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    Too Many People Miss My Points

    Too many people on this forum miss my points. Now that's not the same as agreeing with my points, Im fine with people disagreeing with my points, but the problem is when people don't get my points in the first place. I must say, some of the people on this forum are kings and queens of missing...
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    Not All Dojos Function The Same

    I should realize that not everybody here has the same experience as me in the martial arts of training at different dojos. People on this forum are at all different levels of experience and so we've got a Beginners Corner as well as other folders. Some people don't have much experience training...
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    What Patches Have You All Got?

    From what I know about JKD they don't use belts to denote rank they use patches. You wear a patch on your uniform, depending on your rank. So what patches have all you JKD practitioners got?
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    I Do Have A Sense Of Humor

    Some people here have said that I might not have a sense of humor but the fact of the matter is that I do have a sense of humor, I just appreciate good humor not bad humor. There's two kinds of humor, the kind that's funny and the kind that isn't. Its the bad humor that's of the latter. Now...
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    Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive

    Calling somebody else's dojo a mcdojo, on this forum or anywhere else, I would like to point out that's very offensive. A dojo where somebody has invested their time and dedication, to bash their dojo is very bad manners. Im saying this because I've experienced some of that on this forum myself.
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    The USA Took Silver, Great Britain Took Gold In Women's BMX

    In the summer olympics in Tokyo this year the USA took the silver metal in women's BMX and Great Britain took the gold. While I am a bit disappointed about the USA only taking silver, I've got to say congratulations to Great Britain and I've got to give this British BMX biker lots of credit, she...
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    Asking The Same Questions Over And Over Again

    Some people on this forum have claimed that I sometimes ask the same questions over and over again and have suggested that I simply look back in the thread for the answers. Well the reason why I might sometimes ask the same question is because Im not getting answers from the specific people I...
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    Sword Performance

    Here is a sword performance
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    Advanced Sword Technique

    Advanced Sword Technique
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    In Guam You Have To Register Yourself As A Deadly Weapon

    This is silly but its true, in Guam you have to register yourself as a deadly weapon if you're an expert in the martial arts. What they define as an expert is anybody who has "completed at least one level of training therein and shall have been issued a belt or other symbol showing proficiency...
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    Sticks are easy to come by

    Some martial arts schools like to teach stick fighting because sticks are easy to come by and therefore its a good weapon to learn. Chances are you're not going to be carrying around a weapon such as a naginata or a pair of kamas nor are you likely to find such weapons lying around but with...
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    Controversial Reports About Bruce Lee

    So some people here have even posted that there have been some reports about Bruce Lee that are controversial and that make Bruce Lee himself a more controversial person. Apparently he was not always the calm and patient zen master that he's made out to be.
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    A Real Lightsaber

    So these people have perhaps come the closest, so far, in building a real lightsaber. I posted this here rather than in the sword folder because this is a fantasy sword and what they built would probably not function that well as a real sword. Still, I must say they did a really good job.
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    He Who Knows Not And He Knows Not

    "He who knows not and he knows not, he is simple teach him" - Bruce Lee A famous quote by Bruce Lee, and a really good quote too if you ask me, now if people would live up to it.
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    A Martial Arts Guide to Legal Self-Defense and Liability in Physical Altercations

    A martial arts guide to legal self-defense and liability in physical altercations. I consider this a good link. Link deleted. Jks9199
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    Speaking To The Head Honcho

    I've posted before about speaking to the top instructor at your dojo if you're unsure about something, if you're unsure about how the dojo is run, requirements for promotion, how a technique is done, etc, that its best to speak to the top instructor, the head honcho, to clear up any...
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    Here is what I propose

    Here is what I propose, before anybody can sign up and start learning martial arts at a MA school they have to have a permit to do so, signed by me. Anotherwords, they need my permission before they can start learning martial arts.
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    Good Communication Between Student And Instructor

    Its been said that its important to have good communication between a student and instructor. To have a good talking relationship between student and instructor. Well that can be a bit hard if you and your instructor are from different countries, for instance if your instructor is from Japan and...
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    Don't miss points

    Its OK to disagree with people's points, just don't miss their points.
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    Bruce Lee's Quote Conflicts With His Lifestyle

    Bruce Lee said, Success is not in reaching the destination, but in making the journey. If you asl me that was not the kind of lifestyle he lived, what with how he trained and all.
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    Japanese Baseball Games

    I've never been to a Japanese Baseball game but if I ever visit Japan, which I hope to, I will definitely want to go to a ballgame. Anyway, I was wondering in Japan when they play Baseball if a batter hits the ball far enough to run a triple, instead of running to third base if the batter...
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    Part Of Setting A Goal

    Whenever I set a goal, part of setting the goal, at least for me, is getting it done within a certain time limit.
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    Do people not like Kristen Stewart?

    Im wondering if people on this forum don't like Kristen Stewart, the actress. Some of the threads I've made about her have been closed up. I hope this thread doesn't get closed up. So anyway, do people not like her? Why not?
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    I Don't Buy It About Having Reached My Potential

    If somebody tells me I've reached my potential in the martial arts, that Im the best I will ever be and I will never get any better, I don't buy that. I don't believe stuff like that because I don't believe in a recipe for failure.
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    Martial Arts Is Not Religion, An Instructor Is Not A God

    Martial arts is not a religion and should not be used as such. I dislike it when people mix religion with the martial arts and try to push it on their students but worst of all is when an instructor demands that their students worship them like they're a god. An instructor should be...
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    I Love Bringing Back Old Threads

    Sometimes when a thread is dormant for years I love posting in it and bringing it back. Its fun. When a thread dies down and years go by without anybody posting on it, I like to make a post on it and bring the thread back top life. :-)
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    Happy Birthday Prince Philip

    Today Prince Philip turns 99, I would like to wish Prince Philip a Happy Birthday. Just one more year before he hits 100, it would be awesome for him to make it to 100 and beyond.
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    80s Music Johnny Is Stuck In

    So in the Youtube series, actually it is no longer a Youtube series but that's how it started out, Cobra Kai, the main character Johnny from the original Karate Kid movie is stuck in the 80s, he's stuck with 80s music an all. Anyway, I do think some 80s music is really good and Johnny has a...
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    What To Put In A Heavy Bag

    I found this video where they cut open an Everlast punching bag to see what they put inside it. Anyway, they do sell bags that are empty for you to fill yourself. The bag in the video was filled with mostly all sorts of fluff and old cloth it looked like but Im thinking if you buy an empty bag...
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    Sometimes You've Got To Embarrass Yourself

    Sometimes you've got to embarrass yourself if you want to learn and progress since sometimes by embarrassing yourself, or at least taking the risk of doing so, is the only way to learn and progress.