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    Chinese Police and Firearms.

    Police firearms Weaponised Most Chinese police have long gone without firearms. In the wake of terrorist incidents, that is changing
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    The Eye Gouge In Action.

    Woman gouges eyes of attempted rape suspect to escape Astoria attack I note that the eye gouge worked--it seems she didn't do any serious permanent damage but his eyes do look red in the video--and that two people who heard the screaming didn't recognize it as an attack for which they should...
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    Open Carry.

    Man openly carrying new gun in Gresham robbed by armed man For the most part, I'd rather conceealed-carry any weapon I'm carrying. I can imagine exceptions in which displaying arms might ward off an attack, but here it attracted a robber and in general I'd rather have surprise on my side.
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    WWE champion Daniel Bryan uses wrestling hold to catch thief

    WWE champion Daniel Bryan uses wrestling hold to catch thief after he spotted two men breaking into his house Bryan Danielson put Cesar Sosa in 'rear naked choke hold' 22-year-old suspected burglar was wanted on kidnap charges, police say
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    Man Who took Down Seattle Shooter Gets Crowd-Funded Reward

    Seattle student credited with stopping campus gunman has wedding registry, honeymoon paid for by strangers People chipping in for his wedding registry--now that's a feel-good story! I also note that sometimes the only thing that can stop a bad actor with a gun is a good actor with pepper spray...
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    Indian court asked to rule on whether Hindu guru dead or meditating

    Indian court asked to rule on whether Hindu guru dead or meditatingIndian court has been asked to rule on whether a revered Hindu guru is dead or alive and whether it is a matter of religious faith or scientific fact
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    Brazil: Police warn visitors, 'Don't scream if robbed'

    Brazil: Police warn visitors, 'Don't scream if robbed'
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    Willie Nelson, 5th-Degree Black Belt

    Willie Nelson Celebrates His 81st Birthday by Earning a 5th-Degree Black Belt
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    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon prequel

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon prequel to be filmed
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    Clubs as Improvised Weapons in Ukraine (Photo Gallery).

    Improvised weapons in the Ukraine are mostly club-like: As I often remind people: To this day, the club is a common weapon. Also, I note that people are wearing (limited) body armor: I often when teaching remind students that some techniques are usually taught as being targeted in ways that...
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    Jake 'The Snake' Roberts: Cancer surgery.

    Jake 'The Snake' Roberts: If the devil can't defeat me, cancer doesn't stand a chance in hell The wrestlers I remember from my childhood are, apparently, all getting older.
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    Bruce Lee: The Musical

    Fighting (and Dancing) Like Bruce Lee For the Play Kung Fu, Choreographing Combat Also: Take a Punch, Hope for a Hit In Rocky, Andy Karl Trained Hard for the Title Role
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    Traffic Stop Becomes Colonoscopy Exam.

    I certainly hope there's another side to this story that we haven't heard about yet: 4 On Your Side investigates traffic stop nightmare
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    Subway Vigilante Bernhard Goetz busted for selling pot.

    Subway Vigilante Goetz busted in pot sale No particular point--I just found it interesting to see what's become of him.
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    Cellphones and self-defense.

    Smartphone saved gas station clerk from robber's bullet, cops say Phone blocks bullet in Hess station robbery. Great luck. More generally, I always advise that anyone interested in carrying a weapon for self-defense make sure that a cellphone...
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    Would Having a Third Major U.S. Polituical Party Help?

    In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High Twenty-six percent believe Democratic and Republican parties do adequate job This would help for a while--but then polarization would set in again. It always does. Still, if we could get a few good elections out of a...
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    Ninjas vs. SEALs!

    Boy Sends Question About Ninjas To Head Of US Joint Special Ops, Gets A Response
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    Accidental shootings of children are being undercounted.

    Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll "And there are far more of these innocent victims than official records show. A New York Times review of hundreds of child firearm deaths found that accidental shootings occurred roughly twice as often as the records indicate, because of idiosyncrasies in...
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    Police: Md. Boy Uses Karate to Escape Murder Attempt

    Police: Md. Boy Uses Karate to Escape Murder Attempt I'd wager it was more karate confidence than karate moves, but who cares--this is a feel-good story! I hope he continues to be able to view this as a great success for him and doesn't have lingering fears from the attack.
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    The Grandmaster (Ip Man)

    Wong Kar-wai Gives a Grandmaster Class Sounds good to me! I just started Ip Man 2 and am finding him too lionized--a hagiography, as in the first film. I'd prefer a less exaggerated version of his life story rather than a standard kung fu film loosely based on his life. (Mind you, Ip Man 1...
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    James Spader to Play Ultron in Avengers Sequel.

    James Spader to Play Ultron in Avengers Sequel The first Avengers film has grossed $1.5 billion! I'm looking forward to Thor 2 and Avengers 2. I'm not as optimistic about Capt. America 2 and am definitely worried about Guardians of the Galaxy--though I do like Drax.
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    Guns in South Africa.

    South African girl of seven 'shoots friend dead' This is a place with a much greater violence problem than the U.S.--the gun homicide rate is just over 5 times greater than here--that is also having a gun control debate. As to dealing with the murder of one child by another: This is one of...
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    Ben Affleck is...the Batman.

    Ben Affleck will play Batman in new movie This is insane! Aaaaaargh! I demand someone else! Adam West, even!
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    Full-time vs. Part-time and the Yarnell 19.

    Prescott united in grief, divided over firefighter survivor benefits After Arizona's Yarnell Hill fire, Prescott is torn over survivors' benefits for the families of 13 part-time Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew members killed in the...
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    Area 51's existence acknowledged by CIA in declassified documents

    Area 51's existence acknowledged by CIA in declassified documents (Incidentally, Richelson has written some excellent just-the-facts books on the U.S. Intelligence community.)
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    Judge Orders Baby's Name Changed.

    Tennessee Judge orders baby's name be changed from 'Messiah' Once again, an example of how the religious think everyone else in this country should be forced to live by their standards. They outlaw Sharia law, then do something like this. Incidentally, as to this and other 'titles'...
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    You must always be on guard for a possible sneak attack...always.

    Japanese toilet users vulnerable to Bluetooth bidet assaults A bidet assault is bad enough--but my detailed defecation records?!? That's a low blow.
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    Gravity Knife Arrest in NYC.

    You call that a knife? MTA worker Rudolph Simmons case over itsy-bitsy blade dismissed The 59-year-old was arrested on his way to work for apparently bogus reasons. When he was searched, he had two knives on him, but the Bronx resident says they were small blades used to work on the...
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    The President on the Zimmerman trial.

    I thought Pres. Obama did an excellent job of explaining what causes such a divergent set of views on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin incident and in particular the lens through which African-Americans are apt to see it. He acknowledges the reality of the increased rate of criminal behavior...
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    A Sociologist Looks at Bar Fights--Using Actual data.

    When do bystanders intervene in barroom brawls?