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    Just Noticed Something

    I have been looking around different MA supply sites lately and have seen many foam/padded swords, staffs, knives, nunchakus, and FMA sticks. But I have not seen any foam/padded versions for chain weapons. It doesn't make sense to me.
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    What regrets (if any) do you have in your training history? Personally I wish I would have started alot earlier in life.
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    A friend of mine was telling me today that at his dojo they will sometimes spar where one person will have a weapon(padded of course) and the other will be bare-hand or will have a different weapon. Was wondering if anyone else does this and their thoughts on it
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    Aikido of Owensboro

    I have been thinking about studying Aikido for along time, and found a dojo near where i work in Owensboro. I was wondering if there were any students here that could tell me what they think of the dojo and of sensei Caslin
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    Nunchaku and Tabak Toyok

    I have always been a fan of the nunchaku and I recently learned about the Tabak Toyok. And i was been thinking about learning one of them and was wondering if anyone could enlighten me about the differences in the two weapons.