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    Taking a break

    I guess this goes in Modern Arnis, since that is what brought me to MT in the first place.... Some big changes ahead and I am taking a step back from the public martial arts community, and moving from Delaware, so the sceen name seems moot, and the account will be closing. Best of luck to all...
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    Cute little toy

    Did Keltec ever make a .308? I have had a p32 for years, subjected it what can only be termed abuse, and had the manufacturer stand behind the product 100%. The PLR16 fills the same niche as the AR pistols built by Bushmaster and others, and for about half the price. Ultimately it is a...
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    Cute little toy

    Played with one in a local shop....will probably pick one up just because... retailing around $450 hereabouts.
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    Anyone have any experience with a Lasermax

    Guide rod was already there...that's why I said I played with it. I was working on the trigger.
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    Anyone have any experience with a Lasermax

    Played with one whiles working on a friend's glock; seems well thought out, but more of an expensive toy than a useful tool.
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    Anyone have any experience with a Lasermax

    Is that the guide-rod laser?
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    Toy guns and kids

    I think there are probably worse things than an a good old fashioned game of cowboys and indians/cops and robbers/whatever. I remeber growing up having "gunfights" with my dad using these toy ray gus that shot (spring mechanism I guess) flat plastic discs. That would probably be called bad...
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    Ohio Tactical School

    It may be second hand information...but it is the best we have gotten so far. Thanks for sharing/
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    Ohio Tactical School

    In tossing all the different school around, and often knocking Gunsite, folks seem to forget how many of the tier one trainers got their start as instructors there in some way, shape, or form: Clint Smith, Louis Awerbuck, Gabe Suarez, Jeff Gonzalez, Pat Rogers, etc. Firearms training is much...
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    Ohio Tactical School

    My only experience would be the TDI knife a buddy gave me for christmas....great gift by the way! Knife is designed by the school founder, a little unusual, taking some getting used to....but I like it and would be willing to train with the guy who came up with it. Don't know if that helps or...
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    "On Killing"....

    Narc was kind enough to arrange for me to come down for the day; very, very, worthwhile session. Grossman is a fantastic motivational speaker, and bring a wealth of needed information to the table. On Combat is excellent as well. As to the role of media violence, I used to think he...
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    Who are the up and coming Modern Arnis Players?

    I would add that Roland and David are 1st gen., not second or third. (maybe not the only ones on that list , I don't know the others first hand.) I suspect you will see a lot of potential 'up and comers' drawn off to other related arts simply due to the politics currently associated with...
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    New Armscor 1911!

    All that for $300? I think we have a winner. Enjoy!!!
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    Update: Manong Ted Buot

    Hoping for the best. I have never trained with Manong Ted, but I see the impact of his work in the evolution of several of my friends.
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    E.D.T. showcased at NVCJA

    Just to add in, the NVCJA is a REALLY nice facility. I was recently Narc's guest for a day with LTC Dave Grossman (details and pics to follow). Very nice open environment, not wedded to the "must be invented here" mindset. (Though one adminsitrator is right from central casting...)
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    Tactical Reload?

    A lot of it is common sense really. In the (Statistically) average encounter the shooter will shoot until the threat is stopped- eg shoot to the ground or to slide lock. The typical self-defense, or for that matter LEO, shoot is not the typical IDPA/IPSC/cowboy action/training course of your...
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    How much ammo do you keep on hand?

    good numbers. As to storage.... If it is milsurp it is all laquered and sealed; I wouldn't worry too much. If you pack it in old ammo cans they are airtight anyway, you can always toss a small dessicant pack in. If the wife doesnt like the look of stacked ammo cans in the garage (I'm told...
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    Better sight picture

    I just don't care for day-glo. It does draw the eye fast, but, for me makes precision work difficult. Like I said, white works for me pretty well in low light, and to get contrast on black targets. You can always go to a tritium front sight; you get the black base, a white dot to draw your...
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    Speer Plastic Bullets

    They won't cycle an action. Issues to be aware of- some calibers have their own plastic cases, others require modified brass; need to be positive that brass is NEVER again used for "real" loads. Primer residue coats thing s up pretty quickly; they recommend a dry brushing every 12-20 rounds...
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    New Armscor 1911!

    Very nice. (it is sad when you have to scheme about how to afford a few more 1911'a to use the cool grip panels you have accumulated...). Cant tell from the pic; is the front sight a Novak style dovetail as well? Any issues w/ the external extractor? Good call on the mag swap- source of most...
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    Teaching Modern Arnis

    Good post. I think for many folks who trained seminar only and did not really work and test the material between seminars the problem came from not realizing something critical about RP's footwork. During the time I trained with him (Early 90's up till the end) he did not emphasize footwork...
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    Interesting Instructor Pairings

    Interesting discussion for the most part. I've got to be honest though, I never cared for the two (or more) instructor format. I suppose it works for "window shopping," but I almost always felt that an instructor who was doing a shorter segment was seldom at their best. In other words, I...
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    Stick grappling DVD's?

    You can also see FF in action. :whip:
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    Stick grappling DVD's?

    There is also a Sayoc DVD on the topic (Quite worthwhile IMO).
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    No more idiotic gun lawsuits

    No other industry was being target by junk lawsuits by various big cities. The in-thing had become suing gun manufacturers for the criminal mis-use of their products whether lawfully-obtained or,as was most often the case, not. The suits made as much sense as suing Ford and Chrysler over DUI...
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    Rules for Stick Fighting

    First, hats off to you for trying to come up with a better scoring system. The problem is, no one will ever be 100% happy with any "simulation" system..."what if this/that/something else." I agree with Arni that defanging the snake should count somewhere along the line (esp. if the one...
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    [Form] Anyo Dalawa - Breakdown and exploration

    (see anyo 3 disclaimers) Left or right gunting; follow w/ brachial stun. (up center) Shoulder grab countered with low kick entry,hand pin with elbow wrench, and two punches to the hinge of the jaw. Inward forearm strik followed by grab to head; either kick out knee and wrench neck, or kick...
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    [Form] Anyo Tatlo - Breakdown and exploration

    In the discussion of the anyos much is made of the fact that RP drew on karate hand movements...he certainly did...but.... his self-defense moves rarely looked like karate. My take is that if one is doing Modern Arnis, and elects to continue training the anyos, one ought to look for a more FMA...
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    [Form] Anyo Tatlo - Breakdown and exploration

    The next move is an open hand chop, followed by a 3-beat sequence that I (and many) break down as basic trapping hands. Basic meaning; your opponent has a clue and messes up your Siniwalli boxing (SB) may have to rely on more complex trapping. The follow on move is an upwards...