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    George St. Pierre

    Did St. Pierre get his black belt in bjj? I just got the latest issue of Black Belt and he's wearing a black belt on his gi. I know he got his brown back in '06, but I haven't been able to find any dope on his black belt promotion. I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks, Spartan
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    Jujitsu Striking

    I've been told that many forms of classical jujitsu contains striking along w/ the numerous grappling techniques. Could some one tell me what the kicking element is like/ resembles? Also, what are the hand strikes like? I would greatly appreciate the insights. Spartan
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    Wing Chun and Improv

    One thing I'm curious about is wing chun's improvisation aspects. All the moves that I normally see are from the frontal attack/defense ready positions. While I'm aware that this is where many fights begin, what about those unfortunate times when one finds themself grabbed from behind, sucker...
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    Sillum or Sil lum wing chun

    Any of you all know anything or heard of this branch of wing chun? Spartan
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    Lee's Wing Chun

    I realize that Bruce Lee didn't learn the entire wc system and that the style he taught to his students (Jun Fan/ JKD), contained only a portion of Yip Man's wc system. My question is what %age of Yip Man's system was contained in Lee's personal style? Spartan
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    St. Louis + JKD

    Anyone know of any JKD teachers around St. Louis MO? Spartan
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    Steven Seagal

    Someone once told me that Steven Seagal had studied wing chun from his once body guard Randy Williams. Can anyone verify whether or not this is true?
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    Wing Chun Do

    What's the difference between this style and regular WC?
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    Wing Chun Video Training

    Well guys, I've basically run up against a wall: there's nobody in my area that teaches wing chun. I've been thinking about investing in some high quality instructional videos and trying to learn the style that way. What are your thoughts on this? What words of wisdom can you give me? Just...
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    Master Wong

    Do any of you all know anything about a wing chun/jkd guy called Master Wong? He's has a video series - I've seen some clips and the guy looks pretty impressive. Peace, Spartan
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    Wing Chun and Point Fighting

    Hey Guys, I was just curious to know if wing chun could be or ever has been adapted to compete in point sparring matches? I do realize that point fighting is not necessarily represenative of real combat and that some styles are better suited to this kind of competition. Tell me what you...
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    Joe Lewis

    What's the connection between Tracy's Karate and Joe Lewis? I had always heard that Lewis received his original karate training in shorin-ryu, but I see that he's awarded a few notable kenpo practitioners around St. Louis their 1st black; there is still a close affiliation w/Joe Lewis and the...
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    Multiple Attackers

    What kind of methods would jkd use to deal w/multiple attackers? What disciplines/styles would it pull most heavily from? Spartan
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    Wing Chun Kickers

    Hey Guys, I'm not sure if this topic has been brought up before, but i'd like to know more about the extent of wing chun kicking. The first thing that comes to mind, is how a wing chunner would deal w/a really strong kicker, such as those found in muay thai? I'm sure an obvious response would...
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    St. Louis Wing Chunner

    Does anyone know of a St. Louis based wing chun practitioner named Terence W. Niehoff? Spartan
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    Bjj Belt Progression

    Hey Guys, I know there's no set limit, but what's the average amount of time it takes to earn a black belt in bjj? I've heard it's around 10 yrs w/continual practice. If so, why so long? Spartan
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    Tracy's Instruction Style

    Concerning the Tracy's studios in my area, all of them specialize in private instruction. Is it like this for the entire organization? I get the idea behind this, in that students learn better/quicker when it's one-on-one lessons. To me the only problem w/this is the pricing fees. For the...
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    Kenpo Around The World

    How well has kenpo (whether Tracy's or EPAK) taken on overseas? While I know this martial art has been most recently modified by Americans, it doesn't seem as popular abroad. Could someone tell me about this? Thanks, Spartan
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    The Centerline & Stance

    I understand the gist of the centerline principle and think it's a good concept. I don't, however, get the idea behind the basic wc stance - with the praticioner's body facing their opponent, it's like they're giving them a better shot at the vitals. Is this a contradiction of the principle? To...
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    Emin Boztepe

    Could you all give me the background on Emin Boztepe? What's his wc lineage? I heard it said that he's supposed to be an extremely good street fighter? Also, is it true that he issued a challenge to the Gracies? Spartan
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    California Martial Arts and St. Louis MO

    Do any of you know about California Martial Arts Academy located in St. Louis MO? I hear it's a jeet kune do academy and that the instructors are pretty good/ well known. Spartan
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    Moy Yat Ving Tsun

    Could someone tell me about the characteristics of this brand of wing chun compared to others? Thanks, Spartan
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    Kajukenbo and Tracy's Kenpo

    I studied a little Tracy's kenpo back in the day and have general idea of what the the system's like. Now I'm thinking about learning kajukenbo from a guy I know. What are the main differences I'll find between these two arts? Thanks, Spartan
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    Wing Chun Ranking

    Does Wing Chun follow a rank/ sash system like other types of kung fu? Spartan
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    Tracy's Kenpo and Wing Chun

    How well could you incorporate wing chun into your Tracy's kenpo repetoire? With that question, do you think it would be easier to flow from a kenpo background into wing chun training, or visa versa? Being totally hypothetical, how do you think a very skilled kenpo practitioner would stack...
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    FMA and mook jong training

    Someone told me that some of the FMA empty hand trapping could be practiced on a wing chun mook jong. Is there any truth to this? Thanks, Joe
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    Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do

    Question: How different is tang soo do from tae kwon do? I've heard that these two arts are almost identical. If some one could give me some info I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Joe
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    JKD Weapons Training

    Question: Does JKD have any weapons training? How did Bruce Lee feel about learning weapons? I look at the curriculum list Bruce taught his students, and I notice that there's no weapons component. Also, it seems like Lee abandoned the traditional wing chun weapons (butterfly knives, long...
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    Wing Chun in St. Louis, MO?

    Question: Does anyone know if there's anyone who teaches/practices wing chun in St. Louis, MO? The closest thing I've found are classes in jun fan gung fu. If anyone has any info, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks, Joe