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    Current chinese martial artists not as good as Jet Li, Vincent Zhao?

    I grew up watching chinese martial arts movies, and Jet Li and Vincent Zhao's martial arts are just absolutely beautiful. Movies like Fong Sai Yuk where they both sparred, amazing. Others like Tai Chi Master (that fake taichi was beautiful lol). They both played Wong Fei Hung at different...
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    Trying to do a 540 spinning hook kick, help?

    Hi, I practiced Taekwondo in Singapore and hit brown belt when I was 11 then failed the Junior Black exam. I then immigrated to Canada so I did something else. I did 2 years of Wushu, and am now doing Wing Chun, but WC leaves a lot to be desired in terms of cardio/exercise (I hate running lol)...
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    Stop practicing kicks due to sickness (4 days), pant leg looser already?

    I got sick, so I have stop practicing my kicks (about 1/2 hour every day) for 4 days already. My pant leg is already feeling loser, is that normal? Am I supposed to lose muscle mass that fast?
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    Does TKD make you stiff so you Kungfu looks bad?

    I learned TKD until brown belt when I was 11 and stopped. In grade 10 i started Chinese martial arts. After about 2 years many of my friends had graceful movements when doing forms, while I didn't and still looked like a block when doing them. (This place I went to emphasized more on beauty...