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    Can I just brag a minute...or two...or six???

    Quite an accomplishment, congratulations to her dedication to get to that level of skill and the wins. Brownie
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    Open carry misfortune

    I open carry often enough out here in Az. I work a gun shop couple days a week and open carry to and from the shop and in the shop all day. I'm faster in open carry mode by over 1/2 second should an attempt be made to take us down by bangers coming in the door; and open carry in the shop...
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    Rare find

    Good morning Alan, I've seen 308/7.62x51 Garands from time to time, but not one from the 50's. Many were converted over the years, and I believe yours would be in this category as well. Unlikely to be the original caliber. What make is yours? H+R, SA, etc? BTW--Tell Al Jr. Brownie said hello...
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    Close Quarters Survival Seminar--Feb. in Arizona

    5 slots left in this class. Brownie
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    Close Quarters Survival Seminar--Feb. in Arizona

    When: Feb 21 and 22, 2009 Where: Rio Salado Sportsmans Club 3960 N. Usery Pass Road, in Mesa, Arizona Trainers: 7677, Matt Temkin and Brownie Equipment to bring: Eye and Ear protection mandatory----Pistol with minimum of 4 magazines; 1000 rds of ammo; Airsoft...
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    Firearm Retention Techniques On The Instinctive Edge!

    One of the systems I've been trained in seems to have the best balance and more effective retention skills I've seen of several I've been exposed to over the years. It's call Center Axis Relock, or commonly seen referred to as CAR. Retention skills can be called upon at any time, even when...
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    Point Shooting

    What you missed brownie was the fact there are many ways of sighted fire and MT is only one. Yet you call all sighted fire MT What you've missed over an over again is the fact that they've been to the some of the best high level sighted fire schools in the country and have decided the skils I...
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    Point Shooting

    And that's the only thing way they trained brownie? And all Blackwater teaches is Cooper's MT. Are you SURE? Weaver stance? Hmmm? Perhaps you missed this before, let me reiterate it once more for you. Whether that all inclusive of present day MT or not isn't my concern. What is my...
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    Point Shooting

    I absolutely agree that threat focused shooting is the answer at close quarters, and it's the way we already train. Please define the distance of "close quarters" so we're all on the same page. Brownie
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    Point Shooting

    The US Army SF 5th Group trained at Gunsite, Blackwater and several other MT schools [ many of these training centers are by THEIR OWN definition MT schools ]as a unit over the course of 6 months before deploying. Ayman came out here with "Front sight press" skills he was trained in at these...
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    Course Review: Tactical Response Advanced Fighting Pistol

    Add to that, one then becomes used to specialized modifcations, and if you are then stuck with a non-modified oen (which can happen if your gun is taken as evidence or lost) then you might have a problem. Specialized modifications? Please, don't tell me I can't take any glock thats not been so...
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    Point Shooting

    The thing is, sighed fire takes no longer to use than point shooting (unless you don't understand the idea of flash sight picture.) Well, again we see you arguing with the statements from some of the best trained MT shooters in the country Deaf, but thats exactly what I've come to expect from...
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    Point Shooting

    While I respect anyone who trains hard to learn the art of the pistol......i'm far from convinced that Point Shooting is superior to the Modern Technique. Threat focused skills aren't superior or inferior to the modern technique [ sighted fire ]. Neither should be trained exclusively over the...
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    Course Review: Tactical Response Advanced Fighting Pistol

    I put the dremel and polishing compound to that spot on the trigger guard, and it is good to go now on the g17 3rd gen. It's smoothed out and the edge is broken nicely in less than two minutes work. My first gens don't have that problem, and the design obviously changed in that area during the...
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    Point Shooting

    Double post, My apologies to everyone. Fairbairn/Sykes/Applegate skills are well represented in my own courses. These skills have been proven on the streets as far back as the 1930's. Fairbairn and Sykes trained the Shaghai Police upon request due to their losing officers every week in that...
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    Point Shooting

    The issue what Brownie can do.....there is such a thing as phenomenal natural skill.....the issue is what he can teach the average person to do. Sighted-fire versus point shooting. Got it, here's some AAR's from students who were all sighted fire MT users before taking a two day Integrated...
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    What's wrong with the .380?

