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    Anybody trying Nictinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) Boosters?

    I've been dabbling with Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) supplements for about ten months. My teacher has been using Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) for about a decade now. It's anecdotal but I do think these supplements will reduce genetic age and overall health. Here is a video about a recent study:
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    I've practiced intermittent fasting for the past couple of years, mostly for longevity reasons. I want to live a while to enjoy my military retirement. By intermittent fasting I mean I eat one meal a day (OMAD), sometimes two meals a day (2MAD). In other words most days I don't eat any food or...
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    Japanese vs American Weapons Video

    Y'all might enjoy this.
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    Dr. Michael Kelly and the Dim Mak.

    I was watching a History Channel show about ancient weapons and came across this fellow Dr. Michael Kelly. The show can be watched here: . The part related to Dr. Kelly starts at minute 37.20. I did a little googling and found a website for him: Dr Michael Kelly I am curious if anyone on...
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    Most comfortable firearm/holster for conceal carry.

    I wrote a post in the knife fighting thread about guns and holsters. It occurred to me that it could lead to an interesting thread. I always carry my knife because it's quick and easy and comfortable and I need a knife for doing knife things pretty routinely. I seldom carry my gun because it's...
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    Bully Apologizes after 20 years

    Bully s Powerful Apology to Student He Tormented 20 Years Later I sure would like to see this kind of thing happen more often. I dealt with bullies all through my school years and I sometimes wonder what kind of people they grew up to be.
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    Need a room near Alexandria Virginia, military transfer...

    So the Coast Guard is sending me to the Alexandria Virginia region for the next four years. Anybody on here live in that area and willing to rent me a room to live in? I can pay a reasonable rental rate. It could be an incredible opportunity for someone who wants to learn Hapkido....
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    Sin Moo and Vibrating Molars

    9 rules of Sin Moo GM Ji Han Jae has presented this idea in a few different publications. Any Sin Moo folks in here? Does anybody have any actual experience with this? I haven't found any science on it yet in five minutes of Googling.
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    Power Ranger Actor Arrested for Killing Roomate with a Sword

    Power Rangers Actor Arrested After Allegedly Killing Roommate With Sword - IGN
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    A Company Man

    For those of you who enjoy watching Korean produced films I recommend A Company Man. It's a great action flick about a company assassin who has decided he want's to quit and the mayhem that ensues. The fight choreography looks very much like Hapkido to my eyes. As of this writing the movie is...
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    Kansas Boy Forced to Remove Little Free Library From His Yard
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    Remote Control a Human??? Zabosu
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    Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield Until Her Father Guns Them Down

    Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield ? Until Her Father Guns Them Down
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    MMA Fighter Taps Out Instead of Beating Opponent
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    Girl Hands First Lady her Dad's resume...

    First lady gets resume from girl with jobless dad
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    Interview of Forrest E. Morgan, author of Living the Martial Way
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    Scoobys Workshop

    I've decided to really pick up my fitness this year. I made some serious inroads last year with dieting (lost 42 pounds). But I am still not content with my overall fitness and appearance. When I look in the mirror I think a healthier better looking fellow could be looking back at me, if you...
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    Law Makers

    In the U.S. we elect Law Makers. They justify their existence by making law, it's their job, it's why we elect them. Yet in my humble opinion we seem to have too damn many laws. Do we have a suitable process for Deleting Laws? If not, do you think we need one? If you could do away with any...
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    Help with Hong Kong

    Mod's I am sorry I had no idea where to post this, feel free to move it wherever it's supposed to go. My father is a pilot. We don't talk much but I love him. I learned this morning that he had to have an appendectomy in Hong Kong while on a layover there. I gather there has been many...
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    Global Warming? Nevermind..
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    Korean Martial Arts Family Tree

    Korean Martial Arts Family Tree: I stumbled on this today. I can't speak towards it's veracity but it's interesting. What do you all think?
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    Long Range Missile

    This week N. Korea launched it's first long range missile: Also we launched a no longer so secret space plane...
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    Good Cup, Bad Cup?

    I've yet to own groin protection for sparring that was even remotely comfortable. Most were mildly distracting at best and some were just plain awful. So I am in the market as it were. Who has a good cup story and a bad cup story? Which cup brand is best?
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    I saw Redbelt the other night on TV. Why oh why did I not hit record on the DVR? One the best Martial Arts movies I 've seen in a long while.
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    Master Instructor (SiFu) Tony Massengill

    Though I am primarily a Hapkido man I have a great fascination with Wing Chun. Master Instructor Massengill has a school fairly close to my work: Does anybody know anything about this school. As wing chun schools go, is this a good one?
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    This site has been copying my blogs and other data and reprinting them without permission. I've also seen a fair bit of content from this and other forums reprinted there.Any Web Guru's want to chime in. How do you deal with something like this?V/r,Jon
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    Martial Arts School Insurance Questions.

    Does anybody here have experience setting up insurance for a martial arts school? What insurance companies are good, what companies aren't? What kind of coverage is desirable? Have you ever had to actually use the insurance? How do the costs translate to your students? Is...
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    "Dojang sounds funny?"

    Our new home has a nice pole barn nearby. I plan to partition a section of it off and make it into a Dojang. I let my teenage daughter know that once it's done she can put her exercise equipment in the 'Dojang' if she wanted to. She says "it's Dojo dad, Dojang (in southern drawl) sounds...