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  1. marques

    Fighters training and background?

    What I would really like to know about fighters is their own training. We can easily find about their gyms, main style(s) or a wiki profile. Or sponsors and loads of s**t. But where can we find more detailed information about their training? I am surprised how some training so little are still...
  2. marques

    Principles of Striking

    Lawrence Kenshin 5 main principles are: 1. Hit and dont get hit. 2. Have a logical reason behind everything you do. 3. Read patterns and exploit patterns. 4. If it works use it ruthlessly. 5. If it doesnt work, find out why and troubleshoot. There are both athletic, technical and tactical...
  3. marques

    Backyard Training

  4. marques

    The Cro Cop's fine art (Jack Slack GIFs/article)

    This is fine art. It looks so easy... I love this tactic. And now I found a name for it! It :) And invented another one: Triple attack. :D Elements of Style: The Double Attack | FIGHTLAND
  5. marques

    Striking Chess Masters (Muay Thai)

    This is what I like to train and what I would like to find in clubs. This with a bit of cardio and I would pay premium price. :) But it seems to be rare as money in my pockets. Is it just bad luck or 'everyone' is really more interested in pads and fitness?
  6. marques

    Integrated Combat System

    Someone knows ICS? Is it just repackage, or really a different approach? Which (potential) influences can you identify? I liked what I watched (pres. video), so it is a question and publicity. :cool: PS: How to edit a title?
  7. marques

    Independent schools and independent syllabus

    I have found many independent schools recently. (And tried 2 of them.) They teach what they want (or think is better) from other disciplines and they grade black belt in... (unspecified) martial arts. How is the quality controlled? Is it just 'no injuries, no problem'? Do you trust them? I...
  8. marques

    Requirements for start training in a new club?

    The question is that: Requirements for start training in a new club/discipline? Relatively to your living country. I realised that that it can be very different. I explain what I mean. - In Portugal is required 1anual insurance and monthly payment (~30euro). No medical certificate (required...
  9. marques

    Opinions on "Level 1 Coaching Courses" from England Boxing

    I would like to have opinions on the "Level 1 Coaching Courses" from England Boxing. Anyone here did it? I did not find much information about it. Just that with that course, we can replace the principal coach (which is Level 2)... If you have that "level" it means you are a good boxer, a good...
  10. marques

    Trading Shots: Would you let your child do MMA?

    Trading Shots: Would you let your child do MMA? How about as a career?
  11. marques

    HEMA documentary

    It looks much more serious than a previous one I saw. And liked it. Sorry if it is repeated.
  12. marques

    What do you think about this promotional video [Krav Maga]?

    What do you think about this promotional video [Krav Maga]? Any thoughts?
  13. marques

    Why Krav Maga when nothing is enough?

    Why Krav Maga when nothing is enough? Watch: Woman Holding Baby Fights Off Gunman :)
  14. marques

    Silva vs Bisping: Full Fight

    Silva vs Bisping: Full Fight (at least for the next hours)
  15. marques

    Roosey vs Correia

    What do you think about this 34s? (UFC 190, 1 August 2015) PS: The video I would like to share was suspended in the last hours. If you have some other link to share...
  16. marques

    Boxing and Bruce Lee: The Five Ways of Attack

    1. Single Direct Attack 2. Attack by Combination 3. Attack by Immobilization (pushing guard and opponent included) 4. Progressive Indirect Attack 5. Attack by Drawing Quite long, but great video.