. If any of you are around there and wanna play, or let me play, it would be an honor to meet you and maybe hang out and talk and share some good Kung Fu!!! Anyway, if anyone on this forum ever goes to Puerto Rico, they are welcome to play...
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    Got a student, Trained for MMA, and WON!!!

    ALRIGHT! I trained a student for an MMA fight, and he won in a dominant fashion! I've had it under wraps for a while, yet I taught him nice San Da and good defensive ground game and it was good for the win!! Just really happy for that and since this is the part of the forum where I post most...
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    Secrets of the Ultimate Martial Artist!! The REAL Knock Out MASTER!

    This is the real deal... see the whole thing! I want those skills!! Note the way the techniques are delivered... very ligth touches or NOT TOUCH!!! EVEN TO MULTIPLE PEOPLE!! I am NOT kidding!! Unbeatable!! Enjoy! Juan M. Mercado
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    Secrets of Grappling training for Wing Chun!

    Greetings. Several people train other art with Wing Chun training. I am one of them. A question was posed as to the benefits of such training, specifically sports of combat. This includes BJJ, wrestling (greco and or freestyle), judo and jujitsu. Also boxing, muay thai and MMA. Here is my...
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    Secrets of Wing Chun Qi Gong!

    Greetings! On the Qi Gong, I used to train heavily external and internal Qi Gong from my Shaolin Chuan days. Good workouts and you felt superhuman and impervious to many empty hand attacks... and phenomenal shape. Conditioned the whole body for impacts without formuing callouses in the body...
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    Finally... Secrets of SL4 Kenpo Exposed!

    This SL4 Seminar in Tampa opened my eyes... because when I got hit, most of the time I opened them really wide and went "hmmph!". The way the material is presented makes it easy to convince yourself that it works. And Doc Chapel is open for any doubts or questions, and answers them. Very...
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    Hello from Puerto Rico

    Hi all! I come to you with empty hands, punching right down your centerline, deflecting force that comes, following if force retreats, and striking when force detaches.... then I slam you and make you quit any way I can... (Guess which empty hand martial skills methods I practice in my...