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    Application of Chi Sau and Ipon Kumite guard in MMA

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    Aikido in an Mma gym

    Training is key.
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    The Wing Chun fighting stance explained

    I've heard it theorise that chun was actually inspired by 18th or 19th century boxing. Am I alone in seeing the similarities?
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    RIP Stan Lee - Thank you for the Magic, the Morals and the Mayhem

    Stan Lee, co-creator of Marvel Comics, dies aged 95
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    Traditional MA's flowery impractical techniques

    Inspired by Bullsherdog. We hear a lot about TMA being full.of impractical, flowery, unrealistic and straight BS techniques and methods. For this thread I'd like to try to list them and the problems with them and yes, if anyone can actually use said bs techniques the defence of them would...
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    Karate vs TKD

    Okay so as far as I know neither of these guys are grand masters. I don't know how much they train but I have no reason to suspect that they are anything other than average examples of their arts. My question is what do you think about their sparring? How do you rate their tactics and...
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    Just for fun

    Charles Duah
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    Awesome Karate Secret technique beats MMA

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    Fun fight vid - Capoeira

    I've always loved the idea of adapting Capoeira into a full ring fighting style, although from the number of knockout vids linked to the style I'm probably a bit late.
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    Thai Shin pads for big calves

    I have the legs of a God... To make up for the torso of a jellyfish. But this seems to mean that most Thai xl shin pads won't strap around my calf. I've tried mid price pads from RDX and MRAH, neither fit mostly because the upper Velcro is a single strap you close by folding it back on...
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    1st Thai Boxing Sparring Session

    I'm getting back into training after a long child rearing hiatus. Yesterday I went to my first sparring session at the Muay Thai club I've joined. It was great fun, the guys were friendly and took it easy on my out of shape carcass. I think I acquitted myself well, but two things struck me...
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    Can you kick it?

    So, this one is all about kicking. Can you kick? Do you kick? Do you high kick? What's your favourite kick? How do you blend your kicks with other tools or tactics? Can you kick in close range? When should you kick? Can you fight with only kicks? Discuss...
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    The Essence of your kung fu

    What are the core ideas around which your kungfu is built?
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    What is wrong with wing chun

    What precisely is wrong with wing chun? I'm not posting a style bashing thread, if you don't have specifics don't post. If you can't back it up please don't post. My aim is analytical, to see if the endless criticism of this style has something behind it other than YouTube videos. What are...
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    ANY Fighting Style can work if you train it right.

    This to me is self evident but many disagree, so what better topic for discussion. So first to the terms: Fighting style: method of conducting fights. For most this includes trying to "win" but not always. The key point here is that a fighting style is NOT the traditionally associated training...
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    Power and Control

    Some karate schools/styles have a strong focus on control from the very start of the karate journey. I think that this is putting the cart before the horse and that the first year or so of training should be geared towards maximising power. After power speed, after speed, control. What do you...
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    Hello all, I posted a couple of times before a long absence so I won't be offended if no one remembers me (or cares). I thought I would try and flog some life into one of my pet deceased equines... Can you describe your karate (or other art) style WITHOUT reference to your training...
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    How does your style fight?

    Hello, I asked this in the karate forum, but really it's a question for all styles. Can you describe how your ma style fights (not how it trains)? In particular I'm interested in the different strategies or game plans advocated/taught/developed by the various components and training methods...
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    Define your style of Karate

    This is something I try periodically with varying degrees of success. One of the biggest misconceptions people have in martial arts is that a art/style/system is defined by the training one gets in said art. Martial arts are passed down from teacher to student, so it is inevitable that some...
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    Create Your Own Kata

    Kungfu Wang thinks we should make our own forms by cross training in various arts and blending them together. He suggests doing this would be better than studying kata that already exist. Is he right? What are the pro's and con's of this idea?
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    A kata for self defense

    If you had to choose one kata to teach self defense/fighting what would it be and what principles would you use from the kata?
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    Hard and Soft

    What do you understand by the terms hard and soft, in relation to martial arts technique? How do these concepts manifest in your training and your sparring? Do you apply these elements in self defense and how?
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    Hello, I'm David. I've done martial arts (Shotokan and some others), for around 17 years. Not currently training but always studying. I fall firmly on the practical application side of the fence. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning from you guys.