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    Seeking Fu Jow Pai

    I'm just shooting the dark here, but I have had an interest in Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu for many years. The problem is that I live in South Carolina and the last time I checked, I could only find schools in New York, New Jersey and Florida. Does anyone know of any schools in SouthCarolina, North...
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    Martial arts Art

    I'm new here and this may be an unusual question. I am an artist , as well as being an artist. I was wondering if it is o.k. for me to post martial arts related art on the forum and if so, where?
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    Chinese and Southeast Asian Martial Arts

    I practice both Chinese and Southeast Asian martial arts. Does any one have any knowledge as to the influence of Chinese martial arts on S.E. Asian arts such as Silat, Muay Thai and Kali- Escrima- Arnis. Some say that it all comes from China. I have always wondered if this is true or did people...
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    Hello from South Carolina

    I had just about given up on martial arts forums. They all seem to be filled with badmouthing and arguments. I found this one and I and liked what I saw. I look forward to sharing and learning from you all( or as we say, ya'll ). I am57 yrs old and have been training in martial arts since 1971...
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    Dave Carnell

    I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm sorry that it is such a sad one. For those who don't know already, British JKD instructor , Dave Carnell passed away a few days ago. He was one of Sifu Cass Magda's top guys and a great writer and instructor. I never trained with him, but did meet him...