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    Latest video clips - Systema Serbia

    Highlights from seminar "Training above the clouds" on Kopaonik moutain - June 2007 Excerpt from 2 DVD set Movement as Defence .
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    Russian Martial Art SYSTEMA - Training and holiday in the Mountains of Serbia

    Training Above the Clouds - SEMINAR - SEPTEMBER 2006; highly recommended By Vladimir Vasiliev. Training twice a day conducted by Aleksandar Kostic, a senior instructor at Vladimir's Vasiliev's Russian Martial Arts school in Toronto. Full info:
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    Highly Recommended By Vladimir Vasiliev - Seminar in Europe

    Reminder: 2 more months till mountain seminar! Now you have an opportunity to learn and train Systema with senior instructor Alex Kostic in a beautiful, healthy and wild environment. At the same time accommodation is in deluxe hotel. Everything that Systema and Serbia have to offer is in the...
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    Wall fight photo/info/clips

    If anybody have them and wants to share, I will be gratefull.