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    Japanese Pride

    Yeah Ba-by!!! Keep it coming...
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    Liquid Mounteneering

    Liquid Mountaineering! I am so amazed! A friend of mine showed me this clip and i am really thrilled. I have been thinking about this much last years because i believe i can do it- i have designed a few different kind of footgear but i haven't made any or tried. Part of the reason i didn't try...
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    I've been really slacking with training. The mess of my last relationship was really bad for training and also kept me from many things. I've been going at it alone at home and did make the occasional visits but i feel i am such an *** for ditching the best fighters of all at the mma gym...
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    on the left hand side..

    Something i would like to share to all teachers, parents...all people Recently, after trying very hard to help many people and be kind in many ways and tough some, i started to see a patern happening. I noticed how much strength, love and courage it takes to be optimistic and positive when it...
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    Wild story i read today-

    know this story? Here's my attempt at rewriting in my own words... There's this woman who turns blind. Life's rough but this guy appears and they get together. After some time suffering the blindness, doctors promised a cure. She gets this operation and her sight is restored. But when she...
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    The subject of loyalty

    -Know your greatest enemy. If you know this most self-rightious and vicious foe, you need not ever fear anyone else. That enemy is your own blind and cheating heart. I would like to bring up the subject of loyalty. One might ask what this subject has to do with martial arts or...
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    Knees, joints extension/contraction of ki/living posture

    Having healthy knees, joints of the hip, wrist and even fingers is vital for health generally as well proficiency in the martial arts. There are many ways to flexibility the simplest being taught certain ways of sitting as a child(2-5years). After that, the body will begin to set. Of course...
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    Restraint-another freak story

    this time it sortof ticked me off. So i'm driving through a really busy part of town in my gf vehicle when i decide that i can still make this yellow light(light here turn yellow before red and again before green) anyhow, light turns red on me and people shoot out in front and behind the car...
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    You're out here!!!

    sorry, it should read above , YOU'RE OUTA HERE!!! :-/ gotta rant about my most recent martial encounter... it ties into the whole subject of dealing with socially disturbed people or communication in general. I'm with a friend of mine and we hop onto this street tram in a fairly quiet...
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    Is this our ancestor?

    Any thoughts on the fossil Ida? Here the link when i first saw it, i did think that it had very many human features like the hands and fingers and bones of the leg.
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    Super sad parrot MIA

    I am real upset about our parrot flying away yet again(the fourth time). Every other time, he was never gone for more than a few days to almost a week, but now it is over a month and he hasn't popped up yet. Just the other day i was called out to a far away district as there was a parrot...
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    Bian Lian face changing

    Pretty cool display of chinese face changing.... !!
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    oh the frustration

    I'm so broke, i don't have enough money for training. Hope that i'm called in for the next job i applied to. Having no money sucks bigtime! I train a bit at home, but am getting more and more lazy as the feelings of hopelessness put a damper on things... what to do? no option but to...
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    Looking for some digital action?

    I'm not into facebook applications or online games, but this has been quite addictive and fun. checkout Sharao awaits you. Well, i be sharaoh actually. My master being j.bee. If you sign up and enter the arena, i get points. On your first fight against me you...
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    Fun stuff

    While learning about different sageo ties, tsukamaki and knots, i came across this.. paracord bracelets
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    Sounds nuts, but surprisingly serious

    Lithium apparently does a mind good. Checkout this article. Drinking water which contains the element lithium may reduce the risk of suicide, a Japanese study suggests. j
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    The way of mercy

    A story i often tell people, even people who are not martial artists, is a story that moved me greatly. I believe it is contained in the book, essence of ninjutsu... it goes something like, and excuse me if i'm a tad off with the wording as i'm working from memory-as my book was taken to japan...
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    We're dying!

    once you hit 20 you've used up, give or take, 80% of your ability to divide most your bodies cells. At some point, degeneration is the next step. It's because of the telomerase loss. Science is looking into overriding this but as it stands, life has a limiter and that is the telomerase loss...
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    A treat of a historic and great fight

    Rikidozan vs kimura Enjoy! Feel free to make any comments. They start striking around the end in case you get bored of the grappling. j
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    Having been given a boomerang by my gf that she found while walking the dog, i immediately started experimenting...the boomerang was amazing and i managed to get it to come right back to me and actually catch it a number of times. Different boomerangs have different radius' and this ones was...
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    Looking for a good work out for your right brain?

    The abacus. The japanese version of the soroban as well as the chinese original suanpan train the right brain. At first it trains the left brain more because you deal with simple arithmetic and logic patterns, but as you progress you can begin to imagine the abacus in your minds eye and solve...
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    Isn't it a weird thing....i haven't slept for more than two days and i'm now on the second night...not a wink. I just got back from work and i am beat, but i feel another surge as it's past 10 pm now. Tomorrow i have to work really early, so i had better sleep before 12. Once i held out for...
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    Weightlifting Question

    When i do the benchpress, i try to keep my lowerback to the ground and not arch my back, i also lower the bar down to my chest almost touching. My question is, is it wrong to lift ones head? Right now i don't have a decent bench-just some boards i stacked up-so i'm forced to raise my head. I...
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    I am getting quite good at picking pintumbler locks. It's really all about understanding the bind- checking the bind with strong torque as well as releasing tension with ultra light torque. I have successfully picked a number of locks recently including my home 5pin lock just about 10 times...
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    Let this be the standard-

    Checkout the strength and flexibility!!! Major core workout! -This is my standard and goal from now on, aside from my usual goals and developing a neck as thick as an oxs'. j
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    Just thought i'd share these great scenes... Feel the wrath of momotaros blade!! j
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    Corrigidor lowdown

    I visited this place and it left a strong impression on me. May all the souls rest in peace.
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    Farting noises

    song sharing time....hope it's not too urusai or noisy or lame for your taste, i tried finding the male version, but i personally find both quite nice. the song hana from okinawa j
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    The night be our witness

    -that we came in peace.- The battle of Teutoburg is an interesting topic in history. I have been been told by a friend that has written a book on the matter what went down there. Really interesting stuff. Strategically speaking, what it has made me come to understand that in life, if you...