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    Please delete

    Found my answers, don't know how to delete thread
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    My next step in my MA journey, From Shotokan to Matsubayashi Ryu

    So iv'e been away from being able to train at an actual martial arts school for about 2 years, do to several issues, mostly health. I tried to find a Shotokan school, to continue what I was learning(did this for about 3 years and 15 years Muay Thai), to no feasible option, so I decided to...
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    Ever train in japan/okinawa?

    Just curious who's went to the mother lands to train, how long you were there, what style you studied, and besides cultural aspects, what did you get over there that you didnt get in your home land? Tell me stories!
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    Full contact karate organizations and the future of karate competitions

    So with shows like karate combat, and karate pro fight, do you think we'll see an increase in both traditional karate/martial arts practitioners , and traditional schools make more of an emphasis on this style of ccompetition, or do you think its too niche still? And would you like to see more...
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    Karate journey road block

    So i ran into a snag with my training. My shotokan school closed, and there are no local except one, but its too expensive for me. So im considering switching to shori ryu, because its local and affordable, but i know little about it. Is shori much different from shotokan? Because i want to...
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    Fellow Shotokan Karateka!

    So I love Shotokan! I've train many marital arts, including Muay Thai, boxing, kung fu, among others. The reason I feel in love with this style, is for me at least, it was a different atmosphere than you'd get in a full contact gym, and the teachings were very much out of the box from my...
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    Muay Boran and Muay Chaiya and other muay variants

    Hello, iv'e been researching and studying the art of Muay Chaiya, and I find it a very interesting art. For years, iv'e know of Muay Boran, but i'm not really sure the difference in the two styles. Can someone enlighten me on the differences? I can't find any information online. I would also...
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    Questions for those who started their own system/ style

    So as the question states, not for those who use theirs for personal use, which is essentially what ever good martial artist does, make their knowledge and style their own, but for those who market ot and teach it to the public What is it that you do differently that you feel sticks out? This...
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    striking with the forearm (not the elbow)

    So I've been practicing with striking with the forearm, not the point...It's an interesting technique, that I don't see used in many combats sports like kickboxing or MMA, and I assume it is legal, but why the lack? I do see it in muay thai some, it appears they mainly use the point and not the...
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    American "full contact Karate" and American kickboxing

    So from my understanding, American rules kickboxing, evolved from the first American rules full contact karate events during the 70's. I'm just curious about what the real differences were, like rules, points, ect. Out of curiousity, has any of the older martial artist fought "American full...
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    Questions about Shotokan competitions: Then vs now

    As a guy who's done mostly Muay Thai, and switched to Shotokan, iv'e been interested in competing in a few tournaments. While I don't care if it's full contact or not, I do miss full contact fighting, and I did see back in the 80's competition, it looked pretty full contact, specially in...
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    Techniques not usually seen in MMA

    To expand on my thread tile, I was wondering, what martial arts techniques, that you find effective, that you find suprising that you don't see often, or at all in MMA? For me its Karate style foot sweeps.
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    Small question about american style kickboxing

    So from my understanding, traditional karate style sweeps are allowed , correct? But not allowed in thai or k1/glory rules? Just making sure i got .straight
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    Recommend me a good enshin tutorial

    So I'd love to learn enshin, but there are no schoola even remotely near me. What are some good dvds or books you'd recommend to learn it?
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    Cincinnati ohio meet up anyone?

    So im not sure if this is th right form btw, but im located in Lawrenceburg indiana, near Cincinnati ohio... is anyone interested in meetinf up and discussing martial arts, and maybe LIGHT SPARRING? Im a muay thai guy but predominantly do shotokan now. Would lovw for someone to help me with foot...
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    Question on Defense: "uke" vs "boxing defense"

    ok, so first let me explain a few things. I wasn't sure what section to post this under, but since the main basis is on karate, I thought this would be the most appropriate. So a bit a bout my background real fast. I'm a boxer/thai boxer and MMA fighter for about 10 years now. I've switched...
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    Starting a promotion, best way to get sponsors?