    I just had delivered Monday-60 rds [ three boxes of 20 ] BB in their posted 90 gr. Speer Gold Dot J.H.C. @ 1175 fps 276 ft. lbs. In my ppk/s, they travel 1200fps. Bonded core bullet, it's not going to break apart but will expand. They state expect about 10" of penetration with that...
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    Point Shooting

    I should also mention here that it's not really about what I can do with threat focused skills, it's about what the students can do in short periods of time using the same skills. Developing ones proprioceptors and understanding how to develop and fine tune your proprioception skills in...
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    Point Shooting

    thardey, Your post is spot on with the results you were seeing [ students all get the same results with this skill ], and how quick it is to pick up naturally using your peripheral vision and the gun below line of sight. I've used this skill since 1981 [ unless I really need a very precise...
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    Point Shooting

    If you are not rotating the muzzle toward the thread as soon as it clears leather/whatever within 4 yrds, you are wasting time. From 3- 12 feet [ and further ] a trained threat focused shooter can put rds on threat from the time it clears holster and the muzzle is horizontal, and continue firing...
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    Veterans Disarmament Act

    This is not a penalty. It is an acknowledgement of a mental disorder. If you are diagnosed with this mental defect, the consequences of that defect is prohibition of a firearm. Let's us suppose that one of us loses our sight. Do we continue to allow that person to operate a motor vehicle? Or...
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    Point Shooting

    I know a few things about this subject of point shooting. If you are going to be threat focused learn to get the gun out and muzzle on thread asap as a few others have mentioned, the instant the muzzle is on BG, you can fire based on time and distance restraints. Time and distance. It's going...
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    Are you a guncentric student or instructor?

    Lets see a head count how many members [ students or trainers ] that are "gun" people with "tens" or "hundreds" hours in firearm courses have also attended professional "courses" in H2H, stick/double stick, defensive knife, flexible weapons training. Not dojo time, but specifically trained in...
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    "Unintended Consequences"

    Thanks for the heads up on the book kenpotex. I think I'll go to the library this week and see if they have it. I've not been on this forum in some time. My old laptop crapped out and I lost my bookmarked pages, this forum being one I didn't get back on until just a little while ago after...
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    The Cross Draw from concealment

    Crossdraw affords an opportuntiy for one to protect the weapon by placing either of their hands on the butt of the gun. Crossdraw is more comfortable seated, easier to access while bent over, getting in and out of vehicles as well as placing the gun in a position where you can access the weapon...
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    Guns Guns Guns

    Cirdan, Don't believe everything you read out of Harvard [ that link you provided ]. It's a cesspool of liberalism at it's finest. I live in a state where open carry is not only accepted but the population is quite accustomed to seeing armed citizens with guns on their belts in holsters. Some...
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    What do you focus on for DEFENSIVE handgun shooting?

    In a sudden encounter where you are behind the curve and reacting to the threat, you'll be hard pressed to go to sights. If you are in front of the curve and saw a potential problem and were prepared to draw, had the time to set yourself to go, you are being proactive and likely will have the...
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    What do you focus on for DEFENSIVE handgun shooting?

    Threat focused, of course. Thats the forums name I own, can it be any other way for defensive handgun? Not if you want to get your defenisve rds on threat IMO. We draw and shoot from behind the curve, the other has made us go to guns and been the initiator of the action. As such, if we are as...
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    .32 Auto sufficient for self-defense?

    But in my opinion, any bullet is deadly because anything that penetrates the human body is bound to hit a vital organ. Any bullet is deadly? The fatality rate after getting shot with handgun bullets proves differently over generations with all calibers. Conversely, the survival rate is high...
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    The Incredible Wrist- The Fine Tuner in Shooting?

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of training a Sgt. from a major city here in Arizona in the art of Quick Kill; Enhanded Peripheral Vision using two guns; The zipper, The Hammer, Compressed Ready and a few other unorthodox shooting positions. I was standing to the shooters left, his being left...