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    Students that try to counter you

    So, Youre trying to show an individual or a group a particular technique and there is always that one or two students that have to turn it into a show of dominance. You try to explain that, for the sake of learning, please dont counter and that 2) there will be plenty of opportunities to...
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    Forearm guards

    Im looking specifically for the forearm guards that use bamboo/wooden strips sown into the length of them. Thanks. Eskrido de Alcuizar World Eskrido Federation Buena Park, CA
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    Is Sinawali an intrinsic part of the FMA?

    In our system we do not teach sinawali. Our GM, Larry Alcuizar never saw the point of them. He created a system that is what I consider FMA for modern times. GM came out of the Doce Pares/Balintawak systems and knew them well. In Escrido de Alcuizar, we divide stick and knife, teaching the stick...
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    Who gets to change a kata or technique

    I was reading a post Understanding the TSD Seisan and Changes. There was post there about changing a kata to fit ones needs and I started thinking, who gets to change a particular arts katas or techniques? Is it ever considered corruption or is it just evolution? Can only GM Alcuizar change...