    So me and my partner, who's ran a semi successful MMA show, are starting a kickboxing promotion. I'm new to this, and could use any advice on how to attract sponsors to help with cost and promotion . Admins, I'm not sure which forum to post this under so please forgive me if this is the wrong one.
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    1800's "Pugilism", is it useful?

    So in my martial arts journey, I started off as a boxer, then to Muay thai, and then to Shotokan. Part of the interest in Shotokan comes from the more realistic defense involving the lack of gloves. This lead me to try to understand classic Pugilism. If you ever see any old photos, a lot of...
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    Educate me on style differences

    So i'm a Shotokan stylist, and I'm having trouble finding a new shotokan school in my area to continue my training. The only thing that's close is Shori ryu (Did I spell that right?). I was wonder how similar different is it from Shotokan? And can someone also explain the differences between...
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    Going from Full Contact to traditional.

    Hi there, so most my martial arts experience comes from boxing and Muay Thai and MMA. But for the past few years, iv'e taken up Shotokan Karate, which I absolutely love! I find it adds a lot my game, and I enjoy the traditional structure over say a boxing or MMA gym. But from my understanding...
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    Striking with the fore arm.

    What's everyone's opinion on this? I've been trying to think outside of the box, so while watching a video on bare knuckle boxer done by travelers, they were showing a degree of strikes with the fore arm that I found interesting, and you don't see it too often. seems pretty solid to me or am I...
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    Teaching special needs children

    Hi there, so i'm throwing around the idea, of teaching kids with special needs, both physical and mental, to give them an outlet, exercise, confidence, discipline ext. I was wondering, who all has experience with this and any suggestions? One thing I do know, probably foremost, is PATIENCE! I...
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    Need help with a technique: The lead (non spinning) back fist

    hi there, I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers in using the lead back fist (non spinning) thing i'm wondering is, how do I get the most power out of it? From what i find, if i'm about 45 degrees off from my opponent, i can use it at times instead of a traditional boxing...
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    Thai boxing/striking in a linear stance

    So I was wondering if anyone can give me a list of muay thai fighters, who have more of a boxers/linear stance than square stance? I know Darren Till does, and from what I can gather, Samart Payakaroon does this... I see more and more guys, in MMA at least fight in this particular style. Sage...
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    Would there be market for something like this?

    So I had an idea for a combat sport...similar to enshin and muay thai having a baby... this video, is off a muay thai organization in Thailand, wear they fight wearing MMA gloves...its Regular Muay Thai rules besides this. Now my idea sport would be a similar to this, except with fighters...
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    Shoulders up, chin down...feels akward

    So recently, Iv'e switched schools, for a variety of reasons....they're boxing and kyokushin gym, and most my experience was origionally boxing, then I went to muay thai....well the muay thai gym I was, changed my old boxing habits, to adjust to their style... well this new gym i'm at, is...
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    Combining styles, need suggestions

    So i'm studying Shotokan, and i've studied a lot of boxing and muay thai....I notice that the sparring stance in Shotokan is similar to boxing... I was wondering for those who could give me advice, what's the best way to throw round kicks in a boxing stance, and defend against them? Or should I...
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    The Karate "Chop" and other "underrated" technques?

    So this is something i've been playing with...Is this a "practical" technique? I'm starting to think "yes". For the longest time, i've wrote this technique off, thinking it couldn't generate power, You never see it done in a real fight or UFC, the angles were not right, ext, but then I started...
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    Schools with "questionable" credentials....

    So how many out there found schools that made some outlandish claims? I found one in particular, that i'm going to check out to see if it's legit, because it's the kyokushin/oyama karate school in my area, and I so hope its legit because I want to train kyokushin more than anything.... But...
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    The Non Spinning back fist.

    So does anyone have luck using the back fist, as power shot? I'm not talking about the spinning BF, but either using it like a jab/lead attack or as follow up for power? Other than for point sparring, I can't see much use in it, as I personally have trouble generating power with it. Just...