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  1. RobinTKD

    Keep on Kicking!

    People often say (our TKD section included!) that kicking isn't practical, that in self defence situations we should use our hands rather than our feet etc. Well there's some here that need no proof as to the effectiveness of kicking, but I found a video that in some respects highlights just how...
  2. RobinTKD

    Training Through Injury

    Well it's been a while since I posted here, some of you may recall that near the end of August I got a shoulder injury at Judo (I cross train). I had a couple of weeks off, doctor said it was ok so I headed back to training. The problem was that near the end of September, the shoulder dislocated...
  3. RobinTKD

    Back in the Loop

    After some 'technical' problems, I am now finally back online! Does anyone here get Black Belt magazine? I got my copy through the post the other day (it's shipped from the US so probably takes longer) and it had Master Hee Il Cho on the cover. Inside he takes you through how to do some of the...
  4. RobinTKD

    german open

    Anyone know if it's possible to watch this anywhere? I missed the US open, I don't really want to miss this with so many UK fighters involved.
  5. RobinTKD

    Electronic scoring against hawkeye replay

    I didn't want to derail the Taekwondo kicked out the Olympics in 2016 thread, so I decided I'd start my own. I just wanted to know from those who compete, train to compete, or teach competitors in WTF Shihap Kyorugi, what the pro's and cons are for using Hawkeye Replay technology against the...
  6. RobinTKD

    Your Instructors

    I just wanted to know a little about the people you all learned from, if they ever studied any other martial art, or where there journey began. I have 2 main instructors, a 5th dan and a 3rd dan. My senior Instructor, the 5th dan has trained in ITF TKD for nearly 30 years now, during that time...
  7. RobinTKD

    Some bad news

    I've just found out that my Goju instructor is emigrating to New Zealand. He runs the club single handedly (there's only 9 of us), it's once a week in a village hall, so it looks like the class is just gonna fall away. A couple of the students are going to come to my Taekwon-Do class, but this...
  8. RobinTKD

    Patterns, Tul, Poomse, Kata etc.

    Reading through the WTF thread, I just wanted to know what peoples favourite patterns are to perform? Doesn't have to be TKD, can be from any MA you've ever studied. This isn't a discussion about the obsolescence of palgwe either :mst: Personally from TKD I love Gae Baek, I'm still in the...
  9. RobinTKD


    A friend of mine has found a Goju-Ryu class quite close to home and he wants to try it, he also wants me to come along and train too. I'm very tempted as it's a style that I've admired for years, but do you think it would confuse my Taekwon-Do training too? I know some of the TKD practitioners...
  10. RobinTKD


    It was my birthday today (25, getting old now...) and my awesome parents got me this Can finally practice some of the more difficult kicks with a target now, and some jump punches...
  11. RobinTKD

    Thoughts on Ki

    Talking with a friend at work about religion, we both had more or less the same views, both incredibly pragmatic, logical, agnostic veering on atheism. The conversation evolved into talking about my Martial Arts training (Taekwon-Do), and he asked if I believed in Ki, I replied yes immediately...
  12. RobinTKD

    Over training?

    I've been practising ITF Taekwon-do now for the last 18 months and have progressed pretty fast, I train 6 hours over 3 nights a week with my instructor, and every night after work when I don't have a class that night. I also recently started back at Judo after 2 years out and now I've been asked...
  13. RobinTKD

    Proper 'street' clothing.

    Ok, so a friend of mine called me today, told me that on a trip to London he got attacked by multiple people, this guy has been studying Shotokan now for 4 years and is a brown belt (he tests for his black in July), i know from personal experience how skilled he is and how much power he has. His...
  14. RobinTKD

    Book spending spree

    so just bought off amazon: Zen in the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo by Richard Chun Keinosuke Enoeda- Tiger Of Shotokan Karate by Rod Butler any others i should consider?
  15. RobinTKD

    Another Dobok Question

    I'm looking for an ITF approved dobok in the uk that doesn't have a zip on the front. the zips just seem to warp and disintegrate in the wash which is becoming very annoying. can anyone help?
  16. RobinTKD

    All this talk of Black Belts!

    It's come up now in numerous threads about the amount of time devoted to it, what it means, why there isn't a standardised length of time to reach it etc. Surely we should all forget about it? I'm a recently graded yellow belt, and I couldn't care less about how long it takes me to get to BB...
  17. RobinTKD

    the benefits of taekwondo.

    my girlfriend told me that all the kicks i'm learning is giving me 'a very nice ****'. pity its also giving me 'very achy joints' too :D
  18. RobinTKD

    Finally progressing!

    Well I've been learning ITF TKD for about 2 and a half months now, I'll be grading for my yellow tag (and possibly belt) in the new year. More important than that is that my instructor has invited me to his more advanced class, this means I'll be practising 3 times a week. I honestly couldn't...
  19. RobinTKD

    Recently Started

    I'm 24 and have just started Tae-Kwon-Do, i'm really enjoying it and it seems a great way to maintain fitness (i was getting bored of just running everyday), and teaching self discipline. But i have a few concerns, firstly is the height at which i can lift my leg, i can't do the splits and my...