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    finding a school or group to work with

    We have a wing chun class in springfield mo, i dont check this form much, feel free to email me, for details if you're interested.
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    Got a dojo close by ^_^

    $6.50 thats CHEAP! im movin to new zealand. Says sifu Tony Brooks learned from Ron Heimberger who i know learned from Ip Ching whos dad was Yip Man so its a rock solid TWC lineage IMO id go but im in America
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    What style of wing chun do you study?

    ok i admit the title is sortof misleading, im really interested in talking to people that take less "known" styles of Wing Chun. For example, Pan Nam (personally, ive met 1 person that has taken it and it was only for a 3 month period), or Fut Sao Gu Yee Chuan wing chun, Peng style, Yuen...
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    WC in the cage/springfield mo

    thanks for all the responses, does everyone's silence indicate that no one has any idea what im talking about?
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    WC in the cage/springfield mo

    anyone ever done/seen wing chun being used in the cage? if so do you have pics/vids? anyone in or around springfield mo that practices the chun?
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    new member

    im dustin from springfield mo i train in wing chun and okinawan JJ