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    Ron Collins, aka "Draven Azropht," aka Student of Ashida Kim/Sensei to Ronin7411, UPDATE
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    Boston Ruminations

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    Jesus was a vampire?

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    Coolest flash animation EVER

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    Disturbing Relevance to My Work

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    I've just started Wing Chun!

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    I was doing some celebrating this weekend and actually devoted an entire day to doing nothing but having fun (very rare for me, as I work like, 2.5 jobs, or the equivalent thereof). Specifically, I went out into the woods and played paintball all day. It was freaking great. I'd love to hear...
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    Why the Buddhist Peace Fellowship is Wrong

    On a whim, recently, I purchased a copy of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship publication, Turning Wheel. The theme for the issue was "disarmament," which I could not resist exploring. Since the founding of The Martialist it has been my assertion that pacifism is an unworkable, self-destructive...
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    Home Invasion at the National Level

    "Some Mexicans and Mexican-Americans," writes John Tiffany, "want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the United States given to Mexico. They call it the “reconquista,” Spanish for “reconquest,” and they view the millions of Mexican illegal aliens entering...
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    Maximizing the Byrd Cara Cara

    This is a Byrd Cara Cara (Spyderco's imported low-cost version of the Endura, with a comet-shaped opening hole) that I have Dremeled to create a pocket hook (like the Emerson Wave -- the Wave is patented, so if you do this it has to be your own knife you're modifying). The stainless knife...
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    Reality, Force, Terrorism, and Relativism

    Reality, Force, Terrorism, and Relativism
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    Chris Fry/MDTS Defensive Knife Seminar

    Today I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday in the company of Chris Fry of MDTS/Progressive FORCE Concepts and maybe 10 to 12 other students for a knife seminar on the carry, deployment, and defensive/offensive use of knives (primarily folders, though we covered some fixed blade aspects)...
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    Raging Ignorance in Self-Defense

    It’s rampant. It’s unavoidable. It’s reprehensible. There exists today an epidemic, a crisis, a pervasive and powerfully negative phenomenon in self-defense. That phenomenon is raging ignorance, willful stupidity, and the intentional evasion of reality in the flight from...
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    The Myth of "Pressure Testing"

    Much is made, largely on the parts of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiasts and other practitioners of "martial" sports, of the concept of "pressure testing." The phrase is invoked ad nauseam by those who believe a technique, a system, or a methodology that has not been used with success (or...
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    Sound Fighting Principles

    One of the things for which I'll always value my Wing Chun training (I no longer train in Wing Chun directly, but it has had a permament influence on me) are the fighting principles it imparted. I was doing some searching for unrelated material at another forum of mine and unearthed this old...
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    Optimizing the Newer SOG Pentagon Sheath

    When I first obtained a SOG Pentagon, I loved the knife -- and I detested the factory sheath, which was an attempt to be too many things at once and did none of them well. This was not a problem, as I had Bob Humelbaugh at Survival Sheath make a new sheath for me: I forgot about the whole...
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    Phoenix Arms HP-22 Review

    Full Review in PDF Format
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    Understanding Instructor Immaturity

    In the years I have studied the martial arts I've had the privilege of working with some truly talented instructors. In my capacity as as publisher of The Martialist, I've had the opportuntiy to meet and to interact with many more teachers and their students. Several of these men and women are...
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    Disturbing Relevance to My Work

    As some of you know, I am a professional technical writer and have been for a decade. Among the industrial equipment about which I have written (on top of and under which I have climbed, behind which I have dodged to avoid forklifts, and around which I have hastened to take illustrative photos)...
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    Fun with Airsoft

    Martialism need not be doom and gloom and preparations for the end times. There's room for fun when you're allowing yourself a rare hour of relaxation here and there. Today I took a break from writing, broke out an airsoft AR15 I picked up at the gun show last time around, and did some living...
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    Coolest flash animation EVER
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    Jesus was a vampire?

    Tonight I received one of the most interesting pieces of feedback I've ever received on an article. It was feedback on the October 2003 spoof piece we ran on fighting vampires, of all things: I wrote back the following response:
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    What'cha carryin'?

    ...C'mon now, empty your pockets and your coats and let's see what you've got. The fun part about being publisher of The Martialist is that my carry changes all the time. ;) Knife is Emerson Hard Wear Traveler Knife is Cold Steel Safe Keeper Knife is Ka-Bar Dozier Skinner
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    Gerber Sportsman Multi-Tool Knife/Pliers Review

    I own many products by Gerber Legendary Blades. For quite some time my daily carry was the popular EZ-Out, first in 440 series and then in ATS-34. I no longer carry those knives, but Gerber is still around and still producing items of interest to me. My latest acquisition is the Gerber...
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    Closing Any Lockback with One Hand

    This came up on another forum devoted to knives -- a poster wanted to know about closing his locking folding knife with one hand. Obviouisly, liner locks and Axis locks and such are designed for one-hand closure as well as one-hand opening. The typical rocker-bar locking folder, however (what...