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    Gems of the Bujinkan - A Farewell Message from bencole

    Effective today, I am leaving all online communities, including Martial Arts Planet, Martial Talk, and BudoSeek. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining Chris Carbonaro, Oliver Martin and Anthony Lucas for the opening of the new Tanuki Dojo in Long Branch, New Jersey. I was *VERY*...
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    Oath of the Shinobi no Mono

    I came across this historical oath recently, and was so astonished by it, that I thought I should share it with the Ninjutsu community. I have removed some of the more conspicuous language that would identify the source of the oath, but have kept the essence of the wording intact. For the...
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    Cause + Context = Effect

    I came across a post on Kutaki no Mura that I believe everyone in the world should read. It is particularly salient as we strive to make our voices heard in these threads, while at the same time supposedly striving to achieve the "immovable heart" (fudoshin) or the "compassionate heart" (jihi no...
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    UFC Ready for Explosion

    Seeing how we always seem to come back to these same arguments of "martial arts" vs. "martial sports," I thought it would be nice to preserve this link. This article is a fascinating look at how the introduction of rules and...