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  1. DennisBreene

    Do you think you are protecting your children by not getting them vaccinated?

    Vaccination rates are steadily declining as parents avoid having their kids vaccinated because of fear of side effects. The problem is, parents have no memory of the annual epidemics of these deadly diseases, and therefore don't fear the diseases, and they are coming back...
  2. DennisBreene

    Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support by Kansas Judge. I guess the take home message is don't do any favors without a damn good attorney.
  3. DennisBreene

    Merry Christmas

    As the holidays draw perilously close and the shopping and preparations seem impossible to complete. Merry Christmas to everyone on MT. I would be curious hear about any special holiday traditions celebrated the members.
  4. DennisBreene

    This is the True Face of Health Care Rationing.

    "Two Connecticut medical associations won a temporary injunctive order against UnitedHealthcare in federal court hours before the health insurer was set to drop thousands of physicians and patients from its rolls. The order prevents the insurer from removing any of the doctors until the court...
  5. DennisBreene

    A counterpoint to "How easy is it to learn a second art"- The Dojo Hopper

    A fellow student emailed me recently to tell me he was quitting Modern Arnis. He is a pleasant individual, and like me, getting into the long tooth period of life. He also had a prior history in a martial art and had returned to training. Work constraints prevented him from training in Arnis...
  6. DennisBreene

    Kind, nice, cultural jokes.

    My family hails from New England and the coast is populated with small quaint towns that are known for their individualism (and sometimes downright contrariness). A young New York City reporter was out to do a feature story on such towns and was scouring the country side and coast line for an...
  7. DennisBreene

    The public perception of Martial Artists.

    Memories of my youth brought up during private communication with another contributor brought this to the surface and it sparked my curiosity. I went to a very small college (600 undergraduates). I was from the Washington D.C suburbs and used to relative anonymity. After I had joined the...
  8. DennisBreene

    What "exotic" food do you crave?

    Not sure why this popped into my head. Maybe I'm hungry. With as diverse a group as we have, I thought it would be interesting so hear what unusual foods (in the mind of the individual posting) people find to be special treats. I'll confess I have a fondness for beef tongue.
  9. DennisBreene

    New Careers.

    I've just survived the first 2 weeks of six months of lutherie school (specifically guitar building). They are working my but off, but I love it. I'm hoping to have a small business when this is all done, or at least an advanced hobby. Anyone else out there embarking on a second (or third)...
  10. DennisBreene

    I have an App for that!

    Thought I'd post a general clearing house for people to post about Apps they recomended, where curious about or wanted feed back on. To that end I just downloaded Touch Fit GSP. A conditioning app for the smart phone designed for martial arts practioners. Starts with a fitness test and then...
  11. DennisBreene

    How many are successful in starting a Martial Arts School?

    For those who have run their own schools. I'm curious to know how financially successful the effort was. Any insights for other practitioners about running your own school would be appreciated also. Thanks.
  12. DennisBreene

    Another Newbie checking in.

    Hi everyone, I'm a 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do and I've returned to working out after about a 25 yr. hiatus. I'm 57 and decided that the martial arts experience would be a great way to condition in light of the chronic battle I've had with coronary artery disease. In addition to Tang Soo Do, I am...