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    Why are we not talking about this?!

    Thanks for this. Quoting it here so I can refer back to it when I get home.
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    Doctors Grow Nose on Mans Forehead

    I've heard of nosey neighbors, but this is ridiculous.
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    Would Having a Third Major U.S. Polituical Party Help?

    I'm unfamiliar with this story, so what does "attempting to gain access" mean? Were they arrested for putting their names on ballots or trying to sneak onto the podiums?
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    Computer gaming Reduces Vandalism?

    I always joked that first-person shooter games like Area 51 were great for handgun training...until it became time to reload. :ultracool
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    Many researchers taking a different view of pedophilia

    Certain people feel compelled to take drugs, or gamble, or have that 5th or 6th drink. Compulsion is compulsion, regardless of the particular fixation. As Tgace stated, being a pedophile doesn't mean being a child molester/child rapist; along that line of thought, I'm sure there are plenty of...
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    An open letter to undecided voters

    Dear Big Don, and those agreeing with him on this, I'm an American citizen as much as you are, I have until November 6th to submit my ballot, and until that date I have as much a right to vote based on whatever qualification I decide on. I'm not going to defend my reasons for still not knowing...
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    Christians can't catch a break...Rock of Ages movie...

    C'mon, don't talk about the actual facts of the movie, there's a Breitbart-filled soapbox to be stood on!
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    Sacred White Buffalo killed and skinned.....

    Given how rare a white buffalo apparently is, how valuable would its hide be to relevant markets? I'm guessing that whoever killed and skinned the beasts was probably motivated by pure greed.
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    green shirts vs. storm troopers...George loses...

    Yeah, the smurf said it all, and well enough.
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    Supreme Court starts to hear "Obama Care" law today

    I don't like closed-door politics either, but how does that answer what healthcare plan would have been "done right" or acceptable?
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    Supreme Court starts to hear "Obama Care" law today

    By doing what, exactly? Retaining the public option, dropping the mandate, leaving everything at status quo? There isn't any form of regulation that would have been acceptable; ANY attempt at addressing the healthcare issues would have been attacked and sabotaged by conservatives and insurance...
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    Supreme Court starts to hear "Obama Care" law today

    That right there is the cunning beauty of the entire situation to me. If the public option had been retained, there'd be no issue with the mandate, since those who couldn't or wouldn't purchase private insurance would still be covered. Instead, the public option was removed to appease...
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    Bill OKs Force Against Police

    This bill sets off all kinds of red flags in my mind. I'm usually one to fall on the side of individual rights and protections against police, but this bill, at least as I'm reading it, authorizes homeowners to use force based on their own judgment of whether officers have a right to be there...
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    Rush Limbaugh Isnt the Only Media Misogynist

    That's kinda how you could tell his apology was ********. He didn't apologize for slandering the woman or calling her a slut, he apologized for the words he chose. I hope his sponsors pull their advertising anyway, get him off the air.
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    RIP: Andrew Breitbart dies of 'natural causes'

    Oh, now I get it, the other two threads were consolidated into this one. I was confused for a minute. I never really visited Breitbart's website (then again, with how often he was referenced here, did I really have to?), but the guy was to blogging what Rush Limbaugh is to talk radio: an...
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    Why is abortion for sex-selection wrong?

    The answer, quite simply, is that there is a distinction between whether each of us finds somethign to be morally acceptable and whether we think one has a right to make the decision. Whether I agree with preference-based abortions or not, I still believe in the right to choose. But when...
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    Why is abortion for sex-selection wrong?

    Hell, I'd like to look over it. I'm pro-choice, but the question of when life begins still makes me hesitate a bit.
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    Why is abortion for sex-selection wrong?

    Much like how I'll stand behind someone's rigth to speak, even if I think what they're saying is the most ignorant, hate-fueled, ideological (idealogical?) crap ever. Don't have to agree with something to believe in the right to it. As most everyone who's taken a sincere look at the abortion...
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    Seattle Arrest Questions Cops ' Use Of Dash Cams

    The back seat thing is a good idea, but cops could easily shut off their lights/sirens during parts of the traffic stop that they don't want recorded. Maybe if the camera was set to stay active for x number of minutes after the lights/sirens are activated. I know plenty of dash cams are...
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    Windmills kill endangered eagles...

    And this is somehow not a political commentary? o_0?
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    Would you pay to to go to work for no salary?

    Please remember that there's a difference between (1) paying for something in order to get, or stay, qualified for a job, and (2) actually working for free or paying your employer as part of your standard working relationship. Getting a degree, certification, prior experience/knowledge kinda...
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    the left vs. the military: Act of Valor

    From my perspective, I think the general American trend is to view any political/social issue as a line in the sand, rather than a spectrum. You're either liberal or conservative; pro-military or entirely against it; an anti-regulation, pro-capitalist or a socialist regulatory control-freak...
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    Why people say Gay marrage is just the tip of the iceberg

    Credit where due, I think this reasoning against polygamy actually has some merit. A marriage involving 5 individuals, each being married to all the others, would be a nightmare to any probate or divorce judge. I can just imagine the hilarity ensuing when three of the individuals don't write a...
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    Scientists discover way to "beam" knowledge directly into brain

    Even assuming the whole "body catching up" factor was accounted for, I would expect that someone who had martial arts training beamed into their head would still have the novice's difficulties in learning when to use said moves. A person with every statute and legal principle available in their...
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    Katie and Jennifer

    Ok, I'm clearly unenlightened then. We're all sheep, governments out to get us, tinfoil hats please. Really, I got it.
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    Katie and Jennifer

    To a certian extent, but I still believe that you're deliberately ignoring the role that voting and representation actually play in the legitimacy of taxation. You may not like taxes going toward welfare, and I may not like taxes going toward the Iraq war, but we each still have a say (albeit...
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    Katie and Jennifer

    "Justice and government to those that can afford it" is not a concept I wish to contend with. There's a certain point where disagreement is so absolute that discussion is futile. Feel free if you wish to, however.
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    Katie and Jennifer

    Wow.....okay I guess we're done on this conversation topic.
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    Katie and Jennifer

    Indeed, and it's unlawful because the cop exceeded their power when commiting it. If they remain within the bounds of their authority, an arrest is entirely lawful and the cop's done nothing wrong. Similarly, a taxman collecting the dues established by the legislature isn't committing...
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    Pooping Is A Feminist Issue -

    I can't remember the name of the film, but I saw a movie scene once...made in the 60s I think? maybe earlier? It was an alternate reality setup where the family and the guests were sitting around the table, casually conversing while seated comfortably on toilets, making use of them...