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    NEW Fight Show

    Folks, A Kenpo buddy of mine invited me here (JFarnsworth). I wanted to share with you a new fight series that is coming out on national TV. It is MMA, however it favors more traditionalists like yourselves. Keep these things in mind when watching: #1 - Every Martial Art trains or should...
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    Gi vs No Gi

    Robert Drysdale, a World Champion in Both Gi & No-Gi grappling talks about this in a recented interview at . His opinion may help shap yours since he is on top of both games.
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    MMA - BJJ players - How many of you started in high school wrestling ?

    I started in Judo & Jujitsu as a kid 30 years ago. I never wrestled and played basketball. My grappling game has turned out fine. There are many things wrestling helps you learn but many thing it hurts also for BJJ. SO I believe it is a wash.
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    Who Do You Train Under?

    I started in Judo & Jujitsu in 1980. Met the Gracie Family in 1993 and have trained with hem ever since. I am one of the first American Black Belts under Relson Gracie.
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    Century Gi?

    I don't like the Century Gi at all. Once you get into jacketed grappling you will want a premium unifrom seeing how it is your main weapon! has come out with a new Trinity Uniform. It is a competition cut uniform treated with antibacterial/antifungral chemicals and...
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    The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced today the launch of UFC Gyms

    SWEEEEEET! Soon they will be handing out UFC MMA Black Belts for a small fee!